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03 Sep 2013 description

With the number of Syrian refugees registered or awaiting registration in Egypt now at more than 100,000 and expected to continue to grow in the face of intensified military action, humanitarian agency Church World Service joins local efforts in Cairo to provide basic services, education and protection.

16 Jul 2012 description

Appeal #642-L

Amount: $1.2 million

Amount of funds received to date: $534,789

July 16, 2012


04 Jan 2012 description

NEW YORK – The number of children in poverty who are hungry could reach unparalleled levels in 2012 given the state of the global economy, Church World Service says in its annual New Year's assessment.

13 Dec 2011 description

Appeal #642-L

Amount: $1.2 million

Amount of funds received as of Dec. 11, 2011: $534,789

Dec. 13, 2011


30 Sep 2011 description

Appeal #642-L

Amount: $1.2 million

Amount of funds received as of Sept. 30, 2011: $283,484

September 30, 2011

28 Jul 2011 description

Media Contacts Lesley Crosson, (212) 870-2676, media@churchworldservice.org Jan Dragin - 24/7 - (781) 925-1526, jdragin@gis.net

Church World Service 475 Riverside Drive New York, NY 10115 (212) 870-2061

Agency appeals for donations to help feed starving people

Calls on NGOs to ‘up their game’ to avert recurrence


28 Jul 2011 description

A July 27, 2011 interview by Chris Herlinger with Sammy Matua, Church World Service staff member based in the agency’s East Africa regional office in Nairobi.

CH: Drought has not been uncommon in the Eastern Horn of Africa. But how is this current event different from previous ones?

21 Jul 2011 description

SITUATION: This year marks the driest period in the Eastern Horn of Africa region since 1995, with the lowest level of rainfall in more than 50 years.

As a result, food security -- the access and availability to food -- has deteriorated for most households in all arid and semi-arid regions in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia as well as other countries in the region. In a word, the situation has become a crisis. Crops have failed, large numbers of livestock needed for survival have perished, and local food prices have increased substantially.

09 Jul 2011 description


2011 has been the driest period in the Eastern Horn of Africa since 1995, with reportedly the lowest level of rainfall in 60 years.

As a result food security – the access to and availability of food – has deteriorated for most households in all arid and semi-arid regions in Kenya as grazing land has dried up.

04 Aug 2008 description



Since a devastating earthquake struck Indonesia's Central Java and Yogyakarta provinces in May 2006, Church World Service and two long-time local partners have been providing relief and rehabilitation assistance to people in affected villages.

The assistance has saved lives and enabled many people to advance on the road to full recovery.

30 Jul 2008 description

Appeal #642-B

Appeal amount: $300,000

SITUATION: The southeastern pastoral areas of Ethiopia are experiencing drought conditions following the failure of two previous rainy seasons, with resulting food insecurity. The impact of the long dry spell has caused severe shortage of pastureland and water and has led to the death of livestock and unusual livestock migrations to occur.

05 Oct 2007 description


Floods and Storms

As we recognize International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction, on October 11, Church World Service continues its response to floods and other disasters, globally and locally, often working with partners on preparedness to mitigate future disasters.

More than 3,000 people in three communities in Haiti hard-hit by August's Hurricane Dean are being helped to recover through Church World Service partners: Some 500 are gaining grants and management counseling to restart businesses, and more than 2,500 small-holder farmers are learning about …

26 Sep 2007 description

SITUATION: Heavy torrential rains in Ethiopia have caused severe flooding in the regional states of Amhara and Gambella, affecting more than 60,000 people and destroying farmland, roads and homes. The intensity of the rainfall and the magnitude of the floods is reported to be worse than during the 2006 rainy season in which approximately 98,000 people were affected in the various areas of the region.

In Amhara, heavy rains began in June -- in one case with 3.37 inches falling in one 24-hour period, overflowing the catchments of the Blue Nile river and Lake Tana.

04 Jun 2007 description

CWS assists displaced Iraqis


Church World Service is working with the Action by Churches Together coalition to assist thousands of displaced Iraqis, both those displaced within Iraq and those who have left their country because of the war. The United Nations estimates some 40,000 to 50,000 Iraqis leave the country every month, seeking refuge in neighboring Arab nations.

Throughout the war in Iraq, Church World Service has worked through partners to provide medical supplies, CWS Health and School Kits, and other assistance for families in need.

10 May 2006 description

The following represent some of the many ways Church World Service is creating a rainbow of help and hope -- a beautiful Rainbow of Caring -- through the TOOLS & BLANKETS Program.

14 Apr 2003 description

Long after peace is declared and armies go home, landmines remain buried - more than 80 million worldwide - waiting to be detonated.

23 Dec 2002 description

Many families in Ethiopia are taking part in micro-enterprise development projects assisted by CWS and our partner, the Christian Relief and Development Association. CRDA micro-enterprise projects include water resource development, agriculture, child development, education, health, income generation, urban development, and community-based rehabilitation for disabled people.

27 Nov 2002 description

Appeal Number: 6460
Appeal Amount: $100,000