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18 May 2000 description

The cycle of famine in Ethiopia will not be broken as long as that country's government continues to spend a third of its budget on its military, warns Congressman Benjamin Gilman (Republican of New York), chairman of the powerful U.S.

18 May 2000 description

It is a "sad reality," but the governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea "see domestic advantage in making war" with each other, says Congressman Ed Royce (Republican of California), the chairman of the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Africa.

In a statement he read before a full International Relations Committee hearing on the crisis in the Horn of Africa, Royce said, "Until we get beyond arguing over old maps and treaties, tens of thousands of young men and women will continue to die. ...

12 May 2000 description

"Peacekeepers cannot succeed when there is no peace to keep," the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, warned May 11, while adding that "Sierra Leone, like Bosnia before it, is an example of what happens when the parties to a peace settlement violate that settlement, wreaking havoc on everyone - peacekeepers and civilians alike."

12 May 2000 description

State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher on May 12 deplored new reports of heavy fighting between Ethiopia and Eritrea. He called on both nations to cease hostilities and to resume peace talks immediately, without preconditions, under the auspices of the Organization of African Unity (OAU). He said the OAU peace plan offers "a fair, just, and durable solution" to the border conflict.

Following is the text of Boucher's statement:

(begin text)

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE Office of the Spokesman
May 12, 2000


09 Mar 2000 description

The United States calls upon the governments of Eritrea and Ethiopia to remain "fully engaged" in the Organization of African Unity peace process, and extends its "unqualified support" to the continuing efforts of the OAU and the personal representative of the Algerian president, Mr. Ahmed Ouayahia, the U.S.

09 Feb 2000 description

Primary responsibility rests with host government, Cunningham says

27 Jul 1999 description

(He calls it "a significant step toward peace") (210)

President Clinton July 27 welcomed the Organization of African Unity's announcement that Ethiopia and Eritrea have accepted its framework agreement and have agreed to steps to facilitate the agreement's implementation.

Following is the text of Clinton's statement, released in Washington by the White House Office of the Press Secretary:

26 Jul 1999 description

By Judy Aita
USIA United Nations Correspondent

21 Jul 1999 description

He is traveling at behest of Secretary Albright

By Jane Morse

02 Dec 1998 description

WASHINGTON -- Former National Security Adviser Anthony Lake will return to the Horn of Africa this week "as planned, to continue U.S. efforts to help find a peaceful solution to the dispute between Eritrea and Ethiopia," State Department Spokesman James Rubin announced December 2.

Following is the State Department text of Rubin's announcement:


Office of the Spokesman

04 Nov 1997 description

(WFP says thousands displaced, crops lost) (470)
By Wendy Lubetkin