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18 Apr 2008 description

While Americans are cringing every time they pump gas, others around the world are feeling it too, although not just at the pump. Rising gas prices also cause a rapid increase in the price of staples.

27 Apr 2007 description

By Jennifer Harter, Communications Associate

It was a gathering of the most powerful organizations in the global fight against malaria in one of the most powerful places in the world.

And Christian Children's Fund (CCF) was among those invited to the White House on Wednesday for Malaria Awareness Day.

The Vice President for Global Programs at CCF, Michelle Poulton visited the White House on the organization's behalf for a key event in President Bush's efforts to fight malaria.

Poulton attended the luncheon in the White House Rose Garden for Malaria Awareness Day in …

06 Aug 2004 description

The first time I met young Abdo Hussein in a village near Shashemene town in southern Ethiopia, his condition was dire and I never would have dreamed that I'd be warmly hugged by him today. It's four years since that unbelievable moment when we were all caught unaware by the death throes of an entire forgotten village. Frankly, I didn't believe at the time that Abdo would survive.

26 Jun 2003 description

By Dr. Tadesse Kassaye
CCF Ethiopian staff

27 May 2003 description

The most recent assessments in Ethiopia are showing that 12.6 million people, one in five of the population, are on the brink of starvation. Close to half of those are children under 15 years of age. Children are dying daily from malnutrition.

07 Mar 2003 description

"The famine that has gripped Ethiopia is unbearable... The suffering I have seen first hand is beyond comprehension. Children cry for food that their parents cannot give them. Animal carcasses litter the landscape. I cannot stress how urgent the need is." - Fikru Abebe, CCF's National Director in Ethiopia

31 Dec 2002 description

Throughout Ethiopia, the affect of the drought and resulting famine is visible everywhere. Children are beginning to appear malnourished and thin; families have sold off goods; cattle carcasses litter the landscape and fields which should be in the height of harvest are dried up and unproductive.

09 Jan 2001 description

Richmond, VA - Because of the partial failure of the December maize harvest, Christian Children's Fund (CCF) announced today it will extend its food aid program to Kenya through March 2001. It is anticipated that CCF will extend food and medical aid to Ethiopia as well, once the Ethiopian government provides its analysis of Ethiopia's recent harvest.

01 Jun 2000 description

Famine in Africa

28 Apr 2000 description

Richmond, VA - As famine sweeps through sub-Saharan Africa, many people in industrialized countries are asking why. Not why the rains don't come. But why people hang on to a way of life that is punctuated with devastating drought and famine.

20 Apr 2000 description

Richmond, VA - Christian Children's Fund (CCF), one of the largest and most respected child development organizations in the world, has committed $2.5 million in food and medical aid to Ethiopia and Kenya. The funds are earmarked to help approximately 300,000 people in the districts of Shashemene, Bosona Worena, Boset and Silti in Ethiopia and in northern Kenya where CCF has long term development projects.

13 Apr 2000 description

Richmond, VA - The signs of famine are everywhere in Ethiopia. As early as last fall, Christian Children's Fund (CCF) staff in Ethiopia and its southern neighbor, Kenya, began reporting unmistakable signs that the Horn of Africa would be facing a famine comparable to the disastrous famine of 1984-85, according to CCF President John F. Schultz. This led to CCF's first appeal for Ethiopia emergency assistance last September, which has been followed up by CCF this month with an appeal for food aid to both Ethiopia and Kenya.

12 Apr 2000 description

Millions of people in Kenya and Ethiopia are facing a dire emergency - famine. Because they are countries where CCF is assisting children, this is of great concern to us.