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27 Jun 2018 description

Working with rural households to improve their access to met service-generated climate information has highlighted the prevalent use of traditional weather forecasting, which still remains one of the main accessible and trusted sources of weather and climate information in rural communities in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia.

27 Jun 2018 description

This learning paper examines how the concept of resilience has impacted on the way the BRACED programme in Ethiopia (CIARE) and Burkina Faso (Zaman Lebidi) has been conceived in terms of organisational structure, learning and research and in turn, on how working in consortia and a focus on organisational learning has supported or challenged the task of building resilience.

11 Aug 2017 description
report Christian Aid

Christian Aid’s emergency fundraising drive for East Africa’s hunger crisis has raised more than £2.1m in six months says the charity, as it urges the global community to do more to stop the scandal of mass starvation.

To date, Christian Aid and its local partners have helped nearly 75,000 people across Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan, since launching an emergency appeal in February.

23 Mar 2016 description
report Christian Aid

What is resilience?

Christian Aid’s goal is to empower people to live with dignity, able to respond successfully to disasters, risks and opportunities. There are different types of risk, and building resilience supports individuals’ and communities’ capacity to anticipate, organise for and adapt to change.

Why resilience?

26 Feb 2016 description
report Christian Aid

Millions of people in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Malawi face hunger and food shortages.

This regional food crisis is caused by El Niño weather conditions, which are closely linked to droughts and prolonged dry spells.

The current El Niño is on course to be the strongest and longest for 35 years. Its devastating effects have already hindered crop production and caused food shortages across the southern and east Africa region.

09 Feb 2016 description
report Christian Aid

Large-scale drought is having a devastating effect on millions in Ethiopia – and the situation is set to worsen.

Current situation

Ethiopia is suffering its worst drought in 30 years.

More than 10 million people are at risk.

Farmers’ harvests have failed, and their livestock are badly affected. Thousands of cows and goats have died.

The situation is critical.

We’re responding

We’ve made £50,000 of emergency funds available to help communities who’ve been hit hardest by the drought.

19 Dec 2015 description
report Christian Aid

This year, large-scale drought, exacerbated by effects of El Niño is having a devastating effect on millions in Ethiopia – and the situation is set to worsen.

The scale and magnitude of the crisis is unprecedented in terms of intensity and coverage. Most parts of the country are affected by drought and the situation has become alarming and life-threatening.

With more than 80% of the population relying on rain to grow crops, the rains during the Belg (short season) and the Meher (main season) are key to people’s lives and livelihoods.

09 Jul 2014 description

A group of seven major international aid agencies said they face a shortfall of $89m/£52m just when the South Sudan humanitarian crisis edges closer to the risk of famine. Speaking out on the 3rd anniversary of the country’s independence they warned their aid efforts to help hundreds of thousands of people caught up in the conflict was under threat due to a lack of funds.

02 Jul 2014 description
report Christian Aid

23 June 2014 - Our Emergency Programme Officer Rosie Crowther has just returned from South Sudan, where she has been working with one of our partners in Upper Nile, one of the three states, along with Jonglei and Unity, worst affected by the recent conflict.

Despite the Cessation of Hostilities, signed by the government and opposition in January, and committed to again in May, sporadic fighting continues.

Listen to Rosie as she describes the situation in South Sudan and the vulnerable displaced people she met, largely women and children:

12 Jun 2014 description
report Christian Aid

12 June 2014 - More than 350,000 refugees from the fighting in South Sudan are expected to flee across the border into Ethiopia in coming months, warns Christian Aid.

Six camps in Gambella region, the main Ethiopian entry point, are already severely over stretched with nearly 140,000 refugees registered, and more than 1,000 new arrivals a day.

12 Jul 2012 description
report Christian Aid

Exactly twelve months since the Disasters and Emergency Committee (DEC) first launched the East Africa Appeal, the UK public have donated a staggering £79m to the afflicted region, which in the last year has funded emergency aid for 2.3m people. Christian Aid alone has raised more than £4.5 million so far.

With some areas experiencing the worst rainfall in 60 years and parts of Somalia affected by famine in 2011, the aid effort has helped save many lives in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and parts of South Sudan.

15 Mar 2012 description

The question of 'what changes do we need to empower women smallholders and achieve food security?' has been asked repeatedly. But transformational changes in both public policy and practice have been few and far between, although increasing access to resources and opportunities for women farmers could substantially reduce the number of hungry people in the world.

10 Nov 2011 description
report Christian Aid

The scandal of poverty, suffered by billions of people around the globe, could soon become far worse. It is being exacerbated by the effects of climate change, which are already having an impact in some parts of the world, with an increase in severe tropical cyclones, drought, falling crop productivity, rising sea levels and shrinking glaciers.

09 Nov 2011 description
report Christian Aid

New Report Launched as Caravan of Hope Sets Off Through Southern Africa to UN Climate Summit in Durban

Sub-Saharan Africa has massive potential to generate clean energy that could help lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty without exacerbating climate change, a new Christian Aid report says today.

At present, sub-Saharan Africa countries (719 million people) have severely limited access to energy, consuming between them if South Africa is discounted less electricity than New York State (19.5 million people).

30 Sep 2011 description
report Christian Aid

African Green Revolution ignores downside of intensive farming

October 13 2011 - Lessons learned from Asia’s Green Revolution about the damage intensive farming can cause are being ignored in the race to help Africa feed itself, Christian Aid warns in a report published today.

Sustainable farming techniques are being sidelined in favour of a quick-fix solution - modern seed varieties (MVs) that produce better yields if treated with synthetic fertiliser and pesticides.

24 Sep 2011 description

Up to 750,000 people face death from hunger in East Africa. Millions more are at risk across the region in the worst food crisis of the 21st century. They will have to bear a legacy of poverty, suffering, and the loss of their livelihoods. Urgent action is needed right now.

But the truth is that this crisis was predicted – and preventable: we already have the knowledge to stop this kind of tragedy from unfolding; we know the steps that must be taken to prevent suffering on this scale.

01 Jul 2011 description
report Christian Aid

Christian Aid has launched an emergency humanitarian appeal to help people across the east and Horn of Africa after two failed rainy seasons have left ten million on the brink of starvation.
Drought and displacement combined with rising global food prices have left Kenya and Ethiopia in particular facing severe food shortages, with UNOCHA reporting that the regional situation is the worst food security crisis in the world today.

06 Aug 2008 description
report Christian Aid

International development agency Christian Aid has launched an emergency appeal to support the millions of people going hungry across Africain the face of escalating food prices.

In its scale and reach, this is a crisis of proportions unmatched for decades. Most African countries are not self-sufficient in food and are now being hit by massive price hikes so that once cheap imports are unaffordable.

01 Jul 2008 description
report Christian Aid

Increasing food prices are adding to already severe hunger problems in Ethiopia, a country already beset by drought.

Christian Aid has already sent teams to Ethiopia to help direct emergency aid to those facing severe hunger as a result of drought and spiralling food prices.

Staff and partners there speak of people sitting by the roadside and begging for food and have described the enormity of the situation as daunting.

Ethiopia, where seasonal rains have failed, is extremely vulnerable to fluctuations to rises in food prices.

The costs of some cereals such as maize have …

12 Jun 2008 description
report Christian Aid

Christian Aid is sending teams to the most vulnerable communities in Ethiopia to help direct emergency aid to those facing severe hunger as a result of soaring food prices.

The UN warns that about 6 million children are at risk of malnutrition over the next three months.