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03 Feb 2016 description
report DanChurchAid

Without waste management, latrines, access to safe water and promotion of good hygiene, a crowded refugee camp will result in the rapid spread of disease.

17 Nov 2015 description
report DanChurchAid

A new fresh food voucher system introduced in Ethiopia is benefiting 3,000 South Sudanese refugee families in Tierkidi camp in Gambella.

03 Nov 2015 description
report DanChurchAid

The residents of Dhadacha Farda Kebele used to migrate in search of water, but for two years now they have not needed to leave their home area

“I have stopped migrating, thanks to Hara Amaya pond, located near my house,” mentioned Abdo Ibrahim, 52, a father of seven children.

16 Oct 2015 description
report DanChurchAid

The newly introduced nutritious and stress tolerant crop, quinoa, is doing well in Ethiopia. The crop, still on trial at research and farmers field, has shown a great potential. Dan Church Aid Ethiopia is working with Ethiopian Agricultural Research Institute (EIAR) to release the variety in the country.

“I was extremely positive to see how quinoa coped with the irregular rainy season this year in Ethiopia.” Said Mads Lindegård, DCA’s country director who recently visited quinoa research fields.

28 Jul 2015 description
report DanChurchAid

For the past six years, DCA Ethiopia has implemented integrated food security programmes in five parts of the mountainous Bale district in collaboration with its local partner Agri Service.

“We don’t need aid anymore, we can stand on our own because we have learnt a lot from this project,” said Suleman Berati, 55, of Ro’o Negaya Kebele.

27 Oct 2014 description
report DanChurchAid

The residents of Hargadeb report a decrease in conflict over water as a result of their pond.

17 Oct 2014 description
report DanChurchAid

Lathyrism, a disease caused by consuming a lot of grass pea, has been affecting thousands in Ethiopia. A DCA partner, EOC- DICAC has raised the issue and discussed with participates on short and long term solutions.

17.10.2014 by Tinbit Amare Dejene

“I was very angry when I first discover my paralysis; I wanted to commit suicide,” said Sisay Teka, 53, victim for the past 30 years. “I suspect the first time I was exposed was when I make a direct contact with the seed coat while feeding my cattle”.

03 Oct 2014 description
report DanChurchAid

Securing water through constructing a new pond helped Fate Hussen, a mother of five from migrating and her children from dropping out of school.

03.10.2014 by Tinbit Amare Dejene

“Calm down! Calm down!” shouts Fate Hassen, 43, an old woman who carried her grandson, while she guides her cows to drink water in the Hara Adi pond. It is located in Harashimbosite in Raytu district of Bale zone, in the South Eastern part of Ethiopia. She started using this pond recently.

29 Aug 2014 description
report DanChurchAid

Eight months after conflict broke out, thousands of South Sudanese refugees continue to flee into Ethiopia but lack of funding makes it difficult to provide shelter, clean water and proper sanitation. In August 2014, DanChurchAid visited Leitchuor camp in the Gambella region of south western Ethiopia.

03 Apr 2014 description
report DanChurchAid

Every morning at 6am, Asemamaw Mamo, 37, packs his lunch and climbs up the steep stony mountain from his hamlet of Diqwara in the outskirts of the northern Ethiopian town of Amdework to get to the quarry where he works.

This has been his routine for the last 3 months since he completed his training as a stonemason in a DanChurchAid/Mekani Yesus project for landless and unemployed people.

The project is meant to help people like Asemamaw, who have no land to farm, to make a living.

29 Aug 2013 description
report DanChurchAid

We are in one of the clusters of Gobso’s village in Borena zone. Nearby the scattered mud huts is a ‘playground’ looking land, where lots of children are gathered. It is school break, but the children on the ‘playground’ are not playing.

The children on the 'playground' are engaged in different tasks, such as looking after farm animals, collecting firewoods, and walking long distances to fetch water.

14 Sep 2012 description

Last year more than 13 million people were starving in the Horn of Africa. People were driven to leave their homes in search of water and food.

Dan Church Aid, a member of ACT Alliance and our other partners were immediately ready with emergency relief. Thanks to the long-term commitment the Alliance has had in the region, this assistance has saved many lives.

08 Jul 2011 description
report DanChurchAid

The Horn of Africa is experiencing the worst drought in 60 years. Right now, more than ten million people need food.

08.07.2011 by Lisbeth Engbo

"Everything is very dry and dusty. The women spend most of their time searching for water. The men and boys have left the villages with the cows that have not died from hunger and thirst".

These are the observations of DCA's communication officer, Fikerte Abebe, who has just returned from Borena in the southern part of Ethiopia – one of the areas that are most affected by the drought.

16 May 2011 description
report DanChurchAid

The pastoral and agro-pastoral community of Southern Ethiopia is affected by drought caused by La Nina.

According to an assessment report of the government run Borena taskforce poor performance of the short term rainy season from September to November 2010 in all 13 districts of the Borena Administrative Zone in Oromia Regional State is the main cause of the drought.

20 Mar 2011 description
report DanChurchAid

20.03.2011: The twenty two month food facility project of DCA-Ethiopia is funded by the European Union as a rapid response to the soaring food prices in Ethiopia.

Taking into consideration food security through increased crop production amongst the highest priorities of the Ethiopian government, the project was launched in January 2010 in the three districts located in Amhara Region of Ethiopia.

29 May 2008 description
report DanChurchAid

Ethiopia is on the verge of a hunger disaster. In the Southern Oromiya region people are already suffering.

Twoti used to live a pastoralist life together with her husband.

21 Apr 2008 description
report DanChurchAid

The dramatic price increase on basic food such as rice, maize and various cereal crops, has dire consequences for the poor in developing countries.

This is reported by DanChurchAid's representatives in Asia, Central America and Africa.


Ethiopia - bread grain

In Ethiopia the price of grain has risen from 8 up to almost 50 per cent.