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15 Jul 2015 description

The Federal Government's foreign aid budget cuts have forced a coalition of aid groups behind a major Australian-funded health and sanitation project in Africa to ask other countries to keep it alive.

Delegates from around the world will meet at a UN development conference in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa this week.

They will discuss ways to achieve sustainable development goals, including ending poverty and achieving food security worldwide by 2030.

01 May 2012 description

By Africa correspondent Ginny Stein

As famine spreads across Africa's Sahel region, aid agencies are warning they are now facing a multi-million-dollar shortfall in dealing with the crisis.

A lethal mix of sporadic rains, soaring food prices, regional conflict and chronic deepening poverty has left more than 13 million people short of food in the drought-ridden region.

16 Feb 1999 description

The European Union has decided in principle to send a three-nation team to the Horn of Africa to work towards resolving the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia. The EU troika, made up of states holding the past, present and future presidencies of the union, Austria, Germany and Finland will use as a framework a peace agreement drawn up by the Organisation of African Unity.

The E-U has called on both sides to end the fighting and on an immediate halt of arms sales to the belligerants. It also appealed to both parties to abide by a moratorium on air strikes agreed last year.

30 Dec 1997 description

Ethiopia says more than two million people in the country's northern region are in need of food aid following the destruction of their crops by drought and floods.

The Regional Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission says more than 80-thousand tonnes of food will be needed to feed people in the affected Amhara region until the end of next year.

Northern Ethiopia was experiencing severe drought before the recent torrential rains which have soaked much of east Africa.

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