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14 Aug 2018 description

As part of HelpAge International’s project on advancing the rights and protection of conflict-affected older South Sudanese migrants in Ethiopia, Uganda and South Sudan, HelpAge commissioned the Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG) to conduct a study on older South Sudanese displaced by conflict, both within South Sudan and across the border in Uganda and Ethiopia.

31 Jul 2018 description

Whilst older people have special needs, they also have unique skills, experiences and roles within their families, communities and societies. These roles continue to a certain extent during droughts, though household burdens may increase as younger adults have migrated or are grazing livestock further away.

23 Jul 2018 description

(Nairobi, 19th July 2018), At least 1 million people, the majority of whom being women and children are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance following recent inter-communal conflict in Ethiopia. Aid agencies in Ethiopia are appealing for critical and urgent assistance for close to a million people that have fled their homes following inter-communal violence along the border of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' (SNNPR) and Oromia Regions of Ethiopia.

19 Apr 2018 description

Addis Ababa, April 19, 2018: The Ethiopia Government and humanitarian agencies should prioritise protecting older people from malnutrition, according to a new field report on emergency nutrition in Ethiopia by HelpAge International.

Drawing lessons learned from the recent worst drought to have hit Ethiopia and other Horn of Africa states, the report published in the latest edition of the Field Exchange points out that older people receive little attention in emergency situations.

02 Feb 2018 description

The 30th Ordinary Session of the African Union (AU) Summit holding on the theme: ‘Winning the Fight Against Corruption: A Sustainable Path to Africa’s Transformation’ ended on 29 January 2018, at the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with the adoption of key decisions by the Assembly of Heads of State and Government.

Among the deliberations that the Assembly agreed upon was the welcoming the signing of a peace pact on 21 December 2017 by the south Sudan warring parties.

21 Jul 2017 description

By Sisay Seyoum and Kidist Negash

Comprehensive humanitarian responses focusing on people of all ages, if developed by multiple agencies could go a long way to lessen pain and loss of lives in emergency situations.

The Press has reported Ethiopia among countries in the region seriously hit by the ongoing drought and related food insecurity.

26 May 2017 description

Inadequacy of healthcare in Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe revealed in new HelpAge report

By Ben Small

The provision of and older people's access to health services across Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe is wholly inadequate, a new report from HelpAge International and Age International has found.

08 Jul 2016 description

Fight erupted in December 2013 and has displayed one in five people, some 2.3 million people, including 720,000 who fled to neighbouring Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya. Some 5.1 million people have needed humanitarian assistance in 2016.

Older people's needs
To find out what older people in this situation most urgently need, we have carried out focus groups and need assessments with older internally displaced persons in Juba, South Sudan, as well as South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia and northern Uganda.

26 May 2016 description

Ethiopia has been enduring its worst drought in decades. The adverse weather conditions brought about by El Niño has led to two consecutive rainy seasons failing.

Harvests have yielded little and water sources dried up. Subsequent food shortages are putting millions of Ethiopians at risk of malnutrition, while poor access to water is leading to hygiene and sanitation issues - a grave threat to public health.

Older people's needs

27 May 2014 description

South Sudan became the world's newest nation in 2011. Two years on from independence, many challenges remain: half the population live below the poverty line and only 55% have access to drinking water.

More recently, fighting erupted in December 2013 following clashes between the President and Vice President. This led to violence between government forces and rival political factions and mass killings along ethnic lines.

24 Oct 2011 description

By Judith Escribano

Countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia have been affected by severe drought for many months.

So 100 days ago, in July 2011, our sister organisation Age UK and the UK-based Disasters Emergency Committee launched an appeal for the crisis. HelpAge receives money from these appeals to help older people affected.

In Ethiopia, we are providing food and cash to over 3,500 older people and their families (approximately 24,500 people) in Borana Zone and Dollo Ado.

26 Jul 2011 description

As the humanitarian crisis unfolds in the Horn of Africa, HelpAge International is highlighting the situation of older people affected by the disaster and asking the international humanitarian community not to overlook their needs.

21 Jul 2011 description

By Navdha Malhotra

Galgollo Guyo is 85 and cuts trees and sells firewood to earn money on the days he does not receive food rations.

He says: "When the market is good, I can sell firewood and get about 10 Birr. With 10 Birr, I am able to buy 1 kg of maize meal. This will last us for one day."

His family is surviving on one meal a day. "My wife prepares raw wheat boiled with water for our lunch and we drink tea at night."

05 Jul 2011 description

HelpAge International is providing emergency relief to 6,400 households in Borena, Ethiopia. We are distributing cash grants to older people so they can buy the food they need, and animal feed and veterinary care for livestock.

Severe food crisis

20 May 2010 description

Erar district is located in the Awash drainage basin, which lies west of Amara-Highlands in Ethiopia.

HelpAge International and local partner Aged and Children's Pastoralist Association (ACPA) have been providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene facilities to 60,000 vulnerable drought affected older people and their families since late 2009.

Older people have taken the lead, helping to decide where latrines and wells should be built.

23 Nov 2009 description

As millions of people face hunger in Ethiopia due to the worst drought in a decade, HelpAge International is stepping up its emergency response programme in the country.

Last week clouds gathered over the lowlands, but, according to HelpAge Ethiopia Country Director Alison Rusinow, the rains have come too late to bring much relief.

"Drought is nothing new to this part of Africa, but what is different according to many of the older people we have spoken to, is the frequency with which it hits. People experienced drought every ten years or so, but now it is almost constant.

19 Jun 2008 description

Millions of Ethiopians are in need of emergency assistance due to food shortages and drought which are set to worsen over the coming months.

An estimated 4.5 million people are said to require immediate food aid. This is on top of the 7.2 million already receiving food or cash assistance from government support programmes.

March and April of this year saw late and sporadic rains, and the two previous rains failed.

24 Apr 2006 description

Pastoralist Thata Buba, 75, with one of his few remaining weak cattle.

24 Apr 2006 description

Nearly a million older people are estimated to be at risk of starvation in the East Africa, according to HelpAge International field assessments. The region is experiencing one of the worst droughts this decade, exacerbated by repeated failure of the rains since 1984.