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31 Dec 2016 description

Shipment to Somaliland, Puntland & Ethiopia from Turkey, consisting of; 6,000 tons of flour and 5,000 tons of sugar totalling 11,000 tons of food relief by sea-way, delivered 2,500 tons of flour and sugar to Ethiopia (via Djibouti), 5,000 tons of flour and sugar to Somaliland (from Berbera Port), and 3,500 tons of flour and sugar to Puntland (Bosaso Port) on 8.10.2016. In addition, a donation of 178,844 units of baby diapers made to the Turkish Red Crescents Directorate of Istanbul was loaded on the aforementioned vessel and delivered to the given countries.

31 Dec 2016 description


Transmitted to us through the Turkish Ministry of Foreign affairs on 06.29.2016, 20,000.00.-USD were transferred to the bank account of the Supreme Council of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs, amid its request for financial support to Iftar programmes.


Referring to the Guinea-Bissau Honorary Consulates request to send food aid to people in need, on 06.29.2016 20,000.00-USD’s were transferred to the Guinea-Bissau Honorary Consulate of Islamic Art and Culture Research Centre’s bank account.

31 Dec 2016 description

The TRC has always seen the importance in providing humanitarian relief for African countries, with its host national societies lacking the capacity to procure the needs of its vulnerable population amid man-made and natural disasters like; droughts and civil war leading to hunger & malnutrition.
As these countries look for ways for sustainable development, the TRC acknowledges that lack of nutrition is the root cause for holding countries back, as persons essentially need energy to function or achieve in terms of education and livelihoods.

28 Nov 2011 description

1. Background

As the result of the drought occurred after the floods in previous two years and the famine, Somali has been slided into a severe crisis.

22 Aug 2011 description


North Bakool and Lower Shabelle regions in the south of Somali are declared as drought zone by the United Nations on 20 July 2011. According to the latest information, the regions in the north of the country would be also declared as drought zones in the following months, and if it is not intervened, declaration of famine for the northern regions is also most likely.

Half of the population of the country (3.7 million) is affected by the crisis and 2.8 million of the population has been living in the southern regions.