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30 Aug 2011 description

When the United Nations officially declared a famine in the Horn of Africa on July 20, 2011, the food crisis in Somalia had already been developing for some time. Food security in the region has been severely declining due to historical levels of drought and rising world food prices, but famine does not erupt over-night. The slow-onset drought also translates into a critical and much-needed intervention to save lives in magnitudes.

30 Aug 2011 description

When Relief International volunteer Dania Gharaibeh visited famine-stricken refugee camps in the Somali region of Ethiopia this month, she noticed that the children, despite being malnourished and displaced, were laughing and giggling as children do all over the world. Yet behind them, she felt their parents’ pain as one man confided, "It is one thing to be hungry, it is another, most hurtful thing not to be able to feed your children."

09 Feb 2011 description

What have the referendum process results meant at the grassroots level? It was only a few days ago that the official results were released, making it clear that more than 98 percent of voters prefer separation over unity, but it is clear that the results have already altered many people's lives. Between October 2010 and February 2011, tens of thousands of South Sudanese uprooted themselves from communities where they had lived since fleeing the violence of the civil war.