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19 Feb 2016 description

Understanding the Political Marketplace May Improve Results, Says Author De Waal

By: Gopal Ratnam

18 Sep 2009 description

Lawrence Woocher

About the Report

This report originates from the United States Institute of Peace's Center for Conflict Analysis and Prevention, which conducts research, identifies best practices, and develops new tools for anticipating, analyzing, and preventing violent conflict. The report argues for an enhanced global focus on the prevention of violent conflict relative to more reactive approaches.

07 Sep 2001 description

Special Report

John Prendergast


The war between Ethiopia and Eritrea was one of a series of conflicts erupting at the end of the past decade that contributed greatly to undermining earlier optimism for the prospects of a hoped-for "African Renaissance."

The conflict was extremely destructive, killing over one hundred thousand people in World War I-style trench warfare carried out with modern weaponry.

From the outset of the conflict, President Clinton decided that the United States would play a major role in attempting to broker a settlement.

28 Jun 1999 description

John Prendergast

Already the deadliest conflict cluster in the world, the Horn of Africa has exploded again because of the intensification of the once-improbable Ethiopia-Eritrea war.

Support by Ethiopia and Eritrea for proxy militias in Somalia has reignited the Somali civil war and threatened the south with renewed famine.