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06 Aug 2003 description

More than 12 million people in Ethiopia are at severe risk from hunger, the worst of it being July through September. They need relief food plus long-term assistance to break the cycle of famine.

Tens of millions of people in the Horn of Africa and in southern Africa are in need of food aid this year. Support to improve agriculture and food distribution is also critical for the future.

  • Erratic rainfall, soil degradation, poor distribution systems and population growth are major causes. The toll of AIDS on breadwinners makes matters worse.

22 Jul 2003 description

Baltimore, July 22, 2003 -- A little-noticed food crisis that severely threatens 12.5 million people in Ethiopia is the subject of a new web video and appeal for help on Lutheran World Relief's website [visit www.lwr.org].

02 Jul 2003 description

Baltimore, July 2, 2003 - The food crisis gripping parts of Africa rarely reaches the headlines in the U.S. but hunger there remains great and much outside assistance is urgently needed for those caught in the crisis. At Lutheran World Relief and other organizations providing aid, crisis information arrives from the field week after week, as it has for months.

19 Mar 2003 description

Baltimore, March 19, 2003 -- Ethiopia is holding a precarious line in the war against famine, a three-agency delegation told a Washington news conference yesterday.

19 Mar 2003 description

Based on their March 2003 assessment mission in Ethiopia, Lutheran World Relief, Catholic Relief Services and Africare are advocating action by Congress and the Administration in two areas.

13 Mar 2003 description

[A delegation including LWR President Kathryn Wolford is in Ethiopia assessing the severe food crisis there. Here is her first report.]

12 Mar 2003 description

Baltimore, March 12, 2003 -- Leaders of Lutheran World Relief, Catholic Relief Services and the aid agency, Africare, are in Ethiopia this week where 11 million people are at severe risk from a food crisis. The delegation is assessing needs and the aid response to what is considered the country's worst crisis since the famine of the mid-1980s. They are also investigating long-term solutions to the chronic food shortages that occur in certain areas of Ethiopia.

19 Dec 2002 description

Baltimore, December 19, 2002 - Lutheran World Relief and other members of Action by Churches Together are helping drought-stricken communities in Africa with both needed food and future harvests, but Africa's current food crisis looms ever larger. United Nations estimates are that up to 30 million people in the Horn and southern Africa are now at risk.

05 Aug 2002 description

Baltimore, August 5, 2002 - Lutheran World Relief (LWR), which recently sent similar assistance to Malawi and Kenya, is working with two more partners in Africa to respond to dangerous food shortages in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.

03 Oct 2000 description

Baltimore, Oct 3, 2000 -- Lutheran World Relief's board, meeting in regular session here September 28-29, reviewed $9 million worth of new projects and helped shape future plans. Projects before the group included efforts to relieve the food crisis in the Horn of Africa, especially a major food-for-work and seeds program in Southern Sudan.

07 Jul 2000 description

Baltimore, July 7, 2000 -- The emergency aid program that Lutheran World Relief supports in Ethiopia now has pledges for nearly all the grain and oil requested for the year. Rations are reaching hundreds of thousands of people around the country, including residents of one of the worst-affected areas. Farmers in one drought-stricken district have also received livestock and seeds.

24 Jun 2000 description

$32 million is needed to help the 765,000 people in need of food and assistance. Please join the effort.

09 Jun 2000 description

Baltimore, June 9, 2000 -- There is good and bad news from the effort to deal with Ethiopia's food crisis at present. Food transportation is improved and aid pledges are strong, but the border war with Eritrea is not over and the weather so far this year bodes ill for some of the people who are hungry.

09 Jun 2000 description

Baltimore, June 9, 2000 -- In the middle of a zone of water and food shortages, 2,400 people in one valley in central Ethiopia are embarking on a dam and irrigation project designed to keep them on their land and assure their food supply for decades to come. Lutheran World Relief last month authorized $125,000 for the three-year undertaking.

18 May 2000 description

Baltimore, May 18, 2000 -- As far away as India, Lutheran World Relief is providing aid for people increasingly affected by the intercontinental climate pattern linked to the drought in Ethiopia. Assistance is also going to other crisis zones in the Horn of Africa, in Sudan and Kenya. Much of the aid work includes measures to strengthen local capacities for self-reliance in the face of adverse climate conditions.
In northern India, 118,000 people in four drought-stricken states will receive food, water and fodder for livestock. As part of

18 May 2000 description

Baltimore, May 18, 2000 -- Weather, logistics and war are delaying food deliveries in Ethiopia at present. Lutheran World Relief partners there report that rain is slowing aid cargoes bound for the southeast, the area worst affected by the food crisis. Recent rains have even caused flooding in some districts of that drought-stricken region.

04 May 2000 description

Baltimore, May 4, 2000 -- Within two weeks substantial food aid from Lutheran World Relief's partners in Ethiopia will begin reaching hungry people there. Distribution of 1,500 metric tons is scheduled to begin next week in the hard-hit, southern regions of Bale and Borena. Another 8,500 metric tons of grain is being moved into north-central Ethiopia, to the Wello region, where hundreds of tons of cooking oil and a corn-soy food supplement have already arrived at an aid depot. A further 13,000 metric tons of grain are on the way to crisis zones in northern and western Ethiopia.

30 Apr 2000 description

By Paul Jeffrey [Jeffrey is reporting on the food crisis in the Horn of Africa for Lutheran World Relief and other members of the emergency alliance, Action by Churches Together (ACT).]