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16 Mar 2017 description
report Al Jazeera

Murle bandits allegedly crossed into Ethiopia's Gambella region and killed 28 people before fleeing with 43 children.

More than 1,000 gunmen from South Sudan have killed 28 people and kidnapped 43 children in neighbouring Ethiopia, according to a government official.

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17 Apr 2016 description
report Al Jazeera

Minister says troops may cross border to pursue assailants after deadly raid in Ethiopia's Gambela region.

Gunmen from South Sudan have killed at least 140 civilians, including women and children, in a raid in Ethiopia's Gambela region, the Ethiopian government has said.

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06 Apr 2016 description
report Al Jazeera

Months of a severe drought broken by heavy rain as torrential downpours develop along the East African Rift Valley.

06 Apr 2016 12:14 GMT | Weather, Africa

Seasonal rains have come early to parts of Ethiopia, causing deadly floods in places. The state broadcaster, the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation told the Associated Press news agency that 28 people have been killed in two remote regions of the country.

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24 Mar 2016 description
report Al Jazeera

Protesters continue to clash with security forces in what has spiralled into Ethiopia's largest unrest in decades.

Simona Foltyn

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - At first sight, things seem to have returned to normality in the town of Ambo, 120 kilometres west of Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa. Few uniformed security forces are visible on the streets. People seem to go about their daily lives as usual.

But speak to almost any resident and a different picture emerges.

10 Jan 2016 description
report Al Jazeera

Rights groups say 140 people killed in recent weeks as government moves forward with controversial development plans.

Wolonkomi, Ethiopia - Security forces have killed at least 140 people during a crackdown on anti-government demonstrations in Ethiopia in recent weeks, activists and rights groups say.

The protests - by members of the country's largest ethnic group, Oromo - have been prompted by fears that farmers will be displaced by government development plans.

28 Aug 2014 description
report Al Jazeera

Parents unable to look after children are marrying them off at a tender age, exposing them to maternal deaths.

Amhara, Ethiopia - Mekdes Murgeta does not remember her actual wedding, but her family told her it happened when she was five . Pointing at her own five-year-old daughter she confirms she was her age.

Murgeta lives in Mosebo, a rural village in the Amhara region in central Ethiopia. There, as in the rest of Ethiopia, it is illegal to be married before the age of 18.

19 Jun 2013 description
report Al Jazeera

Persecuted ethnic Oromo demand UN protection amid xenophobic attacks and government hostility over the Blue Nile dam.

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04 Oct 2012 description
report Al Jazeera

Sharp rise in arrivals seen even though many find they are no better off in impoverished nation than they were at home.

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