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23 Oct 2009 description

Nairobi/Addis Ababa_(dpa) _ Exactly 25 years ago, BBC correspondent Michael Buerk unveiled the full extent of Ethiopia's now infamous drought, calling it a "Biblical famine" in the 20th century.

A cavalcade of horrors paraded before the cameras in Korem, northern Ethiopia: skeletal children clinging to their equally wasted mothers; corpses of infants wrapped in sackcloth lined up in the dust; hundreds of desperate people tottering across the plain on stick-thin legs, prompted into a shaky sprint by the rumour of a food delivery.

The harrowing pictures prompted an …

28 Aug 2009 description

Michael Logan, dpa

Nairobi_(dpa) _ African leaders are due to meet in Libya early next week to consider a proposal demanding an annual 67 billion dollars from developed nations to mitigate the effects of climate change on the continent.

The draft proposal - which also calls for major polluters to cut emissions by 40 per cent from 1990 levels before 2020 - will raise a few eyebrows if it is tabled at December's United Nations climate change talks in Copenhagen.

But Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme, believes Africa is justified in demanding such …

24 Mar 2009 description

Sana'a, Yemen_(dpa) _ At least nine African migrants drowned after they were forced at gunpoint by the traffickers transporting them to to jump from a boat off Yemen's southern coast on Tuesday, rescuers said.

The traffickers forced more than 90 passengers, mainly Ethiopians, to jump overboard as the boat neared the end of its trip off the southern Yemeni town of Ahwar on the Gulf of Aden, rescuers told German Press Agency dpa.

The rescuers said 83 people, including women, managed to survive after swimming to shore, and that the bodies of nine men had washed up on the coast …

19 Oct 2008 description

Johannesburg_(dpa) _ The Red Cross is starting to look at how to cut costs ahead of an expected fall-off in funding in the wake of the global financial crisis, the secretary general of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) said Sunday.

"If it continues, if there is no turnaround fairly quickly, it (the financial crisis) will have a serious impact (on funding), no doubt," Bekele Geleta said in an interview in Johannesburg on the eve of a three-day meeting of Africa's 53 Red Cross and Red Crescent societies.

The IFRC's annual …

05 Sep 2008 description

Nairobi_(dpa) _ Some 3 million children are at risk of death, disease and malnutrition in the Horn of Africa as aid fails to flow, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) said Friday.

More then 14 million people in Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda and Djibouti are critically affected, and the numbers are "on an alarming upward trajectory," UNICEF said.

"Strong national leadership is needed at this critical juncture, and more international funding must be quickly mobilized," UNICEF's Regional Director for East and Southern Africa Per Engebak …

22 Feb 2008 description

Nairobi_(dpa) _ The African Union (AU) said Friday it remains engaged in the border crisis between Eritrea and Ethiopia but said the two parties lack goodwill to bring an end to the dispute.

A United Nations mission monitoring the disputed frontier since the end of a 1998-2000 border war fought between the neighbouring foes began relocating to the Eritrean capital Asmara last week after their fuel and food supplies were cut by Eritrea.

"We are still there.

21 Sep 2007 description

Nairobi_(dpa) _ Floods are continuing to ravage an arc of African countries from the Sahel to the Horn of Africa, washing away homes and ruining crops and have been reported as the worst in years in many states.

Uganda is experiencing its worst floods in memory, with some 89,000 households "severely affected" and scores homeless and marooned by the surging waters, the Red Cross said Friday.

"It has never been so severe like this," said Hasifa Kabejja, spokeswoman for the Ugandan Red Cross Society. "Houses have been washed away.

24 Jul 2007 description

Nairobi/Addis Ababa_(dpa) _ Ethiopia Tuesday played down a call by a separatist rebel group for a UN fact-finding mission to its remote Ogaden region, where the government is accused of committing war crimes against civilians.

"We know what is going on here. This terrorist group is asking for everything in order to receive the attention of the international community," said Zamedkin Tekle, a spokesman for the Ministry of Information.

The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), branded a terrorist group by Addis Ababa, called for a UN investigation into what it and human …

15 Aug 2006 description

Nairobi_(dpa) _ Boats and helicopters have been sent to assist flood victims cut off in southern Ethiopia after an estimated 380 people drowned and thousands more were trapped when a river burst its banks, reports said Tuesday.

06 Jun 2006 description

Addis Ababa_(dpa) _ Six countries in the Horn of Africa are to benefit from 10 million dollars in drought relief Saudi Arabia has pledged to provide through the World Food Programme (WFP), the Royal Saudi Embassy in Addis Ababa disclosed Tuesday.

The cash donation would be forwarded to the WFP to buy and distribute food to the needy in drought-affected parts of Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia and Tanzania.

The locally purchased grain is expected to be ready for joint distribution by mid-June by officials from the Saudi Ministry of Finance and WFP staff.

30 Mar 2006 description

Addis Ababa_(dpa) _ Ethiopia is to launch a polio vaccination campaign targeting three million children of less than five years old in the country's north-central Wag-Hamra Zone, where the first case of the crippling disease was found in 2006, the Ministry of Health said Thursday.

The most recent case uncovered early this month in Sekota Woreda of Wag-Hamra Zone in Amhara Region, 640 kilometre north of Addis Ababa, brings to 24 the number of polio cases in the country since December 2004.

20 Feb 2006 description

Addis Ababa_(dpa) _ A United Nations aid coordination agency said Monday the drought gripping the Horn of Africa had reached a critical stage in eastern and south-eastern Ethiopia and was likely to deteriorate over the coming month.

17 Feb 2006 description

Addis Ababa_(dpa) _ The European Union's Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid, Louis Michel, concluded a two-day visit to Ethiopia on Friday with a call to the government and jailed opposition leaders to resume political dialogue aimed at fostering peace and democracy.

09 Feb 2006 description

Addis Ababa (dpa) - The UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UMEE), which is monitoring the disputed border between the two countries, said Thursday it is closely monitoring the possibility of newly laid mines in the buffer zone.

08 Feb 2006 description

Addis Ababa (dpa) - The International Committee of the Red Cross announced Wednesday it had begun airlifting emergency aid supplies to the drought-stricken Somali region of south-eastern Ethiopia.

A chartered airplane flew to the airport of Gode carrying pumps and water storage tanks, veterinarian equipments, medical kits and various other relief items, the ICRC said.

29 Jan 2006 description

Addis Ababa_(dpa) _ Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi says the country's agricultural production indicates a 15.1 per cent increase during the current harvest season and its overall economy would register a "double-digit" growth at the end of the current fiscal year ending in June, the local press reported Saturday.

23 Jan 2006 description

Addis Ababa_(dpa)_The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) reported Monday repatriating 172 Ethiopian civilians from Eritrea, and 11 Eritrean civilians from Ethiopia.
The repatriations were carried out Friday with the ICRC serving as a neutral intermediary.

The ICRC has assisted prisoners of war and civilians affected by the 1998-2000 border conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea, in repatriations to their respective homes since June 2000. dpa gh mga

23 Jan 2006 description

Addis Ababa_(dpa) _ Ethiopia and UN agencies on Monday launched an international appeal in Addis Ababa for some 54.6 million dollars in humanitarian assistance to 2.6 million Ethiopians in 2006.
The bulk of the money was slated for health and nutrition, water and sanitation, and agriculture.

Ethiopia's Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Agency (DPPA) Director Simon Mechale and Unicef Country Director and Acting UN Humanitarian Coordinator Bjorn Ljungqvist launched the appeal.

21 Jan 2006 description

Addis Ababa_(dpa) _ A high-level US delegation met Saturday with Ethiopian Prime Mister Meles Zenawi for the first round of talks aimed at breaking the impasse on the country's border dispute with neighbouring Eritrea.

18 Jan 2006 description

Addis Ababa_(dpa) _ Britain is suspending all 88 million dollars in planned humanitarian aid to the Ethiopian government because of human rights concerns, development aid minister Hilary Benn said Wednesday.