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06 Feb 2017 description

Author: Emmy Simmons

Project Director: Kimberly Flowers


Executive Summary

Sharp rises in global food prices in 2007/08 jolted global political leaders out of any complacency they might have had regarding the future of food and agriculture. Street demonstrations and food riots broke out in more than 40 countries across the world, provoking unrest and violence in several places.

23 May 2016 description

By Kimberly Flowers

25 Apr 2014 description

New CSIS Report and Video: Family Planning and Linkages with U.S. Health and Development Goals

Janet Fleischman, Senior Associate, and Alisha Kramer, Program Manager
Global Health Policy Center, Center for Strategic and International Studies

13 Mar 2014 description

The ResilientAfrica Network (RAN) is a partnership among sub-Saharan African and American universities led by Makerere University in Uganda. The RAN is co-directed by Tulane University and includes Stanford University, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), and four regional Resilience Innovation Labs (RILabs) located in Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda and South Africa. The RAN is supported and funded by the United States Agency for International Development’s Office of Science, Technology and Innovation (USAID).

06 Jun 2012 description

With Fewer Resources, an Uncertain GHI Strategy, and Vulnerabilities on the Ground

By J. Stephen Morrison, Suzanne C. Brundage

Over the last decade, the United States' health partnership with Ethiopia has contributed to significant health gains in a country long known for having some of the poorest health and development indicators in the world.

31 Jan 2012 description

By Johanna Nesseth Tuttle

Global Hunger and Food Price Volatility in 2012

Early in 2011, food price riots helped trigger one of the most unexpected and significant events of the past decade: the Arab Spring, which saw the downfall of governments in the Middle East, the death of a long-time dictator in Libya, and ongoing strife in Syria and Yemen.

As we begin 2012, do we face another round of riots and instability? What is the status of global hunger and food security? And what countries will be most vulnerable to food-related instability?

08 Jul 2011 description

This report, Ethiopia: Assessing Risks to Stability, is part of a series examining the risks of instability in 10 African countries over the next decade. The 10 papers are designed to be complementary but can also be read individually as self-standing country studies. An overview paper draws on common themes and explains the methodology underpinning the research. The project was commissioned by the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM). The papers in this study are not meant to offer hard and fast predictions about the future.

30 Jun 2011 description

By Richard Downie, Jennifer G. Cooke
Jun 30, 2011

15 Jan 2010 description

By Jennifer G. Cooke, Richard Downie

Jan 15, 2010

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and the American Academy of Diplomacy (AAD) cohosted a conference on October 29, 2009, to examine the role of diplomacy in U.S. relations with Africa. Discussions were grounded in the belief that as U.S. interests and engagement in Africa expand, U.S. diplomatic capacities must expand accordingly. The need to effectively manage multiple strands of U.S. investments in security, development, and conflict mitigation and management has become more complex and more important.

04 Jun 2007 description

By Jennifer Cooke, Co director, Africa Program

Hopes for a peaceful political resolution to the crisis in Somalia are dimming, as a power struggle between the Ethiopian-backed Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and clan-based and Islamist militias continues to wrack Mogadishu.

A brutal crackdown by Ethiopian and Somali government troops in early May has done little to end an incipient insurgency, and disaffected clan militias and remnants of the vanquished Islamic Courts Union (ICU) have resorted to increasingly guerrilla-like tactics, including suicide bombings and a series of …