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15 Aug 2018 description

This paper explores the building of sustainable resilience for food security and livelihood dynamics using the Ethiopia Rural Household Survey panel data. Household resilience scores are derived from measures taken to protect against shocks. The impact of several demographic and socio-economic factors on resilience dynamics is then tested. This paper shows that the experience of resilience in the past leads to a subsequent higher chance of continuing to be resilient (‘true state-dependence’).

27 Oct 2015 description


El Niño is a periodic climate phenomenon defined by anomalously warm sea surface temperatures in the eastern and central tropical Pacific Ocean which affect local weather worldwide and generally leads to increased drought risk at global level.

13 Jul 2012 description


  • Rainfall analysis
  • Rainfall & vegetation analysis
  • Vegetation analysis
  • Current season & projections
  • Somalia
  • Terms of trade
  • South Sudan
  • General food security condition
  • Technical note
15 Dec 2010 description

Slightly below last year yield expectations in the Highlands of Ethiopia

Following an above normal BELG season, below normal rainfall have been observed in the main highlands of Ethiopia in July and August for the beginning of the MEHER season.

07 Sep 2010 description

Below normal rains in the Central Highlands

Following an above normal BELG season particularly in the South and East Ethiopia, below normal rainfall have been observed - based on the ECMWF model data- in July and August in the main highlands of Ethiopia. A nearly on time onset of the MEHER season can be noticed but with rain amount clearly below normal and last year.