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09 Sep 2009 description

Experts predict that by 2025, two-thirds of the world's population will face water shortages, and Europe will be no exception, Diana Ionescu writes for ISN Security Watch.

By Diana Ionescu for ISN Security Watch

Worldwide, more than 1 billion people live without access to safe water and up to 4 million people (mostly children) die every year from water-related diseases.

Dry and densely populated regions often lack the necessary water resources as well as the infrastructure to ensure the vital amount of freshwater needed.

28 Nov 2007 description

Rising tensions over a historic region may pull Ethiopia and Eritrea back into conflict, with the both sides placing blame on the other and a UN commission stuck in the middle.

By Daniel Auma in Nairobi for ISN Security Watch (28/11/07)

The thin line between a potential border war between Ethiopia and Eritrea hinges on the identification of the families living in Badme, a disputed territory, considered "historic and symbolic" by the two rival states.

21 Mar 2006 description

By Simon Roughneen for ISN in Nairobi and Turkana, Kenya (21/3/06)

The failure of the long rains in late 2005 has left at least 11 million east Africans vulnerable to a severe drought and debilitating food shortages. As animals die due to lack of water and pasture, the people who depend on their livestock for milk, meat, and income are growing hungrier by the day.