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22 Sep 2011 description

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has sent emergency supplies to Addis Abba in response to a request from the Government of Ethiopia, following the drought crisis affecting the Horn of Africa including Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti. The aid supplies, worth 40 million JPY (USD 525,000), arrived in the country on 10 September 2011. All goods are to be distributed through the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to Somali refugee camps in the Dollo Ado area.

17 Sep 2010 description

It was a pledge heard around the world. After a century which brought unprecedented gains in such areas as national freedoms and medical and scientific advances, but which also produced two world wars, the atomic bomb and unspeakable daily conditions for hundreds of millions of people, the world's nations decided there should be a better way of living together.

At the "dawn of a new millennium" 189 countries met in New York in September 2000 and agreed a United Nations Millennium Declaration, a sweeping document which pledged to erase the 'scourge of war', combat …

16 Jul 2009 description
  1. During the first quarter of fiscal 2009 (April to June), JICA (President Sadako Ogata) signed a total of 46 grant agreements.

    Key details of two of the major projects are provided below. A complete list of the first quarter grant agreements is provided in the appendix.

    2. The Philippine government has set poverty reduction as an important element in their mid-term development plan. As a key part of their policy on poverty reduction, they are implementing regional agricultural land reforms to improve the lives of small farm owners and tenant farmers.

13 Mar 2009 description

It is a natural resource taken for granted in industrialized countries, but a day long struggle in many areas of the world just to obtain a few drops.

In North America and Japan people use 350 litres a day and it takes another 13,000 litres to produce just one kilo of beef for the dinner table.

In contrast, nearly half the world's population live on the edge of squalor because of the lack of it and nearly two million people die each year from related diseases, including 3,900 children a day.

But with a burgeoning global population, the increasing demands of agriculture and …

12 Mar 2009 description

Near the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka thousands of people rioted last year, sm ashing cars and buses and vandalizing factories. In a string of countries throughout Africa, in Central Asia and Latin America there were similar disturbances and unrest.

Even in the United States, one of the country's most popular retail outlets imposed a temporary limit on amounts or rice customers could buy. In North Korea the situation was so dire that one government official predicted "Life is more than difficult.

22 Feb 2008 description

The teff or wheat harvest has been collected and the parched land is bathed in a golden hue. Dust clouds swirl around the school house in advance of the forthcoming rains.

Elders in the small Ethiopian village of Fachiso say they cannot remember a single person from the community, sitting on the floor of Africa's Great Rift Valley, ever attending school but that all changed recently.

A four-room primary school opened last year on the outskirts of the village and 103 pupils aged from 7 to 14 enrolled to learn math, science and language.

16 Aug 2006 description

Early in the morning on August 6, massive flooding occurred in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, resulting in an estimated 256 deaths and 250 persons missing as of August 14. Moreover, as many as 15,000 to 20,000 persons have been displaced due to the loss of their homes and are now living in shelters.

Dire Dawa is the second largest city in Ethiopia and is located about 500 kilometers east of the nation's capital, Addis Ababa. Ethiopia typically experiences a rainy season from the end of June until late September.