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16 Jul 2012 description

Appeal #642-L

Amount: $1.2 million

Amount of funds received to date: $534,789

July 16, 2012


13 Dec 2011 description

Appeal #642-L

Amount: $1.2 million

Amount of funds received as of Dec. 11, 2011: $534,789

Dec. 13, 2011


30 Jul 2008 description

Appeal #642-B

Appeal amount: $300,000

SITUATION: The southeastern pastoral areas of Ethiopia are experiencing drought conditions following the failure of two previous rainy seasons, with resulting food insecurity. The impact of the long dry spell has caused severe shortage of pastureland and water and has led to the death of livestock and unusual livestock migrations to occur.

05 Oct 2007 description


Floods and Storms

As we recognize International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction, on October 11, Church World Service continues its response to floods and other disasters, globally and locally, often working with partners on preparedness to mitigate future disasters.

More than 3,000 people in three communities in Haiti hard-hit by August's Hurricane Dean are being helped to recover through Church World Service partners: Some 500 are gaining grants and management counseling to restart businesses, and more than 2,500 small-holder farmers are learning about …

26 Sep 2007 description

SITUATION: Heavy torrential rains in Ethiopia have caused severe flooding in the regional states of Amhara and Gambella, affecting more than 60,000 people and destroying farmland, roads and homes. The intensity of the rainfall and the magnitude of the floods is reported to be worse than during the 2006 rainy season in which approximately 98,000 people were affected in the various areas of the region.

In Amhara, heavy rains began in June -- in one case with 3.37 inches falling in one 24-hour period, overflowing the catchments of the Blue Nile river and Lake Tana.

23 Dec 2002 description

Many families in Ethiopia are taking part in micro-enterprise development projects assisted by CWS and our partner, the Christian Relief and Development Association. CRDA micro-enterprise projects include water resource development, agriculture, child development, education, health, income generation, urban development, and community-based rehabilitation for disabled people.

27 Nov 2002 description

Appeal Number: 6460
Appeal Amount: $100,000

23 Sep 2002 description

Some 1,320 farm families are taking part in a water resource development project, with the help of Church World Service and our partner, the Christian Relief and Development Association. In a country plagued by periods of drought, the water resources are helping to ensure food security for the families, along with providing water for themselves and their livestock.
The farmers are helping to dig a 205-meter-long water canal that will help to control water seepage from a main canal, repair canal control gates, and construct a bridge.

22 Jul 2002 description

Although the drought-caused food shortages in Ethiopia have improved since last year, there are still more than about 5.2 million people in need of immediate assistance - requiring more than 557,000 metric tons of food.

12 Jul 2002 description

Appeal Number: 6453
Appeal Amount: $85,000

21 May 2001 description

More than six million people in Ethiopia are in need of immediate food assistance because of the failure of rains to grow their crops. Since 1998, Ethiopia has suffered a chronic cycle of poor rainfall and low-crop production. Both humans and livestock are suffering from the effects of malnutrition and starvation, which makes them vulnerable to common diseases that affect the area.

15 May 2001 description

Appeal Number: 6429
Appeal Amount: $200,000

11 Dec 2000 description

Call to Ban Landmines and Cluster Bombs - "The senseless use of landmines and cluster bombs turns fertile land into killing fields," notes Rev. John McCullough, CWS Executive Director. "The U.S. and other military forces around the world must rethink their use of both of these weapons."

15 May 2000 description

Ethiopia/Horn of Africa -- "It's the wrong color," reports Paul Jeffrey, who is in the Horn of Africa on behalf of Action by Churches Together, a consortium in which CWS is a partner. "At this time of year, the highlands around the village of Gubalaftu should be green. Yet after two years with little rain, today everything here is brown. And yet people plow the land, sow a few seeds, and watch the skies.

08 May 2000 description

"In some hard-hit areas, where farmers have no seeds left to sow and no animals left alive to sell, people have begun dismantling their houses, selling the wooden timbers or exchanging the straw from their roofs for food," reports Paul Jeffrey, who is in the Horn of Africa on behalf of Action by Churches Together, a consortium in which CWS is a partner.

01 May 2000 description

"Yatani Dalayo is a pastoralist, an animal herder who roams the arid landscape of southern Ethiopia with his cattle and goats, leading the animals through grasslands watered by seasonal rains," reports Paul Jeffrey of Action by Churches Together (ACT). "Yet the rains haven't come for three years, so he has slowly sold off his cattle and used the proceeds to feed his family. Today, the lean times have become impossible times, and Yatani has nothing left.... Asked how he feels, he replies in a barely audible voice that he's fine, he's not sick, just hungry.

17 Apr 2000 description

Severe food shortages caused by drought have affected more than 15 million people in the Horn of Africa, causing widespread malnutrition and disease. In Ethiopia alone, more than eight million people are severely affected, many of them women and children. Thousands are abandoning their homes in search of food.