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10 Dec 2018 description


Over the last few months, the peaceful coexistence of people living in Gedeo and West Guji has been disturbed. The Gedeo–Guji tension has resulted in thousands of people being displaced from their homes by violence. Nongovernmental organizations, such as Catholic Relief Services and World Vision, are collaborating with the Government of Ethiopia to address people’s immediate needs through holistic responses for internally displaced people (IDPs)—addressing health, nutrition, sanitation and shelter needs.

11 Dec 2015 description

New Report Outlines Requirements and Response Plan to Save Lives



Kim Pozniak

Catholic Relief Services



26 Oct 2015 description

Climate change is being held largely to blame for two consecutive seasons of failed and erratic rains in 2015. Catholic Relief Services is supporting efforts to manage the crisis, but is urging preparedness as the El Niño weather disturbance could mean more lost harvests well into 2016.

11 Dec 2012 description

Ethiopia is a beautiful country, rich in culture and history but also a place where droughts frequently devastate harvests, leading to severe hunger. CRS helps communities in crisis get the water they need and also works on long-term approaches to keep the water flowing.

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22 May 2012 description

Imagine you lived in Ethiopia, where millions of people like Keddo do not know where their next meal will come from. Before they could rely on their farms to provide much needed food to eat and to sell, but increasingly unreliable rains have changed this. Now many families must sell precious household items like their chickens or goats just to get through the hungry season. They are increasingly trapped in a cycle of poverty and hunger.

But imagine that something simple could be done to help people like Keddo.

13 Jan 2012 description

Chris Herlinger writes for the Catholic News Service on the collaboration between the Ethiopian Catholic Church and Catholic Relief Services to combat drought and recurring food shortages.

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (CNS) — Climate change-induced drought that has afflicted the Horn of Africa presents the opportunity for the Catholic Church in Ethiopia to work more closely with the government to address food shortages and development concerns, said an official of the country’s bishops’ conference.

05 Dec 2011 description

By Michael Hill

Bishop Abraham Desta walked out into his compound in the Ethiopian town of Meki. You might look at the overgrown grass and cringe, thinking only of a hard day behind the lawn mower. Bishop Desta looked at it and smiled.

"This looks wonderful," he says.

The fact that the grass was growing and his small orchard of fruit trees was healthy meant one thing: Rain had been falling. This is not always the case in this part of Ethiopia, the Oromiya region south of the capital Addis Ababa.

24 Aug 2011 description

By David Snyder

In his seventies, Mussie Sala moves with ease among the lush green fruit trees and broad-leafed cornstalks of his farm. It is a plot, really—just six-tenths of an acre—but a plot that is flourishing amid the rapidly browning landscape of Ethiopia. It's a godsend garden for a farmer who has seen enough lean years in his seven decades to know how special this oasis of green really is.

11 Aug 2011 description

By David Snyder

In the comfortable style of an African mother, Sedo Ismael supports the youngest of her two children easily across her back as she goes about the endless tasks of a rural village woman. Nearby, bees buzz around a stand of yellow-painted hives, their labor, like hers, helping the Ismael family to weather another crippling season of food shortages here in their rural community in eastern Ethiopia.

04 Aug 2011 description

Lane Bunkers is CRS’ Country Representative for Ethiopia, one of three East African countries plagued by drought that has affected more than 11 million people.. Here he talks about the current food emergency in Ethiopia and how CRS’ long-term development and drought mitigation programs have helped ease some of the effects of this crisis.

When did the current food emergency in Ethiopia begin?

21 Jul 2011 description

East Africa Drought Solution Runs Deep By Sara A. Fajardo

Ethiopians remember keenly the devastating losses of the drought in 1984 and the more recent one in 2000. The numerous pastoralist communities in Ethiopia know that lack of access to water will kill their livestock and destroy the very fabric of their culture.

15 Oct 2010 description

In early September, a delegation of diocesan leaders from across the United States visited Ethiopia and Tanzania to get a first-hand look at CRS work. The following is a report by Anne Avellone, director of Archdiocese of Santa Fe Office of Social Justice and Respect Life.

Maji Ni Uhai ... Water is life, says a sign in Swahili at a watering station in a remote area near Same, Tanzania, where villagers come to water their livestock and draw water for their families.

14 May 2009 description

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, May 14, 2009 - Farming families across Ethiopia are facing hunger as three seasons of poor rains continue to wipe out harvests. Catholic Relief Services will bring food relief to more than 1 million Ethiopians affected by the ongoing drought through a $50 million, four-month emergency food assistance plan supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

"Once again, scores of Ethiopian farmers are expected to harvest little or nothing from their fields due to drought," explains Lane Bunkers, CRS' country representative in Ethiopia.

21 Apr 2009 description

Catholic Relief Service, one of the country's largest international humanitarian agencies, is launching a worldwide agricultural strategy that adopts a holistic, market-oriented approach to help lift millions of people out of poverty.

The five-year strategy aims to help farmers and farming communities both to recover from disasters like drought and pest infestation, as well as to support chronically hungry, agriculturally-dependent communities as they move toward development and self-sufficiency.

18 Mar 2009 description

As part of CRS' celebration of World Water Day on March 22, we're highlighting our integrated water programs in East Africa. The programs help people lift their communities out of poverty. By providing a full complement of water services, CRS is significantly improving quality of life in rural villages.

"Water is an essential part of life. Without it, people and animals simply can't survive," says David Orth-Moore, CRS' regional director for East Africa. "According to the United Nations, 1 billion people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water.

16 Sep 2008 description

As consortium lead, CRS to ensure delivery of 75,140 metric tons of title II food

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, September 16, 2008 -As millions of Ethiopians face drought across the country, Catholic Relief Services has signed a $53.4 million agreement with the U.S.

12 Sep 2008 description

By David Snyder

To watch it on television, often in the midst of a disaster somewhere in the world, the process of distributing food or emergency supplies looks easy. A plane lands or a vehicle pulls up, the food is dispensed, and the hungry are fed.

But the logistics required to move hundreds of tons of food around the world are anything but simple, especially as countries such as Ethiopia face a spiraling global food crisis compounded by drought.

29 Aug 2008 description

A delegation of 14 US-based CRS staff members and Church partners are currently visiting projects in Ethiopia. Steve Pehanich, senior director of advocacy and education for the California Catholic Conference, shares more from the field.

After seeing the midlands and highlands near Dire Dawa on Tuesday, we toured the lowlands Wednesday - much hotter, with a rocky road that was incredible to travel. It took more than an hour each way on the road, which added to the tiredness of the day.

Before reaching the project site, we stopped on the grueling road to look at the surrounding desert.

16 Jul 2008 description

Sean Callahan Tells House Agriculture Subcommittee About Mounting Hunger Crisis in Africa

Baltimore, MD, July 16, 2008 - A top official for Catholic Relief Services (CRS) urged Congress today to reinforce recent supplemental funding with $1.6 billion in additional resources for Food for Peace and other food security programs.

01 Jul 2008 description

By Debbie DeVoe

The jutting ribs of cattle along the roadside hint at what lies ahead. After two consecutive seasons of poor rains, pockets of farmland in southern and eastern Ethiopia have produced no crops. Many people in these areas now have nothing-literally nothing-to eat. And with food prices soaring worldwide, they can't afford to buy the dwindling and increasingly expensive supplies in the market.

Distributions of food donated by the U.S. government and purchased with private CRS funds are helping Ethiopians survive an extended drought.