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11 Dec 2015 description
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By Katy Migiro

NAIROBI, Dec 11 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Child marriage is on the rise in Ethiopia due to the worst drought in decades, the government and agencies said on Friday, as Oxfam warned of a "full-blown disaster" unless more than $1 billion in food aid is found for 10 million people.

Agencies predict the El Niño weather phenomenon will cause record levels of malnutrition in Africa's second most populous nation, famed for war- and drought-induced famine in 1984.

24 Oct 2015 description
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Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation - Fri, 23 Oct 2015 17:56 GMT

Author: Magda Mis

By Magdalena Mis

LONDON, Oct 23 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Millions of people in Ethiopia are in need of food assistance as the El Nino climate phenomenon has deepened a severe drought, aid agencies said on Friday.

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08 Dec 2014 description
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Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation - Fri, 5 Dec 2014 10:43 GMT
Author: E.G. Woldegebriel

By E.G. Woldegebriel

YABELO, Ethiopia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nomadic livestock herders in Ethiopia have received their first payout from an insurance scheme that tracks poor pasture conditions with satellite technology.

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04 Nov 2014 description
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Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation - Mon, 3 Nov 2014 06:45 GMT

Author: Kagondu Njagi

GONDAR, Ethiopia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – When increasingly erratic weather ruined his crops of maize, wheat and barley in highland Maksegni, the middle-aged farmer migrated to Metemma, in northwest Ethiopia, to look for work in the lowland area’s commercial sesame and cotton plantations.

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08 Jul 2014 description
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Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation - Mon, 7 Jul 2014 10:15 GMT
Author: E.G. Woldegebriel

EJERE WOREDA, Ethiopia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Thirty years after the famine that killed more than a million people in Ethiopia and shocked the world into belated action, the country’s scientists and farmers are taking the fight against climate change and food insecurity down to the ground.

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18 Mar 2013 description
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Sat, 16 Mar 2013 07:51 GMT

Source: alertnet // Chelsea Diana

LONDON (AlertNet) - Despite Ethiopia’s heavy investment in irrigated cotton and sugarcane farming in the Awash valley, pastoralism could be just as effective a way to deal with changing climate conditions there, researchers from the Imperial College of London say in a new report.

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13 Sep 2012 description
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By Pawlos Belete

ADDIS ABABA (AlertNet) – Millions of Ethiopians face severe food shortages as a result of the failure of crucial seasonal rains, a problem increasingly linked to climate change.

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11 Jul 2012 description
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By Emma Batha

LONDON (AlertNet) - African leaders should increase funding for contraceptive services if they want to reduce poverty and hunger, the prime ministers of Ethiopia and Rwanda said ahead of an international summit on family planning.

Writing in the Lancet medical journal, Rwanda’s Pierre Damien Habumuremyi and Ethiopia’s Meles Zenawi said improving access to contraception also was vital for bringing down “unacceptably high” maternal mortality rates on the continent.

24 Apr 2012 description
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By Thin Lei Win

HANOI (AlertNet) - Climate change threatens to reduce catches from fisheries and worsen hunger among some of sub-Saharan Africa’s poorest people, who rely on fish as a major source of protein and earnings, according to new research from the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED).

30 Nov 2011 description
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By Laurie Goering

DURBAN, South Africa (AlertNet) – Equipping illiterate migratory herders with drought insurance in one of the driest regions of drought-prone East Africa might seem a big task, particularly in a region where claims adjustors, cell phone coverage and cash to pay for policies are nearly as rare as rain itself.

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08 Aug 2011 description
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08 Aug 2011 17:06 Source: Alertnet // Vivian Leung

By Vivian Leung

LONDON (AlertNet) – A lack of women in policymaking is worsening the impact of the Horn of Africa drought, U.N. and aid agency officials say.

The region, which is seeing intensifying dry spells believed linked to climate change, is struggling with what aid agencies say is its worst drought in 60 years. Pastures and wells have dried, livestock are dying and thousands of families from southern Somalia are surging over the Kenyan border looking for help.

29 Mar 2010 description
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Written by: Laurie Goering

MONTPELLIER, France (AlertNet) - Large-scale leases of African farmland by foreign investors risk driving conflict and fueling corruption in the region, farm experts said Monday at a conference on agricultural research and development.

But if regulations for responsible foreign land investment can be drafted and followed, such leases could provide a much-needed cash infusion for African agriculture which has struggled to find investment elsewhere, they said.

"What's missing is it has not been done responsibly enough," said Kanayo Nwanze, …

16 Nov 2009 description
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Written by: Katherine Baldwin

LONDON (AlertNet) - Conflict and mass migration in some African states pose huge challenges to efforts to register children at birth, a move seen as key to securing children's rights, UNICEF said on Monday.

In countries like Ethiopia, fighting, famine and issues of land tenure mean huge swathes of the population are constantly on the move and thousands of babies go unregistered because of a lack of basic services in many areas, said UNICEF child protection officer Joanne Dunn.

Ethiopia has one of the world's lowest rates of birth registration, …

22 Oct 2009 description
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By Tsegaye Tadesse and Astrid Zweynert

ADDIS ABABA/LONDON (AlertNet) - Ethiopia on Thursday appealed for emergency aid to feed 6.2 million people, 25 years after more than a million perished in the country's notorious famine.

Aid workers say a five-year drought is afflicting more than 23 million people in seven east African nations.

Mitiku Kassa, Ethiopia's State Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, said this year's rains were especially poor.

"As a result, the number of people needing emergency assistance during the period Oct.-Dec.

21 Jul 2008 description
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Written by: Megan Rowling

LONDON, July 21 (AlertNet) - The U.N.

31 Jan 2003 description
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Ray Jordan: "Our job is to overcome difficulties and be the front-line operators."

15 Nov 2002 description
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By Ruth Gidley