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23 Jul 2018 description

(Nairobi, 19th July 2018), At least 1 million people, the majority of whom being women and children are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance following recent inter-communal conflict in Ethiopia. Aid agencies in Ethiopia are appealing for critical and urgent assistance for close to a million people that have fled their homes following inter-communal violence along the border of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' (SNNPR) and Oromia Regions of Ethiopia.

03 Jul 2017 description
report Plan International

This case study describes the role of community-based child protection committees in improving the safety and protection of children in 3 refugee camps in Gambella, Ethiopia.

In December 2013, widespread violence in South Sudan led nearly 300,000 people to flee the country, across the border into Western Ethiopia. Over 80% of the refugees are women and children. The refugee girls and boys face high risks, both during their journey into Ethiopia as well as upon arrival in the camps. Risks of family separation, sexual violence and psychosocial distress are common.

14 May 2016 description
report Plan International

Director of Programmes, Plan International Headquarters

Food and water distributions are helping communities survive despite El Niño-caused droughts but long-term needs remain, blogs Plan International’s Jonathan Mitchell.

Rainfall is long overdue in Ethiopia.

Travelling to Lalibella in the Amhara Region, the land is bone dry and the region is in the midst of a drought caused by the El Niño weather phenomenon.


26 Nov 2015 description
report Plan International

Plan International is responding to the needs of children as the impacts of the weather phenomenon El Niño worsen. In the Horn of Africa, where the impact is severe, it’s not just food that’s running out - it’s time.

Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda, are expected to be worst affected, leaving children at risk of death, malnutrition, trauma and emotional distress.

27 Aug 2015 description


Coordination of the child protection (CP) response to Sudanese refugees in South Sudan has been mainly driven by the field. In Gambella, there is a child protection working group (CPWG), and two specific groups on information management and case management. At the camp level, there is a weekly working group which covers CP as well as Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV). The Administration for Refugee and Returnee Affairs (ARRA) participates in the CP working group and in the camp level coordination meetings.

26 Sep 2012 description
report Plan International


In July 2011 the Horn of Africa region was affected by one of the worst droughts in decades with an estimated 12.4 million people reported to be in urgent need of food. Plan International (Plan) mobilised its teams in Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan to respond to the drought in the three countries where it is involved in long-term development work.

22 Aug 2011 description
report Plan International

August 2011: Meet Meselech - a 30-year-old mother struggling to feed her 5 malnourished children in drought-hit southern Ethiopia.

She is now so weak that she can’t produce enough milk for her 5-month-old baby.

“It will be at least 2 months until we can harvest our crops, so we need assistance now,” she says.

Emergency aid
Plan is providing emergency food aid to Meselech’s family and thousands of others affected by the drought crisis in Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan.

03 Aug 2011 description
report Plan International

3 August 2011: Child malnutrition rates are rising in Ethiopia’s cities as severe drought in rural areas continues to push up food prices leaving poor families struggling to survive.

Meaza Molla, a nutrition programme coordinator at a Plan-supported feeding centre in the capital, Addis Ababa, has seen more and more children and mothers needing food aid.

29 Jul 2011 description
report Plan International

Plan is continuing to provide life-saving aid to children and families in East Africa, where severe drought has put more than 11.6 million people at risk of starvation. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, our emergency operations are now helping over 1.4 million people in Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan.

27 Jul 2011 description
report Plan International

27 July 2011: Severe drought and rising food prices in southern Ethiopia are increasingly forcing girls out of school and into work as families struggle to meet their food needs.

A recent Plan assessment in Leku, Shebedino, shows that many girls are dropping out of school because their families can’t afford to pay their school fees. Girls, rather than boys, are most likely to lose out on their education as they are held responsible for helping to feed their families.

Gruelling work

13 Jul 2011 description
report Plan International

13 July 2011: Everywhere are children with their arms dip-dyed white. In each available space of Plan’s food distribution point in Wondogenet, kids are delving into sacks of flour, helping their mothers divvy up vital food supplies. They have plain flour, nut flour, fortified oil and milk-rich goo.

Children, and women who are breastfeeding, are some of the most vulnerable to the current food shortages in south Ethiopia. Many arrive here malnourished, thin and sick. Plan gives them top-up, nutritious food, to help bring them back to health.

13 Jun 2011 description
report Plan International

Children in Shebedino, Ethiopia, are celebrating World Day Against Child Labor now that a Plan project has helped protect them from hazardous work and enable them to go to school.

04 Jul 2010 description
report Plan International

Junio de 2010. Un proyecto de agricultura urbana está ayudando a más de 300 familias en el norte de Etiopía a enfrentarse a los problemas de nutrición de los niños y a mejorar sus ingresos.

PLAN provee a las familias de Lalibela de semillas y les ofrece formación a fin de que obtengan las habilidades necesarias para plantar frutas y vegetables con éxito en los pequeños jardines y huertos que hay en la cuidad.

25 May 2010 description
report Plan International

May 25, 2010

A new water supply project now provides clean, safe drinking water to the Ethiopian town of Lalibela. The project, which benefits more than 17,000 residents, was implemented by Plan with the coordination of the Amhara Regional State Water Resource and Development Bureau.

The town of Lalibela is located in the northern region of Ethiopia.

03 Sep 2007 description
report Plan International

A community-led approach to ending open defecation in Shebedino Wereda, Ethiopia, has seen sanitation figures soar.

Open defecation is a major contributory factor to the high incidence of diarrhoea in the country, which causes 46% of childhood deaths.

Plan has been helping by organising training for villages on community-led total sanitation (CLTS).

CLTS mobilises communities to identify their problems and work out their own solutions to improving sanitation and hygiene behaviour.

Since CLTS was introduced in February 2007, it has been rolled out to 57 villages and seen more …

10 Nov 2005 description
report Plan International

As a semblance of calm falls upon Ethiopia, David Muthungu, Plan's Regional Director of Eastern and Southern Africa, writes: