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26 Aug 2011 description
report Merlin

While the famine areas of Somalia have been grabbing the headlines, neighbouring Ethiopia remains in crisis. An estimated 700,000 people are at risk of starvation, with tens of thousands of Somalian’s crossing the border to take refuge.

Merlin is one of the only active NGOs in Gode zone. We are supporting health posts and Gode hospital (with Maternal Child Health and nutrition programmes) while also providing health care for recent new arrivals of refugees into the region.

06 Jul 2011 description
report Merlin

Ethiopia is one of Africa’s poorest countries: over 80% of Ethiopia’s 80 million people live below the poverty line, 10 million of whom are at risk of starvation. It remains vulnerable to climate change, and failed seasonal rains have left this country repeatedly on the brink of famine. In areas where Merlin is working, only 17% of people have access to clean water. Diarrhoeal diseases are common as people are forced to use contaminated water supplies and do not have access to toilets and washing facilities.

Our medical experts have been working in Ethiopia since 2003

04 Jul 2011 description
report Merlin

London, 4 July 2011

British-based medical aid agency Merlin is poised to massively scale up its operations in the Horn of Africa, which is in the grip of a severe food crisis.

Merlin has been working in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia for nearly a decade. In many parts of Somalia, Merlin is the only health agency on the ground, providing a vital lifeline for vulnerable communities. Other agencies have left large swathes of the country due to security problems but Merlin has remained, determined and undaunted.