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03 Nov 2010 description


November 03, 2010 | Eileen Shields-West

It is impossible to get your arms around the complexities of housing close to 290,000 refugees in Dadaab, in northeast Kenya. Dadaab is made up of three adjoining camps: Ifo, Hagadera, and Dagahaley. It is especially difficult when the three camps, which were originally meant to accommodate only 90,000 people, have been forced to shelter over 300,000.

28 Jul 2008 description

Some 25 kilometers inside Ethiopia's border with Eritrea, the Shimelba Refugee Camp is home to more than 17,900 individuals who have fled from Eritrea for reasons that include religious persecution, fear of forced military conscription of males from age 18 to 40 that generally includes hard labor, and attempting to rejoin family left behind during the border conflict.

20 Apr 2005 description

On November 25, 2004, 463 houses of the Guji-Oromo people in Nechasar National Park in southern Ethiopia were burned down by police and park authorities on November 25, 2004. Reportedly present also were representatives of the provincial government of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region (SNNPR).

21 Dec 2004 description

The lush grasslands of the Nechasar National Park in southern Ethiopia are a wildlife paradise, but the thatched huts of the people who formerly lived on this land are empty. A reported two thousand families have been compelled to leave their homes and relocate outside the boundaries of the Park to accommodate the development of the park by a Netherlands-based foundation.

07 Aug 2003 description

At a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., representatives of both Ethiopia's government and a cross-section of global relief agencies called on the international community to increase its support of long-term development projects aimed at ending Ethiopia's chronic food shortage.

10 Mar 2003 description

Press Release from the IRC, JRS, RI and USCR

11 Feb 2003 description

Director of Advocacy Larry Thompson of Refugees International recently returned from a mission to Ethiopia.

07 Jan 2003 description

Representative Frank Wolf (R-VA) has been involved in trying to solve problems of hunger in Africa since his first visit to Ethiopia at the outset of the famine there in 1984. He has just returned from an assessment mission to Ethiopia and Eritrea, where drought has caused crop failures once again that threaten an estimated 14 million people with starvation. Congressman Wolf returned from his trip passionately committed to raising awareness of the crisis and provoking action by the U.S. government and other donor nations to mitigate the effects of the drought in the Horn.