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23 Jul 2018 description

(Nairobi, 19th July 2018), At least 1 million people, the majority of whom being women and children are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance following recent inter-communal conflict in Ethiopia. Aid agencies in Ethiopia are appealing for critical and urgent assistance for close to a million people that have fled their homes following inter-communal violence along the border of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' (SNNPR) and Oromia Regions of Ethiopia.

02 Jun 2018 description
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Since time immemorial, nomadic pastoralist communities from the Somali region of Ethiopia have relied on rainfall to feed their livestock. They used to move their herds to find water and fresh pasture depending on the time of year. So, periods of drought are not new to them. Pastoralists can cope well with dry conditions even though they know they will lose some livestock during drought, as they normally recover in the years to follow.

27 Apr 2017 description
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27 April 2017
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Nearly eleven million people in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia are dangerously hungry and in need of humanitarian assistance. The worst drought-affected areas in Somalia are on the brink of famine.

04 Feb 2016 description
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The effects of a super El Niño are set to put the world’s humanitarian system under an unprecedented level of strain in 2016 as it already struggles to cope with the fallout from conflicts in Syria, South Sudan, Yemen and elsewhere. In Ethiopia the government estimates that 10.2 million people, on top of the 8 million that will receive support through the governments' safety net programme, will need humanitarian assistance this year at a cost of $1.4 billion, due to a drought that's been exacerbated by El Niño.

29 Jan 2016 description
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People in parts of Ethiopia are walking for two days to get water for their families and animals as the country suffers its worst drought in thirty years.

In Siti zone in the east of the country, many people have told Oxfam that they are dependent on food aid to survive but some are sharing this with their sheep and goats in a desperate attempt to keep their animals alive as well.

08 Jan 2016 description
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The effects of a super El Niño are set to put the world’s humanitarian system under an unprecedented level of strain in 2016 as it already struggles to cope with the fallout from conflicts in Syria, South Sudan, Yemen and elsewhere. In Ethiopia, the government estimates that 10.2 million people will need humanitarian assistance this year, at a cost of $1.4 billion, due to a drought that's been exacerbated by El Niño.

11 Dec 2015 description
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In response to the Ethiopian government’s announcement that 10.2 million people need humanitarian assistance (in addition to 7.9 million who are already set to receive aid) and the country requires funding of $1.4bn, Jane Cocking, Oxfam’s Humanitarian Director said:

“As the Ethiopian government has made clear, this is a serious drought and we expect the situation to get worse between January and March.

“It’s vital the international community commits funding now to stop this food crisis becoming a full-blown disaster.

27 Nov 2015 description
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Thanks to four simple tools farmers in Ethiopia are protecting their livelihoods against climate change. For many farmers their harvest is their only source of food and income. This means that without reserves a failed harvest can cause families go hungry, children to drop out of school and deeper levels of poverty. The R4 Rural Resilience initiative tackles this by helping families to manage their risks from harvest to harvest. Not only does this empower farmers but it also just makes sense; it costs less to manage risks than it does to provide relief in a crisis.

09 Mar 2015 description
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March 8, 2015, Ann Witteveen

Following the heavy armed fighting between the government of South Sudan and rebel opposition leader that began mid-December 2013, a massive displacement of civilians took place with people seeking safety both within and outside the country.

23 Oct 2014 description
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By Anna Kramer

First she kept her own family together. Then she became a spokesperson for family farmers around the world.

Many of us are fortunate enough to be able to choose our careers. With a good education, plus opportunity and a little bit of luck, we can become almost anything we want to be.

Others have fewer options when it comes to earning a living. And, for some of us, the circumstances of birth mean there is only one possible path.

11 Apr 2013 description
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In the arid Shinile region of eastern Ethiopia, pastoralist communities are now using mobile phones to monitor water points and provide early warning of droughts before they strike.

08 Mar 2012 description

For the 1.3 billion people living on less than a dollar day who depend on agriculture for their livelihoods, vulnerability to climate-related shocks is a constant threat to food security and well-being.

As climate change drives an increase in the frequency and intensity of natural hazards, the challenges faced by food-insecure communities struggling to improve their lives and livelihoods will also increase. The question of how to build rural resilience against climate-related risk is critical for addressing global poverty.

03 Feb 2012 description
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For Ethiopian farmer Gidey Mehari, when the opportunity to buy weather insurance for his crops arose, he jumped at the chance.

Feb 02, 2012 | Coco McCabe

Outside the round, thatch-roofed house Gidey Mehari shares with his mother in northern Ethiopia, rain pelted the yard in mid-August, turning it sticky with mud. Thunder shook the walls, and Mehari, sitting near a fire inside, pulled his white shawl tighter over his shoulders.

23 Nov 2011 description
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A devastating drought is now plaguing parts of Ethiopia, but for farmers like Gebre Kiros Teklehaimanot who are participating in a new “weather insurance" initiative, the payment they received this month – the first in the program’s history – has softened the blow.

17 Aug 2011 description
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La COALITION HUMANITAIRE exprime sa gratitude envers l’Agence canadienne de développement international (ACDI) du gouvernement du Canada pour sa contribution de 8,5 millions de dollars aux efforts de secours en Éthiopie, au Kenya et en Somalie annoncée aujourd’hui.

Les fonds, qui constituent une part de ce que s’était engagé à verser le gouvernement du Canada pour soutenir les efforts humanitaires dans la Corne de l’Afrique, seront remis à trois des cinq membres de la COALITION HUMANITAIRE : CARE Canada, Oxfam Canada et Plan Canada.

12 Aug 2011 description
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Boeing 747 freighter carrying Oxfam and UNICEF cargo flies from Stansted

British Airways is flying a relief aircraft full of emergency supplies and equipment to East Africa, where over 12 million people are at risk from famine, disease and drought.

05 Jul 2011 description
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Oxfam today launched its largest ever appeal in Africa in response to a massive food crisis facing more than 12 million people across Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. The agency needs $80 million to reach 3 million people in dire need of clean water, food and basic sanitation.

04 Dec 2010 description

Cancun, Mexico - Oxfam and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today announced they are seeking $28 million from public and private investors for their ground-breaking five-year partnership to help poor rural people protect their crops and livelihoods from the impact of climate change.

The innovative new R4 partnership is based around the idea of managing 4 risks - community risk reduction, productive risk taking, risk transfer and risk reserves. R4 will address the communities most vulnerable to climate variability in Ethiopia and three other countries, starting in 2011.

21 Apr 2010 description
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Small-scale farmers and pastoralists in Ethiopia are likely to bear the brunt of the negative impacts of climate change in the region, which will include increased poverty, water scarcity, and food insecurity, according to a new Oxfam report released today.

The international development agency's report, "The Rain Doesn't Come on Time Anymore: Poverty, Vulnerability, and Climate Variability in Ethiopia", was launched at a special Earth Day celebration organised by the Climate Change Forum-Ethiopia in collaboration with other environmental organisations.

22 Dec 2009 description
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Twenty-five years on from 1984 famine food aid remains knee-jerk reaction

International aid agency Oxfam today (22 October 2009) called for a radical shake-up in the way the world deals with food crises in Ethiopia and beyond. The agency rounded on what it called a "knee-jerk reaction" to food crises which is dominated by sending food aid. While the agency recognised that sending food aid does save lives, the dominance of this approach fails to offer long-term solutions which would break these cyclical and chronic crises.