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29 Mar 2018 description

The grazing regions of Oromia and Somali in southern and eastern Ethiopia have witnessed an escalation in inter-ethnic violence in recent months. Since last September, more than one million people have fled their villages and been displaced to hundreds of reception areas. HI is working to protect the most vulnerable individuals, primarily women and children. Fabrice Vandeputte, HI’s head of mission in Ethiopia, explains the causes of the crisis and how our team is responding.

How did the crisis begin?

29 Apr 2017 description

At least 820,000 children are at risk of developing severe acute malnutrition this year in South Sudan, Somalia, Uganda, and Ethiopia as a result of the food crisis sweeping across regions in Africa.

Handicap International is launching new program to help malnourished children. “Simply providing the calories and nutrients is not enough,” explains Rozenn Botokro, a Handicap International rehabilitation specialist, and a pioneer of a stimulative physical therapy method which “breaks the cycle” of malnutrition, she explains.

05 Apr 2017 description

A major food crisis triggered by drought and conflict is affecting more than 20 million people in East Africa. In Ethiopia, drought is greatly affecting the region, putting nearly 5.6 million people in dire need of aid. Handicap International is working to ensure that vulnerable people in Ethiopia–older people, people with disabilities, and pregnant women–have access to humanitarian aid. Our teams are providing mobility aids, raising awareness of the risks of domestic and sexual abuse, among other actions. Fabrice Vandeputte, Handicap International’s program head in Ethiopia explains:

30 Dec 2014 description


07 May 2013 description

Twins Tiyan and Zahara Bushra grew up doing everything together—playing, going to school, and helping their mother with her sewing business. However, at age seven, the parallel trajectory of their lives suddenly, irrevocably came to a halt. Tiyan suffered a massive seizure, the cause of which is still unknown. When her seizure had passed, Tiyan opened her eyes but could see only darkness. She tried to get up, but her limbs refused to move.

03 May 2013 description

At 17 years old, Hodan Abdulkadir is not the typical grade 1 student. Tall and slender, she sits head and shoulders higher than her classmates, and has to be seated to the side of the classroom so the other children can see the teacher at the front of the room. As the teacher writes on the chalkboard, Hodan carefully copies the characters in her notebook. She looks down at what she has written, checks that it matches the teacher's writing, and then softly reads her characters aloud.