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23 Mar 2017 description

Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) high level officials had paid a visit to Kindo Koyesha Woreda Wolaita Zone.The visit basically aims at the distribution of water to the communities suffering from water due to the recurrent drought occurred in the Woreda.

Following the arrival of water truck in the area, a crowd of people flagged their hands with inexpressible joy; having naturally out-breaking smile from deep inside on their face.

01 Mar 2017 description

Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) in collaboration with the Netherlands Red Cross launched Partners for Resilience phase II (PFR II) disaster risk management project which will be implemented for the coming four years in Ebinat and Simada districts, in Amhara region. The Project is an extension of PFR phase I project.

02 Jan 2017 description

Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) with the money supported byDavid and Lucile Packard foundation provided supplementary food for 7,641 drought affected children under 5, lactating and pregnant mothers in Somali region Fafan zone, kebribeyah and Harshine districts from December 19 to 30,2016.

31 Oct 2016 description

Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) has distributed 19,872 kilos of supplementary food and 3204 litters of edible oil for the second time to drought affected communities of Afar region.

The distribution led by ERCS and done in collaboration with World Food Program and Disaster Prevention and Food Security Preparedness benefitted a total of 3013 drought victims.

06 Oct 2016 description

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) continued second round supplementary food distribution in Gursum and Jigjiga districts of Somali region for more than seven thousand drought affected people.

Amina Seid, 41, and her family lives in Bombas, a village in one of the worst drought-affected areas in Somali region. Amina who is a mother of five is a farmer who is struggling to feed herself and her young children.

03 Oct 2016 description

By Alemseged Kiflu

Neway Challenge Academy mobilized over 200,000.00 birr from the school community to provide supplementary food to drought affected communities to four woredas of East Shewa Zone, September 23, 2016.

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society distributed 160 quintals of CSB and 324 litters of edible oil to drought affected communities with the support provided by the Academy located in Eastern Showa Zone of Ada’a, Liben, Bora and Dugda woredas.

02 Sep 2016 description

By Ahmed Mohammed

The Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) visited the Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) and signed a one year cooperation agreement with ERCS last week.

A three year program was launched in 2013 to enhance cooperation between RCSC and ERCS that include grants and capacity building. Accordingly, a wide range of bilateral community development projects have delivered high quality services to the most vulnerable groups in Gamo Gofa zone of SNNPR.

11 Aug 2016 description

As cholera epidemic persists in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS), in collaboration with UNICEF, launched an awareness creation campaign. The Campaign is bringing a real impact on the lives of residents of Addis Ababa such as Behriya Ahmed’s family. Her sister is one of the victims of the epidemic. Like many other people, Behriya and her sister used to give less attention to hygiene and sanitation.

09 May 2016 description

By Negussie Negash

Ethiopian Red Cross Society distributed Corn & Soya Bean (CSB), edible oil, Biscuit and bottled juices for more than 3000 beneficiaries in 15 kebeles of Bidu Woreda from April 25-28, 2016 for the second time.

02 May 2016 description

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) distributed worth of 1.9 million ETB supplementary foods to more than 5000 drought affected people in Silti Zone of Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR).

Darfu Nuri, a mother of two children from Dalocha district, is one of the drought victims who received supplementary food aid from ERCS. “We have lost all our harvest due to lack of rain which in-turn has caused malnutrition to my children and me,” she explained the effects of the drought.

21 Apr 2016 description

By Ahmed Muhammed

Philip Morris International (PMI) donated USD 500,000 to the Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) to support the drought victims.

During the handing over made on April 18, 2016 at Hilton Addis Hotel, Dr. Ahmed Reja, President of ERCS said, “so far, ERCS has provided 32 million ETB worth of supplementary food and essential nonfood items that benefited more than 125,000 people”.

He also stated that, the Society is currently in the process of purchasing additional supplementary food for more than 52,000 beneficiaries.

11 Apr 2016 description

By Degsew Amanu

Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) has distributed food and non-food items (NFI) for 200 households who are affected by the recent El Niño induced flood in Jigjiga town of Somali region.

According to Ato Hagos Gemechu, Deputy Secretary General for Programs, the Society has extended NFI as well as biscuits and juice worth of more than 200,000 ETB in collaboration with the local administration.

24 Feb 2016 description

by Ahmed Mohammed

Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) distributed water tankers and supplementary food aid worth of 621,395 birr to drought victims in different districts of North Shoa Zone of Amhara Region.

Emebet Dejene, a mother of five children from Efratana Gidim district said that the drought has caused acute food shortage to her family which particularly affected her children to become undernourished. “Therefore, the food aid from ERCS would be of vital importance in rehabilitating the risky health condition of her children,” she added.

22 Feb 2016 description

by Degsew Amanu

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society distributed supplementary food and oil worth of 370,000 ETB to 1,100 drought victims in Ararso and Harshum woredas of Somali region.

26 Jan 2016 description

Post Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 By Bekalu Ayalew

18 Jan 2016 description

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society distributed worth of more than 3.45 million ETB non-food items (NFI) to 2000 households who are internal displaced due to drought in Erer and Afdem districts of Sitti Zone in Somali Region from 13 to 31 December 2015.

It was reported that 1000 NFI kits filled with 12 items each were distributed in Erer District for 1000 households and another 1000 KITs for 1000 households in Afdem District of Sitti Zone.

09 Jan 2016 description

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) provides 6.6 million ETB worth emergency supplementary food and non-food items to drought affected people from December 16-20, 2015 in Bidu and Eldar districts of Afar Regional State.

In Bidu district, ERCS distributed supplementary food items to 2,292 drought victims and among these 1,755 are malnourished children, pregnant women and lactating mothers. In addition, in Eldar district 230 victims received non- food items and 402 individuals have got supplementary food items.

08 Jan 2016 description

By Ahmed Mohammed

ERCS to stage fundraising exhibition, bazaar for drought victims

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) announced its plan to stage fundraising exhibition and bazaar to collect around 4 million ETB to provide emergency assistance to drought victims.

During the announcement made on January 01, 2016, Patron of the Society President Dr. Mulatu Teshome said that the exhibition and bazaar which will be held from May 7-11, 2016, is supposed to support the effort being made to reach out to the drought victims.