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19 Sep 2016 description
report Caritas

Every day is a struggle to survive for Rahel, 34, and her family in Sebeya, a village in one of the worst drought-affected areas on the Ethiopian border with Eritrea. Her husband is a soldier and often away. She works as a farm labourer when she can find work to feed herself and her young daughters, Danait and Melat.

“This last year has been the worst ever. I have little or no money coming into the house,” said Rahel. “There has been no rain, no harvest. The ground has remained a desert, offering us nothing.”

01 Apr 2016 description
report Caritas

Cáritas. 1 de abril de 2016.- Cáritas Española está respondiendo a los llamamientos de ayuda de emergencia lanzados por las Cáritas de Etiopía, Sudán del Sur y Níger para garantizar asistencia humanitaria de urgencia a los cientos de miles de damnificados por la crisis de alimentos que asola el Cuerno de Africa y por la violencia terrorista en el Sahel.

12 Feb 2016 description
report Caritas

As Ethiopia’s long-running drought worsens, more than 10.2 million people now need food assistance for their survival and 48,000 children under five are suffering from severe malnutrition.

The Ethiopian Catholic Church and Caritas are appealing for an urgent humanitarian response from the government and international organisations to help save lives.

Muniva Haji Ahamed was afraid her toddler, Adilibara, would starve to death before she could make it to a Catholic clinic in southern Ethiopia.

24 Nov 2015 description
report Caritas

Caritas is appealing for funds help build farmers’ and communties’ resilience to drought in response to food shortages in Ethiopia.

The number of people needing emergency food assistance is 8.2 million following a period of drought and erratic rains which have affected harvests. Caritas will launch a €2.9 million (ETB 66,643,952.00) emergency programme will help almost 500,000 people either directly or indirectly for the whole of 2016.

26 Dec 2013 description
report Caritas

Makeda Yohannes, Communications Officer for the Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat (Caritas Ethiopia), reports on how Caritas is providing aid after tens of thousands of Ethiopian migrant workers are expelled from Saudi Arabia

Thousands of irregular Ethiopian migrant workers have been arrested and deported from Saudi Arabia. More than 127,000 returnees have arrived in Addis Ababa.

23 Aug 2012 description
report Caritas

Caritas is launching a new appeal to continue its lifesaving work in drought-stricken areas of Ethiopia. Its programmes will help farmers and herders produce more food, and will also improve water systems and infrastructure in remote areas.

“The drought was at its worst in 2011, and its effects are still being felt in some parts of the country,” says Shiferaw Mamo, Social Development Programme Coordinator of the Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat (Caritas Ethiopia). “We can’t let up our efforts now.”

10 Aug 2012 description
report Caritas

Interview with Shiferaw Mamo, Social Development Programme Coordinator of the Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat (Caritas Ethiopia).

The drought and food crisis in summer 2011 affected millions in the Horn of Africa. How did Caritas Ethiopia help them?

The situation in 2011 was very critical. Thanks to the Caritas member organisations who supported us, our programmes have saved lives. Supplementary food has been distributed for some malnourished children in some pocket areas through Catholic health institutions and this contributed to save lives of this children.

10 Feb 2012 description
report Caritas

By Makeda Yohannes/ECS

Before drought struck Ethiopia in 2011, Mulu Jaletu owned five oxen, enough to help his farm support his 12 children. But with no rain falling, his crops would often fail. As his money ran out, he was forced to sell one ox at a time so he could buy food for his family. Eventually he had sold all of his oxen.

20 Oct 2011 description
report Caritas

The food crisis in East Africa hit the headlines over the summer. Resources were mobilised around the world to support communities in need as drought in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia put millions of people in peril. Val Morgan of SCIAF (Caritas Scotland) reports from southern Ethiopia that although the news attention may have moved on, the suffering remains.

By Val Morgan

26 Aug 2011 description
report Caritas

Cáritas. 26 de agosto de 2011.- En el marco global de la respuesta fraterna que Cáritas Española, con el apoyo generoso de miles de donantes españoles, está aportando a las distintas Cáritas del Cuerno de Africa para paliar los devastadores efectos de la hambruna en la región, va a liberarse en los próximos días una partida de 300.000 euros con destino al plan de emergencia que acaba de lanzar Cáritas Etiopía. Se trata de una operación urgente para garantizar ayuda alimentaria durante los próximos 8 meses a 65.000 damnificados en las diócesis de Adigrat, Hossana, Soddo, Meki y Harar.

12 Aug 2011 description
report Caritas

L’Éthiopie est un des principaux pays de la Corne de l’Afrique, région touchée par l’insécurité alimentaire. La responsable des urgences internationales du Secours Catholique se trouvait dans le Sud éthiopien au début d’août pour évaluer l’ampleur des besoins des populations.

12 Aug 2011 description
report Caritas

Caritas is appealing for EUR 1,489,048 (US $2,149,143 million) to help Ethiopia during its most severe drought in 60 years.

Four and a half million people in the country are in need of immediate food aid. Crops have failed, livestock have died, and water sources both for drinking and irrigation have dried up.

“Caritas’ intervention will reduce people’s immediate suffering and help families withstand future droughts,” says Alistair Dutton, Humanitarian Director for Caritas Internationalis. He traveled to Ethiopia in early August.

03 Aug 2011 description
report Caritas

His thinning white hair dyed orange in the traditional local style, Aden Esse Kan stands amid the swirling dust clouds of eastern Ethiopia, eager to talk about the drought that now plagues this region.

An elder in the village of Togo Wuchale, a dusty half hour drive from the town of Jijiga, Kan summarises the problems facing his community, “The drought affects us in two ways – our people and our livestock,” Kan said. “There is no rain at all so we don’t have anything to eat.”

08 Jul 2011 description
report Caritas

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand has pledged NZ$50,000 towards the food and refugee crisis unfolding in the Horn of Africa, and is accepting donations from the public.

'We are working through partners on the ground in Kenya and Tanzania, and through other agencies from the international Caritas network,' says Director Michael Smith.

'This crisis represents a huge challenge for aid agencies and the international community,' he said 'More than 10 million people in the Horn of Africa require emergency assistance due to prolonged drought conditions.'

29 May 2010 description
report Caritas

By Patrick Nicholson, Dire Dawa in Ethiopia

"There used to be droughts every ten years," said Suliman Aden, a herder in Ethiopia's Eastern Shinile zone. "Now they're every year or every two years."

He lost 11 of his 15 cattle in a drought earlier this year. He works with a vetinirary clinic supported by the Haraghe Catholic Secretariat, a diocescan member of the Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat (the national Caritas in Ethiopia).

08 Jan 2010 description
report Caritas

Caritas is launching an appeal for Ethiopia after massive crop failure has left millions of people in need of food.

Funds raised from the US$1.9 million (1.3 million euro) appeal will finance projects including improved nutrition among children and pregnant and nursing mothers, awareness raising about food and water management and training in water hygiene.

Over 68,300 people will receive Caritas help across five dioceses for eight months.

12 Nov 2009 description
report Caritas

CIDSE and Caritas Internationalis, together the world's largest development alliance, working with communities impacted by the food crisis across Asia, Africa and Latin America, will be in Rome for next week's World Food Summit to call on world leaders to harness the potential of small-scale farmers.

Caritas and CIDSE believe urgent action is needed now; every day over a billion people go to bed hungry and currently over 23 million people across East Africa are in need of emergency food aid due to drought and a food price crisis made worse by the global economic recession.

09 Oct 2008 description
report Caritas

As we crest the mountain top, a sweeping view of emerald fields, soaring mesas and scattered farms spreads in front of us. It's difficult to believe that the farmers in the distance are facing a critical food shortage.

As we wind down the hill though, we get a closer look at the fields and what Ethiopians call "green hunger."

Corn stalks are one half the height they should be, and under the green tops are drooping brown leaves.

09 Jul 2008 description
report Caritas

Tras dos temporadas consecutivas de lluvias escasas en el Sur y el Este de Etiopía las tierras de cultivo han producido cosechas muy exiguas, con el resultado de que la mayor parte de los habitantes de estas zonas no tienen nada que comer. Tampoco tienen dinero para comprar alimentos en los mercados locales, que sufren los efectos de la crisis mundial de subida galopante de precios.

23 Jun 2008 description
report Caritas

Caritas has launched a US$1.3 million emergency appeal to feed mothers and children in Ethiopia after critical food shortages have led to a sharp rise in malnutrition levels.

Caritas Internationalis, the umbrella organisation for 162 national Catholic charities, aims to provide 22,000 children with supplementary food and up to 4,500 pregnant women and new mothers with extra rations over the next five months.

'I was in Ethiopia two weeks ago and I saw malnourished children die. Even though they'd come to a health centre, it was already too late for them.