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06 Aug 2013 description

Nairobi/Brussels, 6 August 2013:

The most credible attempt at talks to end decades of armed conflict in Ogaden may soon resume, but concerted efforts need to be made to guide them to a peaceful resolution.

22 Aug 2012 description

Nairobi/Brussels, 22 August 2012: The West will need to show tougher love to his successor than it did to Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who died Monday, if one of its most important regional allies is to remain stable.

04 Sep 2009 description

Nairobi/Brussels, 4 September 2009: Ethiopia's governing coalition must improve democratic practices or risk pre-election violence that could destabilise the region.

Ethiopia: Ethnic Federalism and Its Discontents, the latest background report from the International Crisis Group, examines the potential for a violent eruption of conflict in Ethiopia ahead of the June 2010 elections amidst rising ethnic tensions and dissent.

04 Sep 2009 description

Africa Report No. 153


The Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), led by its chairman and prime minister, Meles Zenawi, has radically reformed Ethiopia's political system. The regime transformed the hitherto centralised state into the Federal Democratic Republic and also redefined citizenship, politics and identity on ethnic grounds. The intent was to create a more prosperous, just and representative state for all its people.

01 Jun 2007 description


- summarises briefly developments during the previous month in some 70 situations of current or potential conflict, listed alphabetically by region, providing references and links to more detailed information sources (all references mentioned are hyperlinked in the electronic version of this bulletin);

- assesses whether the overall situation in each case has, during the previous month, significantly deteriorated, significantly improved, or on balance remained more or less unchanged;

- alerts readers to situations where, in the coming month, there is a particular risk …

22 Dec 2005 description

Africa Report N°101 - 22 December 2005 - Nairobi/Brussels