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15 Oct 2005 description

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said Saturday his government was ready to resume dialogue with Eritrea on a peaceful resolution of the eight-year border dispute between the two countries.

However, he confirmed that Ethiopia had beefed up defence capabilities on its side of the border, and warned Eritrea which broke away from Ethiopia in 1993 against "any miscalculation."

14 Mar 2005 description

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - UNICEF and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have emphasised the urgent need to protect Ethiopia against importation of poliovirus from neighbouring Sudan.

The warning comes in the wake of a massive polio outbreak in Sudan that has paralysed 132 children since May 2004 and has now spread into Ethiopia.

According to the two UN agencies, Ethiopia and the entire Horn of Africa need support to protect the investment put in polio eradication.

To respond to this emergency, WHO and UNICEF need $4.9 million to immunise 14.7 million Ethiopian children …

31 Mar 2004 description

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - UN agencies and regional authorities of Somali Region in eastern Ethiopia have issued a special alert to highlight the deteriorating situation of 15,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in Fafen and Hartisheik camps in Jijiga zone.

26 Aug 2003 description

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - Germany has granted 500,000 euro for an emergency aid project in Ethiopia's drought-hit districts of Chifra and Mille in Afar Region.

08 Aug 2003 description

By Anaclet Rwegayura, PANA Correspondent

23 Jun 2003 description

By Anaclet Rwegayura, PANA Correspondent

19 Feb 2003 description

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - Washington has increased its emergency drought assistance to Ethiopia by US$7.2 million, a US agency official announced Wednesday in Addis Ababa.

31 Jan 2003 description

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) - Libya has delivered 160 tonnes of relief supplies to help drought victims in several parts of Ethiopia, the Libyan News Agency (JANA) reported Thursday.
JANA said the humanitarian aid was ferried in Wednesday, adding that the gesture testifies to Tripoli's commitment to African solidarity.

27 Dec 2002 description

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - An outbreak of malaria has killed about 168 persons in Ethiopia's Amahara Region since December, the director of the national Anti-malaria Association, Abera Mehrete, said here Friday.

21 Oct 2002 description

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - Farmers in Ethiopia's rural district of Arsi Zone, Oromia State, reported that most of their children have stopped attending school due to an acute food shortage.
Bedada Longale, a farmer at Bodicha village, told PANA that four of his children were currently idling at home. He said about half the pupils in the locality had dropped out of school because of the food crisis.

Crops have dried up in the fields, and the scorching heat burns what vegetation remains. Locals said they were yet to receive assistance from government and NGOs.

17 Jun 2002 description

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - The World Bank has approved an additional loan of 85 million US dollars for Ethiopia's food security programme.

24 Apr 2002 description

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - Some 30,000 Somali refugees would be repatriated from Ethiopia this year, according to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), in Ethiopia.

28 Mar 2002 description

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - Some 115,000 persons in Sidama zone in southern Ethiopia were in need of emergency relief assistance, Getachew Lemma, bureau head of the Disaster Prevention and Preparedness commission, said Thursday.

17 Sep 2001 description

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - The UN Children's Fund has allocated 48.8 million US dollars to back up Ethiopia's health sector development programmes over the next five years.

21 Jun 2001 description

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - The World Food Programme (WFP) has said more pledges were needed to continue assisting internally displaced people in Tigraye State.

07 Jun 2001 description

Nairobi, Kenya (PANA) - Tension is mounting at northern Kenya's Daadab refugee camp where its occupants are threatening to stage a hunger strike to protest the drastic reduction of regular rations by the UN World Food Programme (WFP). The local press reported Wednesday the over 120,000 refugees, including Tanzanians, recently boycotted meals, throwing officials from both WFP and UN High Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR into near-panic.

08 Feb 2001 description

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Once again, prospects for food availability in Ethiopia with a 63-million population are said to be bleak.

23 Dec 2000 description

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Some 149 people, most of them children, have been killed so far this year by landmines left behind by the border conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

22 Nov 2000 description

Addis Abéba, Ethiopie - La Commission européenne s'est engagée à débloquer 40 millions d'euros (1 dollar = 1,18 euros) pour venir en aide à l'Ethiopie qui est confrontée à une situation alimentaire précaire.