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31 Dec 2013 description

Following the new Saudi Foreign Labour Law restrictions were enforced in mid-November 2013, nearly 150,000 Ethiopian migrants returned to Ethiopia. Although the daily rate of arrival decreased from the high of 5,000 to around 22 returning migrants per day as of the end of December, the total figure continues to increase, with limited information on how many Ethiopian migrants remain in Saudi detention centers. Of the arrivals, 410 were unaccompanied minors.

02 Aug 2013 description

Deliverables as per indicators identified in applications funded in 2013

Response to Emergency Nutrition

Allocated budget = 8,164,529

12 Jun 2013 description

The past two years have seen the refugee population in Ethiopia nearly double. This is due to the influx of more than 100,000 Somalis into the Dollo Ado region, and a stream of Sudanese entering the country in the region around Assosa. A steady, but significant, number of Eritreans have also entered Ethiopia's Afar and Tigray regions.