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31 Dec 2010 description

The global food crisis of 2007-2008 was characterized by a sharp spike in the prices of most commodities, including staple grains. This analysis examines the degree to which changes in world food markets influence the price of staple foods in Sub-Saharan Africa. The analysis is based on more than 60 price series from 11 African countries. After examining price trends over 2007-2008, we use an error correction model to estimate the degree of price transmission.

31 Dec 2010 description

Assosa, December 31, 2010 (Assosa) - The water, mines and energy resource development bureau of Benishangul-Gumuz State said it has been undertaking safe water projects at a cost of more than 32 million Birr.

Planning, monitoring and evaluation head with the bureau, Tsegaye Kebedew told ENA on Friday that the projects include construction of more than 280 water wells and development of springs.

He said construction of 156 of the total safe water projects is underway in resettlement villages.

Construction of the projects in resettlement villages will be completed until the end of …

31 Dec 2010 description

Key Messages

In recent months cereal prices have continued to follow a gradually decreasing trend and maize prices in the capital city were lower than prices on the international market.

Pockets of food insecurity exist due to different localized shocks such as poor rains in the southeast or floods in Amhara region, while tensions with rebel groups continue.

Food security is improving throughout the country, and the number of people in need of food assistance during the last months of the year decreased to 2.3 million.

The government with the help of international agencies is …

31 Dec 2010 description
report Tufts University

Research Program on Livelihoods Change over Time

Study Team: Daniel Maxwell, Jennifer Coates, Girum Tadesse, Fayera Abdissa, Shimelis Hailu, Eyasu Shishigu, Woldegebrial Zeweld Nugussie, Kinfe Mezgebe, Abraha Gebrekiros

December 2010

30 Dec 2010 description

Addis Ababa, December 30, 2010 (Addis Ababa) - The Central Statistics Agency (CSA) said Ethiopia will harvest more than 220.4 million quintals of agricultural outputs during the 2001/2003 EC crop season.

30 Dec 2010 description

Mekele, December 30, 2010 (Mekele) - Various projects are being carried out in Mekelle Town, Tigray State at a cost of 210 million Birr to curb existing potable water shortage in the town, the regional water resource, mines and energy bureau said.

Bureau Head, Nega Berhe told ENA on Wednesday that the World Bank, the regional government and the town water and sewerage service as well as the town municipality allocated the budget for implementation of the projects.

The projects include, among others, digging of water wells in the town.

Some 41,000 cubic meters water is required per …

28 Dec 2010 description

Woldiya, December 28, 2010 (Woldiya) - Kobo Girana Valley Development Program has launched irrigation development project in Kobo woreda, North Wollo Zone of Amhara at a cost of 16 million Birr.

Program Manager, Adinew Abate told ENA that the project will cultivate 935 hectares of land by dripping and sprinkling irrigation techniques in this dry season.

Some 2,470 farmers are embraced in the project, he said and adding, more than 143,000 quintals of fruits and vegetables is expected to be harvested.

The manager said the digging of 11 deep wells is underway by the …

27 Dec 2010 description

Earthquake in SNNPR

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake occurred on 19 December with its epicentre in Limu woreda, Hadiya zone (SNNPR), some 192 km from the capital, Addis Ababa. According to the zonal Disaster Risk Management Office, the impact of the earthquake was low, with no casualties reported and only minor damages sustained to some condominium buildings in the town. The regional authorities are, however, organizing an assessment mission to the affected area. Further details are also expected from humanitarian partners undertaking an impact assessment visits in the area.

26 Dec 2010 description

Bahir Dar, December 26, 2010 (Bahir Dar) - Construction of safe water projects, which have capacity to give service to more than 22,000 people, is underway in Dangila Woreda, Awi Zone of Amhara State at a cost of over 7.8 million Birr, the woreda water resource development office said.

Water supply work process coordinator with the office, Demelash Chanyalew told ENA that the projects are underway in 27 rural localities of the woreda.

Demelash said the projects include, among others, digging of 66 water wells, development of springs and installation of water pipelines.

The …

23 Dec 2010 description

BAB EL-MANDAB, Yemen, December 23 (UNHCR) - The fishing village of Bab El-Mandab, some 190 km west of Aden, in southern Yemen is the closest point in the Arabian Peninsula to Africa.

23 Dec 2010 description
report IRIN

MOYALE, 23 December 2010 (IRIN) - The presence of an Ethiopian rebel group in northern Kenya, coupled with operations by security forces from both countries, has caused numerous casualties and displacement among local residents, who also complain of arbitrary arrests.

"They are a menace," Moyale District Commissioner David Rotich said of the secessionist Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), which first rose up against Ethiopian authorities three decades ago.

"They pose a major threat to security and development and are linked to a group of gun dealers and poachers across the …

23 Dec 2010 description
report PlusNews

ADDIS ABABA, 23 December 2010 (PLUSNEWS) - Ethiopia's government has come up with an ambitious plan to halve new HIV infections, quadruple its annual condom distribution and put 85 percent of people who need life-prolonging HIV medication on treatment within five years.

An estimated 1.2 million Ethiopians are HIV-positive.

22 Dec 2010 description

Eighty-three percent of the population of Ethiopia depends directly on agriculture for their livelihoods, while many others depend on agriculture-related cottage industries such as textiles, leather, and food oil processing. Agriculture contributes about 46.3 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) (World Bank 2008) and up to 90 percent of total export earnings. As part of the current five-year (2006-2011) Plan for Accelerated and Sustained Development to End Poverty (PASDEP), the government is continuing to invest heavily in agriculture.

22 Dec 2010 description

Addis Ababa, December 22, 2010 (Addis Ababa) - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said it will further strengthen ongoing humanitarian services in Ethiopia.

ICRC Ethiopia deputy head, Fernando Vega said at a press conference organized by the Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) here on Tuesday that ICRC is working to enable citizens displaced during the Ethio-Eritrea war benefit from safe water service.

The head said ICRC is also undertaking activities in particular to reunite families separated during the stated war.

He said ICRC is providing assistance to ERCS …

20 Dec 2010 description

Food Security Update

Field activities associated with the meher season assessment have concluded in all areas and the teams are now compiling the regional reports. According to preliminary indications, the overall food security situation in most crop-producing areas is stable with good harvest prospects, apart from chronically food-insecure pocket areas.

17 Dec 2010 description
report Human Rights Watch

National Parliaments and Audit Institutions Should Demand Accountability

(New York, December 17, 2010) - Ethiopia's international donors should independently investigate allegations that its government is using development aid for state repression, Human Rights Watch said today in a letter to the Development Assistance Group, a coordinating body of 26 foreign donor institutions for Ethiopia.

In interviews with 200 people across Ethiopia, Human Rights Watch documented in a report released in October 2010 how Ethiopian government …

15 Dec 2010 description

A United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) project providing start-up costs for community-level income creation in Ethiopia has helped up to 5,000 people, mostly from poor and vulnerable groups, to gain new skills and find work during the last year.

UNDP's Local Economic Development (LED) project, designed as part of Ethiopian government efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, last year approved an initial loan of about US$243,000 to the local authority of Wolyta Sodo town in southern Ethiopia.

A group of seven unemployed young people in Wolyta Sodo - one of seven …

15 Dec 2010 description

Slightly below last year yield expectations in the Highlands of Ethiopia

Following an above normal BELG season, below normal rainfall have been observed in the main highlands of Ethiopia in July and August for the beginning of the MEHER season.

14 Dec 2010 description


Malaria prevention and control are major foreign assistance objectives of the U.S. Government (USG). In May 2009, President Barack Obama announced the Global Health Initiative (GHI), a six-year, comprehensive effort to reduce the burden of disease and promote healthy communities and families around the world.