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19 Sep 2018 description


• Government and partners continue assistance to GedeoWest Guji IDPs.

• The Government and partners are finalizing a new response/recovery plan targeting IDPs returning to their places of origin and at present locations.


Affected population 7.88 m
MAM 3.5 m
SAM 350,000
# of people displaced due to conflict 1.1 m
# of people displaced due to climatic shocks 0.5 m


14 Aug 2018 description

Government continues peace and reconciliation process to return IDPs in Gedeo and Guji zones

07 Aug 2018 description

The International Development Secretary, Penny Mordaunt, has today launched the UK’s biggest ever tax partnership programme to help Ethiopia generate more tax during her visit to the country.

The programme will transform Ethiopia’s tax system, helping it to harness the potential of its booming economic growth. This new partnership will also help the country generate revenue so that it can better finance its own services and development, becoming less reliant on aid.

06 Jul 2018 description

The Department for International Development (DFID) leads the UK’s global efforts to end extreme poverty, deliver the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs) and tackle a wide range of global development challenges. The UK’s focus and international leadership on economic development is a vital part of Global Britain - harnessing the potential of new trade relationships, creating jobs and channelling investment to the world’s poorest countries. Throughout history, sustained, job-creating growth has played the greatest role in lifting huge numbers of people out of grinding poverty.

11 Jul 2017 description

The UK Department for International Development announced £90 million of support for family planning in Ethiopia.

The UK, through its Department for International Development today announced its new Family Planning by Choice programme, which will provide £90 million of support for voluntary family planning in Ethiopia over the next four years.

The programme will work with the Federal Ministry of Health to give millions of women access to modern, voluntary family planning services across the country.

The programme aims to:

22 Jun 2017 description

Ambassador Susanna Moorehead visited Nguenyyiel refugee camp in Gambella region of Ethiopia

To mark World Refugee Day, on 20 June, British Ambassador Susanna Moorehead accompanied Foreign Minister Workneh and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Filippo Grandi to the Nguenyyiel refugee camp in Gambella. There they saw first-hand how the Ethiopian authorities and international community are working together to provide emergency support to people fleeing the terrible conflict in South Sudan.

23 Dec 2015 description

New humanitarian support from Britain will help millions of people facing a severe and escalating food crisis in Ethiopia.

Ongoing drought has left 18 million Ethiopians in urgent need of relief. Crop failure and the death of livestock have led to widespread food shortages. Many children face the risk of malnutrition and a lack of clean water is increasing the threat of disease.

The UN and Government of Ethiopia have launched an appeal for an additional £923 million for the response.

11 Dec 2015 description

Ongoing drought has left Ethiopia facing a severe food crisis with millions in urgent need of emergency food aid and children facing malnutrition, International Development Minister Nick Hurd has warned.

The Government of Ethiopia and UN estimate that 10.2 million people are currently in need of humanitarian assistance and have launched an appeal for an additional $1.4 billion (£923 million) for the response. A further 7.9 million will need support under Ethiopia’s safety nets programme – bringing the total number of people in need of relief to more than 18 million.

14 Jul 2014 description
report Human Rights Watch

(London) – A UK High Court ruling allowing judicial review of the UK aid agency’s compliance with its own human rights policies in Ethiopia is an important step toward greater accountability in development assistance.

In its decision of July 14, 2014, the High Court ruled that allegations that the UK Department for International Development (DFID) did not adequately assess evidence of human rights violations in Ethiopia deserve a full judicial review.

08 Jul 2014 description

Addis Ababa July 07/2014 Great Britain will continue extending the 300- million Pound Sterling assistance it provides annually to Ethiopia, the International Development Cooperation Minister said.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn held talks on Monday, July 7, 2014 with a delegation led by UK International Development Cooperation Minister, Lynne Featherstone.

During the occasion, the premier said Britain should strengthen the financial support to help Ethiopia realize its poverty reduction program.

13 Dec 2013 description

Ambassador Greg Dorey visited the reception center receiving Ethiopian returnees deported from Saudi Arabia, as UK contributes $1 million

Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, HE Greg Dorey, has visited today the reception centre that is accepting Ethiopian returnees being deported from Saudi Arabia at Bole International Airport.

15 Feb 2013 description

Addis Ababa February 15/2013. Britain has allocated 11 million pounds to support girls' education projects in Ethiopia, British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said. While launching the projects on Friday at Kokebe Tsebah Primary and Secondary School in Addis Ababa, the Deputy PM said the projects will help 50,000 girls to attend and stay in schools. Two international NGOs namely Save the Children and ChildHope, will implement the projects, he said. Britain has started to support similar projects around the world since 2011.

14 Feb 2013 description

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg today announced a new education project which will help 89,000 girls in Mozambique and Ethiopia gain an education and improve their life chances.

19 Nov 2012 description

The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) has said the UK will continue its support to help Ethiopia continue its development and expand access to basic services. The Head of DFID in Ethiopia, Melanie Robinson, said that the UK's development program in Ethiopia was its largest in the world, and the overall UK aid program in Ethiopia was currently running at 300 million pounds, six times larger than it was in 2005.

14 Sep 2012 description

Report 14 – September 2012

UK Humanitarian Emergency Response in the Horn of Africa

The ICAI report found that the Department for International Development (DFID) played a leading role in the humanitarian response, supporting some of the most vulnerable people in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. DFID applied pressure to governments and other donors to act and its programmes in the field demonstrated good impact and value for money.

20 Jul 2012 description

Addis Ababa july 19/2012 British support will help more than one million Ethiopian couples to decide when, whether and how many children to have as part of anew commitment to health services, the British Embassy in Ethiopia said.

On a visit to Ethiopia, British International Development Minister, Stephen O’Brien said the assistance helps support health-related performances and realization of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Ethiopia.

11 Jul 2012 description
report AlertNet

By Emma Batha

LONDON (AlertNet) - African leaders should increase funding for contraceptive services if they want to reduce poverty and hunger, the prime ministers of Ethiopia and Rwanda said ahead of an international summit on family planning.

Writing in the Lancet medical journal, Rwanda’s Pierre Damien Habumuremyi and Ethiopia’s Meles Zenawi said improving access to contraception also was vital for bringing down “unacceptably high” maternal mortality rates on the continent.

18 May 2012 description
report The Guardian

DfiD aid programmes pay too much attention to enrolment and not enough to whether children are learning, says report

Read the full article in the Guardian.

18 May 2012 description

Between 2005 and 2015 DFID will spend over £1billion of bilateral aid on education in three East African countries: Ethiopia, Rwanda and Tanzania. In these countries the UK has succeeded in boosting enrolment substantially but ICAI raises concerns that the quality of education being provided is so low that it detracts from the development impact.