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19 Aug 2016 description

Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Ravina Shamdasani
Location: Geneva
Date: 19 August 2016

(1) Ethiopia

31 Oct 2014 description

An examination of very young adolescents' (ages 10-14) sexual and reproductive health needs and risks. Based on research in Ethiopia, Lebanon, and Thailand.

27 Feb 2013 description

The World Health Organization reports that rates of violence are 4-10 times greater among persons with disabilities than non-disabled persons. Consultations with persons with disabilities conducted by the Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) in seven countries suggest that women and girls with disabilities may be particularly vulnerable to gender-based violence in conflict and post-conflict settings. However, they do not have the same access to prevention and response programs as other community members.

13 Sep 2011 description
report IRIN

FOOD: Pressure on maize price grows

JOHANNESBURG, 8 September 2011 (IRIN) - The cost of maize meal, a staple in many African countries, is set to go up, and wheat prices are heading in the same direction, according to the latest Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) global price update.

01 May 2008 description

Enrique de Loma-Ossorio y Carmen Lahoz

(Para el Correo)

En las =FAltimas semanas, la subida del precio de los alimentos se ha convertido en un tema de creciente interés en la prensa internacional. Las causas, efectos y posibles soluciones están siendo objeto de análisis y reflexión por parte de todos, y la situación esta generando indignación, preocupación y desconcierto.

07 Feb 2007 description



Unusually heavy rains during the months of October and November have turned large parts of the Horn of Africa into flood disaster areas with loss of life, massive displacement, and loss of livelihoods and assets in particularly in Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia. Accumulated estimates from the three countries put the total number of affected people between 1, 5 and 1, 8 million. Emergency response has being mounted by Governments in the affected countries, UN agencies, NGOs and other humanitarian partners.

22 Oct 2006 description


Assessments and events:

- Ethiopia: the acute watery diarrhoea epidemic continues with five regions now affected (Oromiya, Amhara, SNNPR, Tigray, Afar). The risk for malaria outbreaks due to flooding is imminent

- 1 350 families have crossed the border from Somalia (Central Southern zone) into Bare district.

- A joint government and humanitarian partners mission is assessing the impact of the floods, the response and gaps in relief and rehabilitation needs .

- Kenya: the movement of refugees from Somalia into the North Eastern Province continues.