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14 Nov 2014 description

GENEVA, November 14 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency on Friday said the number of asylum-seekers in Europe from Eritrea over the first 10 months of this year has risen threefold compared to the same period in 2013. In Ethiopia and Sudan, neighbouring Eritrea, the number of Eritrean refugees has also increased sharply.

21 Jul 2011 description

SHIRE, Ethiopia, July 21 (UNHCR) – As the world focuses on the impact of the severe drought in East Africa, a silent crisis is brewing in a remote corner of Ethiopia. Hundreds of Eritreans are arriving here every month with claims of escaping open-ended military service and allegations of rights violations back home.

During a recent visit to the Eritrean refugee camps in northern Ethiopia, UN Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees, Erika Feller, said she was alarmed and shocked to see "a sea of young faces" and "youth denied for so many people".

28 Feb 2011 description

Geneva, 28 February 2011 -- UNHCR High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres is expressing his concern for tens of thousands of refugees and other foreigners who may be trapped in Libya.

"There are no planes and boats to evacuate people originating from war-torn or very poor countries," Mr. Guterres said, urging governments to consider the needs of all vulnerable people and not just their own citizens. "Many of these people feel targeted, and afraid and have no resources."

Libya has traditionally been a transit and destination country for refugees.

11 Feb 2011 description

GENEVA, February 11 (UNHCR) - Amid the continuing political turmoil in Egypt, UNHCR has been working through key partners to provide financial support and medical help to refugees in Cairo while UNHCR staff have been manning telephone hotlines from their homes.

On Thursday, UNHCR partner Caritas distributed financial assistance to 150 particularly vulnerable refugees in the Egyptian capital. The refugees collected their money from a branch of Refugee Egypt on the island of Zamalek located away from the main centres of anti-government protest in Cairo, and thus easier to access.

21 Jan 2011 description


This paper examines the mixed movement of people that is currently taking place between the East and Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes region to the southern part of the continent.

10 Aug 2010 description

This is a summary of what was said by the UNHCR spokesperson at today's Palais des Nations press briefing in Geneva. Further information can be found on the UNHCR websites, www.unhcr.org and www.unhcr.fr, which should also be checked for regular media updates on non-briefing days.

UNHCR is encouraged by last week's decision of the Ethiopian authorities to significantly relax movement restrictions for Eritrean refugees through the introduction …

01 Jul 2010 description

KASSALA, Sudan, July 1 UNHCR) - Drive a few hours north-east of Khartoum towards Kassala, near the Sudanese border with Eritrea, and you will come across one of the UN refugee agency's most striking achievements in the region - acre after acre of trees, stretching into the distance.

UNHCR has planted more than 19 million of them in a programme, launched a quarter-of-a-century ago, to green the denuded landscape of eastern Sudan.

24 Jun 2010 description

Addis Ababa, 24 June 2010 - In what was described as "a symbolic gesture of solidarity with the newly arrived Somali refugees" the Commission of the African Union (AU) today donated US$ 50,000 worth of non-food items to UNHCR in support of newly arrived Somali refugees. In a statement sent to UNHCR, the AU expressed appreciation for the assistance rendered by the UNHCR and humanitarian actors to the refugees.

A six-person AU delegation led by H.E. Mrs. Julia D.

08 Jun 2010 description

GENEVA, June 8 (UNHCR) - The UN refugee agency said on Tuesday it had been told by the government of Libya to close its office in that country and halt activities.

Speaking at a press briefing in Geneva, UNHCR's chief spokesperson, Melissa Fleming, told journalists that UNHCR was hoping the closure would be temporary and that negotiations to find a solution were continuing.

17 Nov 2009 description

General Situation

Since the fall of the Siad Barre's regime in 1991, Somalia fell in the hands of different militias commanded by powerful warlords, who divided the country along clan lines. Since then, there have been at least 15 attempts to re-establish a national government, the last of which UNHCR Somalia Funding Situation 32,600,000 brought to power Sheik Shariif Ahmed, at the end of January 2009.

01 Apr 2009 description

TRIPOLI, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, April 1 (UNHCR) - UN refugee agency staff in Tripoli were on Wednesday helping hundreds of boat people rescued off the coast of Libya earlier this week as news reports said at least 100 people are believed to have drowned when another boat sank.

The Libyan coastguard rescued some 350 people, possibly including asylum seekers, after finding their boat adrift on Sunday in the Al Bouri oilfield, located about 30 kilometres off the coast of Libya.

30 Sep 2008 description

Executive Summary

NHCR held its Regional Strategy Meeting for the Repatriation and Reintegration of Sudanese Refugees in Addis Ababa, and agreed upon key operational directions, including voluntary repatriation targets for 2008 and 2009. It was also concluded that UNHCR would focus its attention more towards reintegration assistance for returnees next year.

The preparation for the 2009 UN and Partners Work Plan for Sudan continued.

24 Sep 2008 description

KHARTOUM - Twenty-one refugees are feared to have drowned last night when their overloaded boat capsized in the Atbara River, near the Shagarab refugee camp in eastern Sudan. The bodies have yet to be recovered.

Local administration and security officials, along with UNHCR and its Sudanese government counterpart, COR, rushed to the scene. According to eyewitnesses, the refugees were part of a larger group that tried to cross the river in four boats at approximately 1:30 a.m.

05 Jul 2007 description

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, July 5 (UNHCR) - The UN refugee agency has begun the resettlement in the United States of some 700 ethnic Kunama refugees from Eritrea, flying out a first group of 29 from Addis Ababa after years of exile in northern Ethiopia.

The refugees left Shimelba camp earlier this week and flew out from the Ethiopian capital on Wednesday evening after a pre-departure briefing by staff of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), which is handling the logistics of the resettlement operation.

The 700 due for resettlement in the United States were displaced by the …

31 Oct 2005 description

Note: Map production date estimated

28 May 2004 description

This is a summary of what was said by UNHCR spokesperson Jennifer Pagonis - to whom quoted text may be attributed - at the press briefing, on 28 May 2004, at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

08 May 2002 description

GENEVA - UNHCR announced on Wednesday that it is ending refugee status for all Eritreans who fled their country as a result of the war of independence or the recent border conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The world-wide cessation will take effect on December 31 and will affect hundreds of thousands of Eriteans in neighbouring countries.