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31 May 2010 description

Key Messages

Cereal prices have started to decline in recent months, however they are still higher than pre crisis levels.

Political situation remain tense following parliamentary elections on the 23rd of May and displacement from Somalia and Eritreacontinues to be a major problem.

An estimated 5.23 million people need food assistance through 2010 and concerned agencies are worried over very high foodinsecurity levels.

The government is assisting the population with emergency interventions, the national safety net programme, and subsidizedwheat sales to urban consumers.

31 May 2010 description

Key Messages

Adverse weather during the 2009 main crop season, coupled by massive displacement and economic constraints, affected foodsecurity condition in the country.

The political tensions with neighbouring countries remain high with increasing numbers of IDPs fleeing to Ethiopia.

Concerned agencies expect the already fragile food security situation to further deteriorate to an extremely alarming problem of hunger.

The government is taking steps to invest in agriculture.

12 Mar 2009 description
report European Union


The European Parliament,

- having regard to Court of Auditors Special Report No 10/2008 on EC Development Assistance to Health Services in sub-Saharan Africa,

- having regard to the Millennium Declaration of the United Nations of 18 September 2000, which sets out the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as criteria established collectively by the international community for the elimination of poverty,

- having regard to the Commission Communication of 7 October 2005 entitled 'Speeding up progress towards the Millennium Development Goals - The …

28 Dec 2007 description
report European Union
  1. The European Union (EU), aware of its responsibilities under the Algiers Agreement and willing to facilitate the solution of the existing difficulties in the relations between the two Countries, reiterates its unwavering commitment to support efforts to promote sustainable peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

    2. In this respect, the EU strongly urges both parties to refrain from any threat or use of force and to resolve their differences by peaceful means.


23 Feb 2006 description
report European Union

The EU Presidency has participated in the meeting of the "Witnesses to the Algiers Agreement" held in New York on 22 February 2006, where the following statement was agreed:

13 Apr 2002 description
report European Union

(Madrid and Brussels, 13 April 2002) - "The EU welcomes the decision of the Boundary Commission announced in The Hague on 13 April. The final legal settlement of the position of the Ethiopia/Eritrea border is a central element of the comprehensive peace agreement signed by the leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea on 12 December 2000 and the peace process between the two countries.

29 Mar 2001 description
report European Union

Brussels, 29 March 20001, 7584/01 (Presse 128), P 67/01

13 Oct 2000 description
report European Union

Press Release Brussels, 13 October 2000, 12301/00 (Presse 382), P 154/00

01 Sep 2000 description
report European Union

Brussels, 1 September 2000, 10909/00 (Presse 291),121/00

11 Jul 2000 description
report European Union

Brussels, 11 July 2000 - 10178/00 (Presse 255) - P 101/00

14 Jun 2000 description
report European Union

The European Union welcomes the outcome of the proximity talks for the solution of the Ethiopia-Eritrean conflict held in Algiers under the Chairmanship of Algeria the Current Chair of the OAU in the last two weeks with the participation of the EU Presidency's special representative, Sen. Rino Serri, in the framework of the OAU peace initiative.

19 May 2000 description
report European Union

Ever since the outbreak of the military conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea some two years ago, the European Commission has been carefully re-examining its development cooperation with these countries. Because of the conflict, the conditions for disbursement of credits of the Structural Adjustment Support Programmes, financed by the Commission, were tightened up. As a direct result of this tightening Ethiopia has not received any budgetary support from the Commission since January 1999.

17 May 2000 description
report European Union

The European Union condemns and deeply deplores the resumption of hostilities between Ethiopia and Eritrea and the continuation of a conflict which endangers the security and development of the region, particularly in view of the food crisis which is bound to worsen as a result of the renewed fighting.

10 May 2000 description
report European Union

The EU, having been informed by the Presidency's Special Representative of the outcome of the recent proximity talks in Algiers for the solution of the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea, calls on the governments of the two countries to enter immediately and without preconditions into further negotiations on the basis of the statement of the OAU Chair of May 5, 2000 in order to reach an agreement on the expedite implementation, which the Union stands ready to support, of the OAU peace settlement in accordance with the OAU "framework agreement" and the "modalities of …