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07 Jul 2008 description

A centuries-long history of unity and separation continues to vex Ethiopia and Eritrea. Between May 1998 and June 2000, the two countries engaged in a border war in which tens of thousands of combatants were killed and some 650,000 civilians displaced.

11 Jun 2008 description

During the 1998-2000 border conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea, more than 70,000 people died, 650,000 were displaced, and at least 70,000 individuals were deported, Ethiopians from Eritrea and Eritreans from Ethiopia. But these were not the only victims of the conflict.

30 May 2008 description

Despite strong historic and ethnic ties, relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia have rarely been smooth. As a result, and particularly over the past decade, nationality rights of residents of both countries have been at risk.

After Eritrea's 30-year struggle for independence, the country peacefully became a state in 1993 through a referendum in which Eritreans in Ethiopia also voted.

18 Feb 2004 description

Why are the Kunama Forgotten?

20 Jan 2003 description

Representative Frank Wolf (R-VA) recently returned from a visit to Ethiopia (see RI spotlight, January 17, for an interview with the Congressman). He reported that more than 11 million Ethiopians need food assistance this year -- about 20 percent of the total population of the country.

08 Jun 2000 description

Refugees International is gravely concerned that the ongoing fighting between Ethiopia and Eritrea has created the potential for a major humanitarian disaster in Eritrea. Worsening of the crisis, leading to a large-scale loss of civilian life, can be averted only if the international donor community responds immediately by substantially underwriting the emergency requirements of the Eritreans who have fled aerial and artillery bombardments and invading Ethiopian troops.

27 Jan 2000 description


23 Jun 1999 description

Contact: Mary Anne Fitzgerald or
Larry Thompson
(202) 828-0110

22 Jun 1999 description

Contact: Mary Anne Fitzgerald
Larry Thompson
(202) 828-0110