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08 Apr 2011 description

Eritrea is a one-party state that became independent in 1993 after its citizens voted for independence from Ethiopia, following 30 years of civil war. The People's Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ), previously known as the Eritrean People's Liberation Front, is the sole political party and has controlled the country since 1991. The country's president, Isaias Afwerki, who heads the PFDJ and the armed forces, dominated the country. The government continued to postpone general elections which have not taken place since independence in 1993.

09 Jan 2006 description

U.N. Ambassador Bolton says goal is to complete border demarcation

By Judy Aita, Washington File United Nations Correspondent

United Nations - The United States is sending a high-level delegation to the horn of Africa for a diplomatic initiative to defuse political tensions between Ethiopia and Eritrea and get the border demarcation process back on track, U.S.

10 Jun 2004 description

Africa to receive special focus, White House says

11 May 2004 description

Press Statement
Richard Boucher, Spokesman
Washington, DC

16 Oct 2003 description

Resolution offers incentives for both sides to abide by Boundary Commission

By Jim Fisher-Thompson, Washington File Staff Writer

Washington -- U.S. lawmakers have taken the first step in a legislative process they hope will encourage Ethiopia and Eritrea to act positively to end a border conflict that caused 120,000 casualties between the two Horn of Africa nations from 1998 to 2000.

House Africa Subcommittee Chairman Ed Royce (Republican of California) held a hearing October 16 to consider passage of H.R.

30 Jan 2003 description

By Charles W. Corey, Washington File Staff Writer

14 Nov 2002 description

By Charles W. Corey, Washington File Staff Writer

Washington -- Although the United States and international donor community have for months been focusing on the drought in southern Africa, a second major food crisis is worsening by the day in Ethiopia and Eritrea, Andrew S. Natsios, administrator of the U.S.

16 Apr 2001 description

The Ethiopian-Eritrean peace process is at a "crucial point" and the United States remains "committed" to the process, State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher told reporters April 16.

Following is the text of Boucher's statement:

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PRESS STATEMENT Richard Boucher, Spokesman Washington, DC April 16, 2001

Ethiopia/Eritrea: U.S. Concern Over Peace Process Implementation

The United States remains committed to the success of the Ethiopian-Eritrean peace process and is encouraged by the progress that has been made thus far.

23 Oct 2000 description

President Clinton's special representative for Ethiopia and Eritrea, former National Security Advisor Anthony Lake, will lead a U.S. team attending negotiations sponsored by the Organization of African Unity beginning on October 23 in Algiers regarding a peaceful resolution of the border conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Following is the text of the October 23 Department of State announcement:

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U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE Office of the Spokesman

October 23, 2000


15 Sep 2000 description

By Jim Fisher-Thompson, Washington File Staff Writer

Washington -- Visiting Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has praised the Clinton administration for helping bring about a cease-fire between Ethiopia and Eritrea and paving the way for what could be "a final and comprehensive peace agreement" between the two Horn of Africa neighbors.

His September 15 remarks came on the final day of a five-day visit to the United States in which he met with top U.S. government officials, lawmakers, World Bank officials, and private groups.

Meles lauded U.S.

17 Aug 2000 description

U.S. to send Ambassador Bogosian to region

The United States is sending Ambassador Richard Bogosian, special assistant to the Greater Horn, to the Ethiopian and Eritrean region to examine human rights violations and humanitarian issues adversely affecting civilians impacted by the conflict between the two countries, a State Department spokesman said August 17.

Deputy State Department Spokesman Philip Reeker said in Washington that the United States remains deeply concerned about these issues in the region.

14 Aug 2000 description

U.N. peacekeepers sent to Ethiopia and Eritrea must be a "catalyst for progress" in settling the border war between the two countries, "not a justification for inaction on the political front," U.S.

01 Aug 2000 description

More than 20 million people at risk of starvation

By Charles W. Corey

18 Jun 2000 description

(President welcomes "breakthrough," chance to end conflict)

Following is the text of a June 18 statement by President Clinton welcoming the signing by Ethiopia and Eritrea of an agreement to cease


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Office of the Press Secretary

15 Jul 1999 description

Susan Rice, Assistant Secretary for African Affairs and Gayle Smith , National Security Council Senior Director for African Affairs

25 May 1999 description

U.S. Department of State
Susan E. Rice, Assistant Secretary for African Affairs
Before the House Committee on International Relations
Africa Subcommittee

18 Nov 1998 description

(11/18 statement by State Department spokesman) (240)

WASHINGTON -- Former White House National Security Adviser Anthony Lake has just returned from a second mission to Ethiopia and Eritrea and plans to "visit the region again soon" to help seek a "peaceful resolution" of their border dispute, State Department Spokesman James Rubin said November 18.

Following is the text of a statement by Rubin, released by the department:

U.S. Department of State