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24 Jan 2011 description

This image, from France’s SPOT satellite, shows severe drought in Somalia, Kenya, and southern Ethiopia. The image is a vegetation anomaly, a measure of how well plants were growing compared to average. This image compares plant growth between January

21 Jan 2011 description


This paper examines the mixed movement of people that is currently taking place between the East and Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes region to the southern part of the continent.

12 Oct 2009 description
report EastAfrican


As famine and food shortages threaten millions of people in the region, key players in African seed sector have met to accelerate efforts for high yield and drought resistant seed varieties for poor farmers.

A regional meeting that opened on Monday in Bamako, Mali, brought together 300 agriculture scientists, entrepreneurs, farmers' organisations and governments from across the continent.

The experts from 20 countries who collectively form the heart of the Programme for Africa's Seed Systems (PASS), a $150 million initiative launched two years ago by the …

22 Apr 2009 description

A l'occasion de la 2ème Journée Mondiale de lutte contre le Paludisme, le 25 avril 2009, les partenaires de la Coalition Française contre le Paludisme se mobilisent.

Grâce à l'engagement de tous, gouvernements, organisations internationales, chercheurs, personnels de santé, associations, secteur privé, la lutte contre le paludisme progresse.

Les efforts entrepris au cours des cinq dernières années ont permis de mieux prévenir et traiter le paludisme. Plus de 70 millions de traitements et autant de moustiquaires imprégnées d'insecticide ont été distribués par le Fonds …

12 Mar 2009 description
report European Union


The European Parliament,

- having regard to Court of Auditors Special Report No 10/2008 on EC Development Assistance to Health Services in sub-Saharan Africa,

- having regard to the Millennium Declaration of the United Nations of 18 September 2000, which sets out the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as criteria established collectively by the international community for the elimination of poverty,

- having regard to the Commission Communication of 7 October 2005 entitled 'Speeding up progress towards the Millennium Development Goals - The …

15 Jul 2008 description

Unfavourable Prospects for 2008 Cereal Crops in Several Countries. Concern over a worsening of food insecurity for millions affected by high food prices

Harvesting of the 2008 main season cereal crops is underway or due to start soon in Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. In Ethiopia the harvest of the secondary "belg" crop is in progress. Although the important March-May rains improved towards the end of the period, cumulative totals remain below normal in large areas of Ethiopia, Somalia, parts of western Kenya and in the Karamoja region of Uganda.

09 Nov 2006 description

By Gordon Bell

CAPE TOWN, Nov 9 (Reuters) - Immediate steps are needed to avert a potential catastrophe as climate change dries up water resources in drought affected areas, hitting poor farmers, a United Nations report said on Thursday.

The vast majority of the world's malnourished people, estimated at about 830 million people, are small farmers, herders and farm labourers, pointing to devastating effects from global warning and requiring a tripling of yearly farming aid to poor countries.

"Climate change threatens to intensify water insecurity on an unparalleled …

08 May 2006 description

Nairobi, 8 May 2006 - Legislators from 117 national parliaments meeting in Nairobi until 12 May 2006, on the occasion of the 114th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), have adopted an emergency agenda item entitled The need for urgent food relief in order to combat drought-induced famine and poverty in Africa, for the world's most industrialized nations to speed up aid to the continent and for particular efforts to be made to reach desperate and poor populations.

30 Mar 2006 description

Geneva, 30 March 2006 - The Inter-Parliamentary Union launches an appeal to its 143 Member Parliaments for assistance to Africa. It points out, in particular, the urgency of the situation for those living in the Horn of Africa where more than 20 million people in Kenya, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia and the United Republic of Tanzania are currently living under the threat of starvation because of the drought.

04 Mar 2006 description

"Ireland at the forefront of response to the Food Crisis in the Horn of Africa" -- Conor Lenihan

30 Sep 2004 description

The food security trends for pastoralists in GHA show growing uncertainties, which could lead to pre-famine conditions as assets and coping abilities erode

31 Aug 2004 description

The Food Security Outlook in the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) is likely to remain precarious for the rest of 2004, especially in pastoral livelihoods areas, yet food aid gaps remain high

03 Mar 2004 description


Sea surface temperatures remained warmer than average in the central and western equatorial Pacific and near average in the eastern equatorial Pacific during January. Equatorial ocean surface temperatures greater than +0.5oC (~1oF) above average were found between Indonesia and 165oW, and departures greater than +1oC were found between 160oE and 175oW. Since early December 2003, SST anomalies have decreased in all of the Niño regions (Fig. 2).

31 Aug 2003 description

The major annual harvests are now nearing completion across the Greater Horn of Africa. The crop has already been harvested in the south of the region, harvesting is ongoing in the equatorial regions and is approaching maturity in the northern areas. Immediate humanitarian efforts now concentrate on meeting the peak relief needs in the preharvest period in the northern areas. Simultaneously attention is turning to assessing emergency needs in the coming year. Areas of current priority concern are shown in Figure 1 below.