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27 Jul 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund


• In response to the cyclone Sagar in May, UNICEF distributed Immediate Response WASH and dignity kits benefitting 700 affected households (including IDPs and surrounding host community) in Damerjog, an IDP site located just outside Djibouti;

• Over the reporting period, 842 people in drought affected areas gained access to adequate sanitation;

07 Feb 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund


• 3,811 of children under the age of 5 suffering from SAM were treated, the equivalent of 67% of the planned target.

• 1,546 additional people have access to adequate sanitation, the equivalent of 45% of its annual target.

• 4,000 cases of suspected Acute Watery Diarrhea treated with Oral Rehydration Salts

Situation Overview & Humanitarian Needs

07 Aug 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
  • A high rate of 17.6 per cent of Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM) is recorded among Yemeni refugees residing in Markazi camp. UNICEF is providing support for the treatment of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) cases and ensuring that preventive and curative services are provided.

  • About 30,000 (90 per cent of target) children under the age of five received one dose of Vitamin A supplementation since the beginning of the year. A total of 2,566 (46 per cent of target) children under the age of 5 suffering from SAM were treated.

31 Jul 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • As the drought persists for the ninth consecutive year and families’ vulnerability escalates in Djibouti, children continue to die of Malnutrition. Yemenis fleeing the war continue to enter the Djiboutian territory, although on a smaller scale.

  • The influx of El Niño displaced families from Ethiopia in the first quarter of 2016 heightened the humanitarian concerns. A measles outbreak occurred in Ali Sabieh and Dikhil regions with over 20 cases registered and three deaths.

11 May 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund

DJIBOUTI, 11 May 2015 – An integrated immunization campaign is underway to vaccinate 250,000 children aged nine months to 15 years against measles and 125,000 children aged 0 to 59 months against polio. The 6-59 months age group will also receive vitamin A Supplementation.

The campaign is being led by the Djibouti Ministry of Health in partnership with the Ministry of Education, supported by UNICEF, WHO, GAVI Alliance, the Measles and Rubella Initiative (M&RI) and the Government of Japan.

12 Jun 2012 description
report UN Children's Fund

NEW YORK, USA, 8 June 2012 – Wrapping up the final day of its Annual Session, the UNICEF Executive Board adopted a number of decisions on the work of the organization, including making all UNICEF audit reports publicly available on the Internet, starting later this year.

VIDEO: UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake delivers closing remarks to the Executive Board.

25 Aug 2011 description
report UN Children's Fund

By Najwa Mekki

DJIBOUTI CITY, Djibouti, 24 August 2011 – In what looks like a rubbish dump off of the main road southwest of the capital city Djibouti, a few hundred families have set-up makeshift tukuls and call them home. They have no water, no toilets, no electricity, and barely any hope.

The place is called Bouldougo – the Somali word meaning ‘knocked out’. Some have been here for years, others just arrived. Some have fled drought, others conflict. They come from Ethiopia, Somalia and interior regions of Djibouti.

Poverty, hardship and struggle

04 Dec 2009 description
report UN Children's Fund

UNICEF urgently requires USD 42,5 million to ensure the continuity of emergency assistance over the next three months for up to 24 million people affected by drought, chronic food insecurity and conflict in the Horn of Africa

- Across the Horn of Africa some 500,000 children under five are presently suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

- In 2009, UNICEF in Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and Uganda, UNICEF only received 42 per cent of its funding requirements despite 24 million people requiring emergency assistance in these countries.

16 Oct 2009 description
report UN Children's Fund

By Kun Li

ISIOLO, Kenya, 16 October 2009 - Underneath the blazing sun, pastoralists Ekwam Joseph, 20, and his younger brother, Ekai Francis, 11, herd their cattle through a land that is covered with anything but green pasture.

"I had 161 cows and bulls, 155 of them have died," said Ekwam. "With only six remaining, I don't know what to do - to die or to move somewhere else."

Impact of drought

With the failure of four consecutive rainy seasons, the impact of drought, hunger and disease is not only felt in Kenya, but throughout the Horn of Africa.

14 Oct 2009 description
report UN Children's Fund

NAIROBI, 14 October 2009 - UNICEF is deeply concerned about the increasing number of children affected by drought and hunger in the Horn of Africa. According to latest UNICEF estimates, almost five million children under the age of five are now suffering from the consequences of chronic food insecurity caused by prolonged drought and the impact of the continuing conflict in Somalia, which affects wider parts of the region.

03 Jul 2006 description
report UN Children's Fund

The humanitarian situation in the drought-affected countries of the Horn of Africa remains serious

  • Seasonal rain has not brought an end to the emergency and has even compounded the already fragile situation in many places.

  • Child malnutrition rates are unacceptably high in some regions, especially in Kenya and Somalia.

  • Outbreaks of diarrhea and other water-borne diseases are reported across the region.

15 May 2006 description
report UN Children's Fund

Child Alert: Horn of Africa

12 May 2006 description
report UN Children's Fund

NEW YORK, USA, 12 May 2006 - Tens of thousands of children are facing the prospect of a slow death by starvation in the Horn of Africa. Despite recent rains, a two-year drought has already killed half the livestock and UNICEF fears that the nomadic pastoralists and their children who roam the vast region could be next.

11 May 2006 description
report UN Children's Fund

UNICEF's funding gap is at almost US$ 54 million. Funding is urgently required to continue the scale-up of life-saving interventions for children and women in drought-affected parts of Djibouti, Kenya, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia.

  • More than 8,780,000 people - including 4,455,000 children - are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance

  • Failure of crops and loss of livestock have increased morbidity and mortality, including malnutrition, in children

12 Apr 2006 description
report UN Children's Fund

L'absence de pluies depuis deux ans détruit les récoltes et les pâturages. Les dernières ressources en eau s'assèchent. Les bergers sont les plus en danger : en perdant leur bétail, c'est leurs ressources qui disparaissent. Les fonds que réclame l'Unicef sont destinés à répondre immédiatement aux besoins en terme de santé, d'eau et de nourriture.

21 Jun 2000 description
report UN Children's Fund

UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy today urged government and individual donors to provide more support to drought relief efforts in the region, where at least 13 million people in five countries are facing displacement, disease and the grim toll of conflict.

16 Jun 2000 description
report UN Children's Fund

Ethiopia, Kenya, Eritrea, Somalia and Djibouti
1. Overview of the Emergency Situation