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11 May 2012 description


• Major food security assessment launched by WFP in Djibouti

• Relief food needs to increase significantly in parts of Ethiopia

• Over 100,000 now affected by floods in Kenya

• Over 7,000 Congolese seek refuge in Rwanda

• Rains in Somalia now expected to be 60-85 per cent of average

18 Apr 2012 description

Addis Ababa, April 13, 2012 (Addis Ababa) - The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) contributed more than 4.8 million US dollars to support the establishment of a humanitarian logistics hub and cargo in Djibouti by the World Food Program (WFP), WFP said.

According to a press release it sent to ENA on Friday, the logistics hub will enable WFP and the wider humanitarian community to store and transport humanitarian assistance for the region more efficiently and cost-effectively.

16 Apr 2012 description

Expert forecasts warn that rainfall in the Horn of Africa throughout the March to May growing season is likely to be lower than average. The UN and humanitarian partners are now urging early action to prevent food insecurity from worsening across the region, with an emphasis on building resilience and sustainable livelihoods.

Read the full story on OCHA's website

23 Mar 2012 description

Financement absolument nécessaire pour renforcer la résilience des populations

23 mars 2012, Rome- La FAO a lancé aujourd'hui un appel urgent de 50 millions de dollars pour couvrir le déficit de financement des activités agricoles et pastorales prioritaires à déployer dans la Corne de l'Afrique avant et durant la prochaine campagne de semis, coïncidant avec la saison des pluies qui s'étend d'avril à juin.

20 Mar 2012 description


Weather analysts warn of potential rain shortfalls in coming months, urging early action to prevent worsening of food insecurity.

Regional Overview

13 Feb 2012 description
report AlertNet

By Katy Migiro

NAIROBI (AlertNet) – East Africa, still battling a hunger crisis, should be prepared for another dry spell and further food insecurity due to the persistence of La Niña weather conditions that last year brought severe drought to the region, weather forecasters have warned.

“La Niña conditions are expected to persist until March to May 2012,” the World Meteorological Office said on its website on Sunday.

30 Jan 2012 description

Corne de l’Afrique : 13 millions de personnes souffrent encore de la faim

Répondre à l’urgence tout en renforçant l’autonomie des populations

31 Dec 2011 description

Working environment

The context

Djibouti is a relatively stable country in the East and Horn of Africa, where it plays a pivotal role in the search for a peaceful settlement of the Somalia crisis. The country is the hub for naval forces combating piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. It is host to more than 14,000 refugees, mostly from Somalia, and is also a transit point for mixed migratory flows towards the Middle East and beyond.

30 Dec 2011 description

Working environment

The context

06 Dec 2011 description
  1. Executive Summary

Djibouti has now faced six consecutive years of drought and serious rainfall deficit. Although rainfall fluctuations and drought are intrinsic features of the country’s semi-arid climate, the current drought far exceeds normal variation. Since 2007, rainfall has been less than 75% of average, and this has had a direct and life-threatening impact upon the most vulnerable people of Djibouti, particularly pastoralists and rural dwellers.

16 Nov 2011 description
report IRIN

OBOCK, 16 novembre 2011 (IRIN) - Des centaines de migrants suivent la route qui relie la capitale de Djibouti, Djibouti-Ville, à la ville côtière d'Obock : ils n'emportent guère plus qu'une bouteille d'eau et l'espoir de parvenir à une meilleure vie. Ils traversent une contrée aride parsemée de roches volcaniques qui abrite bien peu de vie ; à peine y rencontre t-on de temps à autre un éleveur et ses chèvres. Les températures tournent autour de 34 degrés centigrades en hiver et peuvent atteindre 52 degrés en été.

15 Nov 2011 description

A consultative meeting was convened in Djibouti between IGAD and its partners for a discussion on ending the drought emergencies in the Horn of Africa.

“The frequency for the droughts in our region has increased in the past years. There are no more questions if there will be a drought this year or next year; it is expected,” said Eng. Mahboub Maalim, the Executive Secretary of IGAD.

The Executive Secretary emphasized the need for building the capacity of IGAD Member States to mitigate the impact of the drought by implementing short and long term plans.

15 Nov 2011 description
report IRIN

OBOCK, 15 November 2011 (IRIN) - Thousands of migrants traverse the road between Djibouti’s capital, Djiboutiville, and the coastal town of Obock carrying little more than a bottle of water and the hope that they are heading towards a better life. They pass through an arid landscape strewn with volcanic rock that sustains little life besides the occasional pastoralist and his goats. Temperatures average around 34 degrees Celsius in winter and in summer can reach 52 degrees.

07 Nov 2011 description

Posted on Tuesday, 08-11-2011

Djibouti - L'OIM participe à une réunion de trois jours organisée par le HCR et le gouvernement de Djibouti sur la manière de satisfaire au mieux les besoins des migrants, des demandeurs d'asile et des réfugiés qui se trouvent dans des situations de détresse en mer.

La réunion, qui s'ouvre aujourd'hui à Djibouti, rassemble des représentants du gouvernement et des universitaires aux côtés d'experts du HCR, de l'OIM, de l'Organisation maritime internationale, du CICR et de la FICR.

31 Oct 2011 description

Water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programs often represent vital components of the response by USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA) to rapid-onset disasters and complex emergencies, as disaster-affected populations are more susceptible to illness and death from waterborne and communicable diseases. As a result, WASH interventions include latrine construction, provision of safe drinking water, and hygiene promotion—commonly focused upon improved hand-washing, water collection and storage, and sanitation practices.

27 Oct 2011 description

Regional food security situation and outlook

Fighting disrupts major cropping season in Sudan

Food availability in the two states of Blue Nile and South Kordofan is forecasted to be significantly reduced with disruptions to the major cropping season, following renewed fighting between government troops and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N).

05 Oct 2011 description
report Cruz Roja Española
  • La Institución refuerza sus delegaciones en Djibuti y Etiopía y envía nuevos delegados de emergencia.
04 Oct 2011 description

Early season rainfall deficits in parts of Sudan and Ethiopia; new forecasts for October to March rainfall in East Africa

The period from June to October is the main rainy season in the northern sector of the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) including Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, northern and northwestern parts of Ethiopia, and most parts of Djibouti (Figure 1).

01 Oct 2011 description

Key messages

  • Pastoralists in the northwest and southeast border pastoral zones currently face significant survival and livelihood protection deficits due to severe rainfall deficits over the last two years and high staple food prices. According to a seasonal assessment conducted by FEWS NET in early October 2011, the northwest and southeast pastoral zones face survival deficits of 36 and 50 percent, respectively, without accounting for current food aid distributions.