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07 Dec 2008 description
  1. Introduction

    1.1 Background

    In November 2007, the Food Early Warning System (FEWS) NET Food Security Outlook was already indicating a likely scenario of 'extreme food insecurity' for large parts of Ethiopia and Somalia. The warning was repeated on 21 December 2007 by the Food Security Analysis Unit for Somalia (FSAU).

    These early signals of an imminent food crisis in the Horn of Africa were recognized by the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies of the region and a series of assessments in Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti were carried out in April 2008.

31 Dec 2007 description



Recurrent drought following several poor rainy seasons has led to food insecurity and widespread malnutrition in the countries of the Horn of Africa region (Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia and Sudan). The public health and food security situation is poor. Poor nutrition, a rising number of people living with human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) and increasing incidence of other infectious diseases all contribute to high levels of morbidity and mortality in the subregion.

28 Jun 2007 description

Paul Bartel and Jordan Muller

Executive Summary

The Horn of Africa (HOA), composed of Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia, suffers frequent natural disasters that commonly result in losses of life, destruction of infrastructure, and reduction of agricultural production. Formulating effective contingencies to respond to such emergencies is constrained by a limited understanding of the likelihood of a natural hazard occurring within a particular region and risks associated with that hazard.

19 Jun 2001 description

About 375,000 refugees and asylum seekers from Somalia lived in about two-dozen countries at the end of 2000: some 160,000 in Kenya, about 120,000 in Ethiopia, some 55,000 in Yemen, 20,000 in Djibouti, 4,000 in Egypt, 3,000 in Tanzania, about 3,000 in Libya, 1,000 in Eritrea, 1,000 in Uganda, and approximately 10,000 new Somali asylum seekers in various European countries.

19 Jun 2001 description

Ethiopia hosted more than 190,000 refugees at the end of 2000, including about 120,000 from Somalia, more than 70,000 from Sudan, about 3,000 from Eritrea, and 1,000 from Djibouti.

25 Oct 2000 description

Report No.2 *

Ms. Catherine Bertini, UN Special Envoy of the Secretary-General on the drought in the Horn of Africa:

Findings and recommendations of the mission to Kenya and Ethiopia between 17-23 September 2000

"We are always going to have drought and we have to treat it as an African winter. Drought-prone countries can prepare for such events, as countries in the northern hemisphere can prepare for winter."
25 Oct 2000 description

When the heads of 26 United Nations organizations gather in New York for a meeting of the United Nations Administrative Committee on Coordination (ACC) on 27 October, one of the issues they will focus on is hunger in the Horn of Africa.

06 May 2000 description

1-6 May 2000, Nairobi, Kenya.


There are enhanced probabilities for below-normal to near-normal rainfall conditions for the period June to September 2000 over much of the Greater Horn of Africa. However, slight enhancements of probabilities for near-normal to above-normal rainfall are forecast for parts of the Lake Victoria Region. The enhanced probabilities for below-normal rainfall are forecast for most of the western parts of the subregion.

05 May 2000 description

UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy on the drought in the Greater Horn of Africa

Summary of findings and recommendations of the Special Envoy's mission to Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea and Kenya1 between 11 - 19 April 2000

Following are the basic findings and regional recommendations of the Special Envoy's mission. Details will be provided in the Mission Report.

I. Findings


18 Apr 2000 description

Djibouti, Eritrea and Ethiopia are included in the first table below; Kenya, Somalia and Sudan are in the table which follows. Updated and addtional information is most welcome. Please submit to the email address at the bottom of the page.

18 Apr 2000 description

(Circulated only for countries where foodcrops or supply situation conditions give rise to concern)