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20 Dec 2009 description
report Human Rights Watch


For several years, tens of thousands of asylum seekers and refugees fleeing to Yemen from the volatile Horn of Africa region have endured terrible human rights abuses that have gone largely ignored by the outside world. Many have suffered violence or lost their lives while attempting the perilous sea crossing from the Horn.

15 Dec 2009 description
report Chatham House

Summary points

- Among the drivers of conflict in the Horn of Africa economic motivations have been ubiquitous and pervasive in prompting and sustaining conflict. At other times economic drivers have exhibited a potential for peaceful cooperation. An understanding of their role and relationship with other forces of change is essential.

- Conflict in the Horn frequently has economic impacts across national borders.

04 Dec 2009 description
report UN Children's Fund

UNICEF urgently requires USD 42,5 million to ensure the continuity of emergency assistance over the next three months for up to 24 million people affected by drought, chronic food insecurity and conflict in the Horn of Africa

- Across the Horn of Africa some 500,000 children under five are presently suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

- In 2009, UNICEF in Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and Uganda, UNICEF only received 42 per cent of its funding requirements despite 24 million people requiring emergency assistance in these countries.

01 Dec 2009 description

Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Committee on Early Warning and Response (CEWARN) said it is taking measure to address conflicts along the border of member states.

Speaking at the 7th meeting of the Technical committee on Early Warning and Response here on Monday Ethiopian Special Envoy to IGAD ambassador Brook Debebe said the institutional capacity of CEWARN has been strengthening in handling conflict management.

Clashes among pastoralist communities mostly occur because of natural resources mainly pasture and water, he said and added these resources are further …

17 Nov 2009 description

UNHCR Somalia's Core Activities

- Coordinate and guide all protection activities targeting IDPs in Somalia, as Protection Cluster chair;

- Coordinate and guide all shelter activities benefiting IDPs in Somalia, as the Shelter and Non Food Items (NFIs) Cluster chair;

- Coordinate all humanitarian activities focusing on Mixed Migration, co-chairing the Mixed Migration Task Force;

- Provide protection and assistance to Refugees and Asylum Seekers living in Somalia, as well as seeking durable solutions to their displacement;

- Implement protection and shelter …

10 Nov 2009 description

GLIDE n=B0 OT-2008-000196- DJI/ERI/ETH/KEN/SOM

Period covered by this Operations Update: 8 May 2009 to 25 October 2009;

Appeal target (current): The appeal target for 2009 is CHF 75,760,326 (USD 66,586,679 or EUR 50,213,969) following an appeal revision on 23 June.

Appeal coverage: 12%

Appeal history:

- This Emergency Appeal was initially launched on 11 December 2008 for CHF 113,992,868 (USD 95.4m or EUR 72.8m) months to assist 2.2 million beneficiaries over a period of five years.

- CHF 130,000 was allocated from the International Federation's Disaster Relief …

16 Oct 2009 description


- El Niño floods could aggravate drought, food and livelihood crisis in Africa's Horn

- Vulnerable populations risk further asset losses, displacement and epidemics

- Conflict displaced Somalis face increased risks

- Regional food insecurity to extend into 2010

With El Niño looming, Countries prepare for Floods and Landslides

The Horn of Africa, in the midst of one of the worst droughts in a decade and ongoing conflicts , is facing a new challenge: floods.

16 Oct 2009 description

(Nairobi/New York 16 October 2009) - Vulnerable communities in the Horn of Africa, in the midst of one of the worst droughts in a decade, are bracing for yet another potential huge challenge in coming months: floods triggered by the climatic phenomenon El Niño and associated mudslides, crop destruction, water-borne diseases and disrupted road networks.

16 Oct 2009 description
report UN Children's Fund

By Kun Li

ISIOLO, Kenya, 16 October 2009 - Underneath the blazing sun, pastoralists Ekwam Joseph, 20, and his younger brother, Ekai Francis, 11, herd their cattle through a land that is covered with anything but green pasture.

"I had 161 cows and bulls, 155 of them have died," said Ekwam. "With only six remaining, I don't know what to do - to die or to move somewhere else."

Impact of drought

With the failure of four consecutive rainy seasons, the impact of drought, hunger and disease is not only felt in Kenya, but throughout the Horn of Africa.

14 Oct 2009 description
report UN Children's Fund

NAIROBI, 14 October 2009 - UNICEF is deeply concerned about the increasing number of children affected by drought and hunger in the Horn of Africa. According to latest UNICEF estimates, almost five million children under the age of five are now suffering from the consequences of chronic food insecurity caused by prolonged drought and the impact of the continuing conflict in Somalia, which affects wider parts of the region.

10 Oct 2009 description

Conducted by: Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Centre (BDPC)

On behalf of: IGAD/REFORM and the European Union

Background and introduction

Countries in the IGAD region are at risk from a wide range of hazards that can lead to serious disasters and humanitarian crisis situations. Member States of IGAD have been undertaking measures within their limited capacities and have developed strategies for responding to disasters.

01 Oct 2009 description

This is a summary of what was said by UNHCR spokesperson Andrej Mahecic - to whom quoted text may be attributed - at the press briefing, on 1 October 2009, at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

The civilian population is bearing the brunt in the latest upsurge in fighting in the troubled South Central region of Somalia and sparking a new wave of displacement.

29 Sep 2009 description
report Oxfam

Au Kenya, 3,8 millions, 10 pourcent de la population, ont besoin d'aide d'urgence

Plus de 23 millions de personnes à travers l'Afrique de l'Est -l'équivalent du tiers de la population britannique-sont menacées par la famine et vivent dans le dénuement le plus total.

Une sécheresse sévère et persistante, qu'aggrave par le changement climatique, s'étend actuellement dans sept pays de l'Afrique de l'est, dégradant les conditions de vie d'une population que les prix élevés de l'alimentation et les conflits violents ont déjà aggravé.

26 Sep 2009 description
report Miraya FM

The World Food Program (WFP) said more than 20 million people in the horn of Africa are in need of food aid due to heavy rain.

WFP pointed that the shortage of donations the Program is experiencing will make it difficult to feed people in some parts of Kenya, Somalia, Eritrea, and Djibouti.

It added that Ethiopia requested to convince Sudan and Somalia to allow it to use seaports to deliver humanitarian aid.

24 Sep 2009 description
report Oxfam

Charity launches £9.5 million emergency appeal to reach 750,000 in need

More than 23 million people - equivalent to one third of the UK population - are being pushed towards severe hunger and destitution across East Africa, international aid agency Oxfam warned today, as it launched an emergency appeal to raise £9.5 million.

A severe and persistent five-year drought, deepened by climate change, is now stretching across seven countries in the region and exacting a heavy human toll, made worse by high food prices and violent conflict.

18 Aug 2009 description

IOM will today inaugurate a new Immigration Office for Djibouti's National Police and Immigration at the Djibouti - Ethiopia border post of Gelafi.

The US$25,000 facility, which is funded by the European Commission and the UK, will comprise offices for the immigration officer in charge of the post, an office for the processing of entry and exits permits, storage space for immigration documents, toilet facilities and a generator for electricity power supply.

Thousands of mostly Ethiopian migrants cross the Djibouti-Ethiopia border at Gelafi-Hawli en route to Djibouti as migrant …

12 Aug 2009 description

The outlook for the 2009 crops raises serious concerns following inadequate seasonal rains, conflict and displacement. Late and below average rains, from March to July, in most of Eastern Africa affected agricultural activities and hindered crop growth.

30 Jun 2009 description
  • The East Africa region suffers many adverse events including frequent droughts, conflict, trans-boundary animal diseases, market disruptions and price increases. Currently about 20 million people are highly or extremely food insecure due to a combination of these events/factors, up from an estimated 17 million in February 2009.
23 Jun 2009 description

GLIDE no. OT-2008-000196- DJI/ ETH/KEN/SOM

This revised Emergency Appeal seeks CHF 75,760,326 (USD 66,586,679 or EUR 50,213,969) in cash, kind, or services to support the Ethiopian, Djibouti, Somali and Kenyan National Societies to assist 2,488,500 beneficiaries over a period of five years.