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07 Oct 2011 description

In 2011 several large measles outbreaks have been reported from member states in the European and African regions, with several reported outbreaks in the Americas linked to Europe or Africa.

14 Sep 2011 description
report Le Potentiel

Malgré tous les efforts – du reste payant - déployés par le gouvernement pour garantir la stabilité du cadre macroéconomique, la RDC demeure toujours incertaine sur le plan politique. Le risque d’explosion est permanent au regard des tensions récurrentes qui minent sa partie Est. Sur un classement publié par Global Peace Index, et rendu par Slate.fr, la RDC figure en 3ème position sur une liste de 10 pays les plus dangereux d’Afrique.

03 May 2011 description
report Save the Children

Essays by Peter Singer, Rick and Kay Warren, Anne Mulcahy,
Jennifer Garner and others on why investments in maternal and child health care in developing countries are good for America

06 Apr 2011 description

Development experts, policymakers and academics, meeting at a major conference on global land grabbing, being held at IDS, were told today that a new 'scramble for Africa' is taking place. A major study released by the World Bank last September found that in 2009 deals were being struck for the allocation of 45 million hectares of land, 70 per cent of this was in Africa.

06 Apr 2011 description

Whether viewed as "land grabs" or as agricultural investment for development, large-scale land deals by investors in developing countries are generating considerable attention. However, investors, policymakers, officials, and other key stakeholders have paid little attention to a dimension of these deals essential to truly understanding their impact: gender. It is easy to laud outside investment in agriculture, or to deride land deals and the accompanying processes as bad or unfair, without looking at the benefits and costs to local men and women.

01 Feb 2011 description
report AlertNet

Source: Alernet // Thin Lei Win

BANGKOK (AlertNet) - Doctors and aid agencies have appealed to donors to focus health funding on countries that need it the most, saying wealthier countries with better health systems often receive more aid per capita than those struggling at the bottom of the health league tables.

"Why should Sierra Leone, with a (child death rate) six times worse than Botswana, only get a tenth as much (aid) per head?" Ben Phillips, Save the Children's director of strategy for Asia told AlertNet on the sidelines of the Second Global Forum on …