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05 Apr 2013 description

This document provides an overview of developments in the Mediterranean Basin and other regions of interest from 19 March – 01 April 2013, with hyperlinks to source material highlighted and underlined in the text. For more information on the topics below or other issues pertaining to the region, please contact the members of the Med Basin Team, or visit our website at www.cimicweb.org.

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02 Jul 2011 description
report UN General Assembly


Cinquième Commission Deuxième partie de la reprise de session 42e séance – matin

Après deux mois d’intenses négociations, la Cinquième Commission (chargée des questions administratives et budgétaires), a recommandé à l’Assemblée générale d’approuver un montant de plus de 7 milliards de dollars pour le financement de 13 opérations de maintien de la paix des Nations Unies (OMP), au cours de l’exercice annuel, allant du 1er juillet 2011 au 30 juin 2012.

21 Jun 2011 description
report Think Africa Press

African refugees do not need more pledges, but for governments to act on those already made.


06 May 2011 description
report UN General Assembly


Sixty-fifth General Assembly
Fifth Committee
34th Meeting (AM)

The Fifth Committee (Administrative and Budgetary) this morning heard the budgetary reports of 13 United Nations peacekeeping missions, as well as proposals for the disposition of $230.7 million of unspent funds from 18 closed operations and deficits of $86.7 million from 5 others.

22 Jul 2009 description

SIPRI Fact Sheet July 2009


- Close to 79 000 personnel were deployed in 19 operations in Africa in 2008.

- Personnel numbers in Africa in 2008 had increased by 14 % over the 2007 level and 400 % over the 1999 level.

- Almost a third of all operations worldwide and 42 % of all personnel were located in Africa in 2008.

- Operations were active in 13 African countries in 2008.

- The UN sent 70% of all peace operation personnel it deployed worldwide in 2008 to Africa.

- Personnel deployments in Africa were 21 % short of the authorized levels in 2008.

- Five …

20 Jun 2008 description
report UN General Assembly


Sixty-second General Assembly
109th Meeting (PM)

Resolution on Global Forum on Migration and Development Also Adopted

Acting on the recommendations of its Fifth Committee (Administrative and Budgetary), the General Assembly today approved an appropriation of almost $7.08 billion for the financing of United Nations peacekeeping for the financial period running from 1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009.

08 May 2008 description
report UN General Assembly


Sixty-second General Assembly
Fifth Committee
38th Meeting (AM)

Other Reports Concern Conduct and Discipline, Best Practices, Training, Office of Internal Oversight

With the total United Nations annual peacekeeping budget reaching a record $7.4 billion in 2008/09, speakers in the Fifth Committee (Administrative and Budgetary) this morning stressed the need for Member States to pay their peacekeeping assessed contributions in full, on time and without conditions, so that those missions could fully carry out their mandates.

08 May 2008 description
report UN General Assembly

Cinquième Commission
38e séance – matin

Les délégations notent que 110 000 militaires et civils sont déployés sur le terrain

La Cinquième Commission (chargée des questions administratives et budgétaires) a, ce matin, entamé l'examen du financement des opérations de maintien de la paix dont le budget total est passé de 5,4 milliards de dollars pour l'exercice annuel 2006-2007 à 6,7 milliards pour 2007-2008, alors que celui de l'exercice allant du 1er juillet 2008 au 30 juin 2009 est estimé à 7,4 milliards de dollars.

01 Feb 2008 description
report UN News Service

Despite a wide range of tools available to the United Nations in the areas of preventive diplomacy, peacemaking and peacebuilding, a new United Nations report calls for measures to boost the world body's capacity to prevent conflicts.

Citing a "considerable gap" between rhetoric surrounding prevention and the use of measures towards that end, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon states that "the overriding challenge for the international community remains the development of more effective …