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30 Apr 2011 description
  • Sixty-three food commodities and livestock were traded across the borders of eastern Africa countries in 2010

  • Approximately 330,000 MT of cereals and 109,000 MT of pulses were traded. Seventy-six percent is this trade was formal, and 24 percent informal

  • Uganda and Ethiopia were the key export countries while Kenya and Northern Sudan were the main importers

  • August and December were the peak trading months following the main harvesting season in the source countries

31 Dec 2008 description

Executive Summary

In response to the dramatic rise of global food prices since 2007, WFP has been providing funding and technical support to WFP staff and partners to assess the impact of higher prices and structural vulnerabilities and a growing and 'new face of hunger'.

28 Nov 2007 description

WASHINGTON, DC - The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) on Wednesday welcomed US$29 million in contributions from the US government in November to assist refugees and other people affected by humanitarian crises in seven African and Asian countries.

"Consistent generosity from the US government enables WFP to reach the most vulnerable people who are struggling each day to feed their families." said Jordan Dey, WFP Director of US Relations.

24 Jul 2006 description

BRUSSELS - The United Nations World Food Programme today welcomed a 105 million euro donation by the European Commission for its global operations in 2006.
"The Commission's very generous commitment gives a vitally important boost to our capacity to respond to food crises in the poorest countries, and to our campaign to meet the first Millennium Development Goal of halving the proportion of hungry people in the world," said WFP's Executive Director, James Morris.

09 Sep 2005 description

This week 's report covers the following sectors: Agriculture, Education, Food, Health, Protection / Human Rights / Rule of Law, Refugees and IDPs, Security, Shelter and Non-food Items, Water & Sanitation

This report includes:

(A) Middle East,Central Asia and Eastern Europe: (1) Occupied Palestinian Territories

(B) East & Central Africa: (1) Burundi (2) Congo, DR (3) Eritrea (4) Ethiopia (5) Rwanda (6) Somalia (7) Sudan (8) Tanzania (9) Uganda

(C) West Africa: (1) Cameroon (2) Chad (3) Guinea (4) Liberia (5) Niger (6) Sierra Leone

04 Feb 2005 description

(a) Humanitarian operations in the region affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on 26 December, 2004, have entered the recovery and reconstruction phase as WFP continues to assist more than 1.345 million people across the region.

(b) With bottlenecks hampering the distribution of aid and causing unrest, Sri Lanka's President has ordered administrators to deliver entitlements to at least 70 per cent of people affected by the tsunami by February 7.

07 Oct 2003 description

KAMPALA - The Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme, James Morris, appealed today for peace and stability in East and Central Africa to prevent the terrible loss of life and human suffering in the region.

03 Dec 2002 description

James T. Morris, Executive Director World Food Programme
New York

20 Aug 2002 description

WFP Press Briefing - Geneva
WFP's aid operations in eastern Africa are starting to run out of food as funding shortages undermine the Agency's efforts to feed more than 10 million people in 10 countries.

Operations in Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Burundi, Eritrea, Kenya, the Great Lake region and Djibouti face a combined shortfall of more than US$ 290 million over the next six months.

To make matters worse, a combination of political unrest and climatic factors has recently increased the need for food aid across the region.

08 Dec 2000 description

This report includes: (A) Resources situation (B) Palestinian Territory (C) Kenya (D) Ethiopia (E) Sierra Leone (F) Burundi (G) DR Congo (H) Balkans (I) Vietnam (J) East Timor

16 Jun 2000 description

This report includes: A) Central and Eastern Africa: regional, Democratic Republic of Congo and Congo/Brazzaville B) Horn of Africa: regional, Ethiopia and Eritrea - internally displaced C) Sudan - Eritrean refugees D) Syria - drought.

07 Jun 2000 description

ROME - The United Nations World Food Programme today launched a new appeal for the Horn of Africa that will concentrate emergency food aid on 13.4 million drought victims in five countries.

03 May 2000 description

The Greater Horn of Africa is on the brink of a major humanitarian crisis with nearly 16 million people in the region facing severe food shortages and possibly famine.

17 Apr 2000 description

The Greater Horn of Africa is on the brink of a major humanitarian crisis with nearly 16 million people in the region facing severe food shortages and possibly famine.

12 Apr 2000 description

I. Overview
The Horn of Africa is facing a serious food crisis caused primarily by drought. Other factors include the cumulative effects of poor and unreliable rainfall and other shocks which have eroded assets and coping strategies over recent years. The worst drought-affected populations are pastoralists in southern and eastern Ethiopia, Somalia, and northern Kenya (please see map in Annex). Conflict and insecurity have exacerbated the current humanitarian situation in the region leading to widespread population displacements.

26 Nov 1999 description

This report includes: A) East Africa: Burundi and Tanzania B) Ethiopia C) Somalia D) Sudan E) Angola F) India.