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30 Apr 2010 description

Political, Social and Economic Developments within the last week

Negotiations between church leaders and the Government on the contentious issues in the draft constitution collapsed after the government delegation was bound by a cabinet decision ruling out any amendments prior to the referendum. The contentious issues concern abortion, land policies and entrenchment of Islamic Courts in the constitution.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) projects Kenya's economy to grow at slightly more than four per cent this year and improve to nearly six per cent in 2011.

30 Apr 2010 description

Regional Displacement Summary

The OCHA Regional Office for Central & Eastern Africa (OCHA ROCEA) has, with effect from January 2010, been restructured into the Sub-Regional Office for East-ern Africa (SROEA), and will provide geographic cover-age for 10 instead of the previous 18 countries. SROEA will therefore continue to cover Burundi, Djibouti, DRC, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda1.

As at April 2010, there were 4,345,275 internally dis-placed persons (IDPs) in the 7 out of 10 countries in Eastern Africa.

30 Apr 2010 description

This report covers the period 01 January 2009 to 31 December 2009

In brief

Programme purpose: To enhance capacities of the 141 National Societies (NS) in East Africa region in responding to the humanitarian challenges.

- Disaster Management (DM) programme: To build well-prepared, stronger and more efficient NS able to predict, prevent and reduce risks and respond to emergencies, mitigate their impact as well as cope with their consequences in an appropriate manner.

- Health and Social Services (HSS) programme: To build and strengthen capacities of the NS in responding to public …

16 Apr 2010 description

Political, Social and Economic Developments within the last week

The government has stated that it will mount a vigorous campaign in support of the current draft constitution. This document is to be published by the Attorney General in the near future and will be put to a referendum in August 2010. Some MPs including some Cabinet Members, however, have started to openly campaign against the draft.

The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) has been embroiled in controversy since sections of civil society demanded the resignation of its Chairman, Mr.

26 Mar 2010 description

Political, Social and Economic Developments within the last week

In a move that is likely to slow the reform process, several Members of Parliament (MPs) proposed multiple amendments to the draft constitution.

25 Mar 2010 description

Executive Summary

The traditional image of life in tented, sprawling camps no longer tells the full refugee story. As the world urbanises, refugees too are increasingly moving to built up areas - including large towns and cities. Today, almost half of the world's 10.5 million refugees reside in urban areas, with only one-third in camps (UNHCR, 2009). Refugees move to the city in the hope of finding a sense of community, safety and economic independence. However, in reality, what many actually find is harassment, physical assault and poverty.

16 Mar 2010 description
report IRIN

JOHANNESBURG, 16 March 2010 (IRIN) - The price of maize, sorghum, wheat and other staple grains is likely to climb again in many food-importing east African countries, agricultural economists warn.

In the third of a four-part series on food security - "Are we heading for another crisis?" - IRIN looks at a region where 20 million people are in need of food aid, and what could be done to avoid another food-price crisis.

Globally, the price of most staples like maize and wheat have been falling, but people in east Africa are still paying up to double the 2007 price, said the …

16 Mar 2010 description


March to May constitutes an important rainfall season over the equatorial parts of the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) region.

26 Feb 2010 description



March to May constitutes an important rainfall season over the equatorial parts of the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) region.

25 Feb 2010 description
report IRIN

JOHANNESBOURG, 25 février 2010 (IRIN) - Le changement climatique risque fort de faire dangereusement monter les températures. Dans 40 ans, le maïs sera-t-il toujours l'aliment de base au Kenya, un pays qui a déjà souffert cinq fois de saisons des pluies avortées ? Si ce n'est pas le cas, qu'est-ce que ses habitants pourraient cultiver et manger ? Et s'il était encore possible de cultiver du maïs, quelle quantité d'eau et d'engrais seraient alors nécessaires ?

20 Jan 2010 description


1. Sudan: violence puts stability at risk

On 9 January, the UN peacekeeping force in Sudan, UNMIS, voiced concern over the recent escalation of violence in Southern Sudan. In the last two weeks, more than 150 people have been killed, and many more injured and displaced by inter-ethnic violence throughout the autonomous region.

11 Jan 2010 description


04 Dec 2009 description

Chronic conflict, cyclical drought, floods, disease outbreaks, environmental degradation, rapid population growth, and limited government capacity present significant challenges to vulnerable populations in east and central Africa. The East and Central Africa region encompasses the Horn of Africa, as well as the Great Lakes region, including Burundi, Chad, the Central African Republic(CAR), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, the Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda.

04 Nov 2009 description
report Xinhua

KAMPALA, Nov 04, 2009 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- Egypt and Uganda are in new talks about the use of the River Nile water after previous negotiations with riparian countries failed to reach a compromise, a top Egyptian government official on a visit here said on Wednesday.

Mona Omar, the assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for African Affairs, told reporters that a delegation of Egyptian experts were sent to Uganda about a week ago with new proposals for a compromise clause into the proposed Nile Water Basin Cooperative Framework agreement.

She did not however reveal what the …

31 Oct 2009 description

- About 17 million people in the East Africa region are food insecure (Figure 1) and are in need of emergency humanitarian assistance. This is mainly due to the cumulative effects of poor rainfall/droughts in pastoral and marginal cropping areas in the eastern sector of the region, civil insecurity/conflict and consequent population displacement and disruption to markets, and high food prices.

26 Oct 2009 description

Regional Displacement Summary

At the end of September 2009, there were 10,188,709 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in 10 out of 18 countries in the East and Central Africa region. This represents a net increase of 1,084,383 IDPs within the last six months.

Countries with ongoing massive internal displacements include the Democratic Republic of Congo (2.12 million), Sudan (4 million) and Somalia (1.55 million).