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13 Dec 2002 description

(Extracted from JRS Dispatches No. 123)

03 Dec 2002 description

James T. Morris, Executive Director World Food Programme
New York

30 Nov 2002 description

An article in the last issue of Field Exchange presented a review of the approaches that agencies and others use for identifying micronutrient deficiencies. The review had been commissioned by WHO and illustrated the many gaps that persist in our knowledge of nutrition deficiencies, how to identify them and how to respond appropriately.

22 Nov 2002 description

(Extracted from JRS Dispatches No. 122)

30 Sep 2002 description

Since fighting began (19 September 2002) between rebel forces and the Government of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, more than 270 people have been killed, approximately 300 wounded, and hundreds displaced. In a recently held inter-agency coordination meeting -- lead by WHO -- the following main points of intervention were identified and included in a common Contingency Plan:

  • Improve access to health care for IDPs;

  • Management of wounded;
  • Promotion of hygiene in the IDP camps;
25 Sep 2002 description

This Programme Update is intended for reporting on Annual Appeals.
Appeal Target: CHF 4,500,366
Period covered: April-June 2002; last Programme Update N=B0 l, issued January-March 2002

"At a Glance"

Appeal coverage: 76%
Related Appeals: Kenya: Floods; Preliminary Appeal 14/2002

30 Aug 2002 description
report IRIN

Bureau de Coordination des Affaires Humanitaires (OCHA)
Réseaux d'Information Régionaux Intégré (IRIN)

30 Aug 2002 description

Johannesburg, South Africa - Saying that poverty reduction requires increasing agricultural productivity, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Andrew Natsios has introduced a $148 million Initiative to End Hunger in Africa and raise agricultural production there by 2015.

22 Aug 2002 description

The poor rainfall performance from March to July affected crop and pasture conditions raising food availability concerns in Ethiopia and Eritrea. The intensification of rainfall from the end of July over southeastern Eritrea and northern Ethiopia has eased the dryness and provided relief to the agricultural and pastoral communities but could pose flood risks in these countries due to saturated soils and swollen rivers.

20 Aug 2002 description

WFP Press Briefing - Geneva
WFP's aid operations in eastern Africa are starting to run out of food as funding shortages undermine the Agency's efforts to feed more than 10 million people in 10 countries.

Operations in Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Burundi, Eritrea, Kenya, the Great Lake region and Djibouti face a combined shortfall of more than US$ 290 million over the next six months.

To make matters worse, a combination of political unrest and climatic factors has recently increased the need for food aid across the region.

10 May 2002 description

Heavy Rains:
Southern Somalia
Northeast Kenya
Southeast Sudan
Lake Victoria Basin in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania
Rufiji Basin in Tanzania

23 Feb 2002 description
report IRIN

Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Integrated Regional Information Network

22 Feb 2002 description
report IRIN

Bureau de Coordination des Affaires Humanitaires (OCHA)
Réseau d'Information Régionaux Intégré (IRIN)

15 Feb 2002 description

Regional Outlook for 2002 - Chronic Vulnerability Highlighted

10 Jan 2002 description

CWS goal: $70,000