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29 May 2018 description
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• The humanitarian community is responding to needs following an escalation in fighting on the west coast.

• Humanitarian responses to the impact of Cyclone ‘Mekunu’ have been scaled up on Socotra Island.

• Deconfliction notifications submitted by OCHA on behalf of UN agencies to the Evacuation and Humanitarian Operations Committee (EHOC) have reached 10,000 since 2015.

• The first containerized cargo vessel to be granted access to Al Hudaydah port since November 2017 arrived on 26 May.

21 May 2018 description
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• Despite ongoing conflict, humanitarian access to parts of Al-Wazi’iyah and Mawza districts in Taizz Governorate has improved, including from Aden and Al-Turbah City.

• Hundreds of families have fled military operations in Altuhayat District, Al Hudaydah Governorate, with an estimated 705 arriving in Zabid and Al-Garrahi districts.

• Heavy rains affected several governorates in the southern coastal areas as Cyclone Sagar passed the Gulf of Aden, but minimal damage was reported.

26 Feb 2018 description

Food security remains a major humanitarian concern in 2018 in multiple contexts. In this report, ACAPS highlights five of the worst affected countries, where large populations are food insecure, and where households and areas are either already in Catastrophe or Famine levels of food insecurity (IPC Phase 5), or are at risk of deteriorating into this situation.

02 May 2016 description


People affected by the conflict (in Yemen and adjacent countries), including refugees and internally displaced persons prior to and as a result of the current conflict.

Persons internally displaced prior to and as a result of the current conflict.

Arrivals to Djibouti, Ethiopia Oman, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Sudan mainly by sea or overland since late March 2015.

06 Oct 2015 description



  • On 30 September, a boat from Puntland en route to Yemen carrying 68 migrants and refugees capsized in the Arabian Sea. Only 33 survived: 32 were rescued by a passing boat and one managed to swim to shore.

  • On 4 October, schools in Aden have officially reopened and students started the new school year.

07 Jul 2015 description


  • On 1 July, a system-­wide Level 3 Emergency was activated in Yemen. On the same day, an internal Level 3 emergency was declared by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, with the consequent appointment of a Regional Refugee Coordinator based in Djibouti.

  • In Yemen, the refugee population in Kharaz camp remains in dire need of food. WFP has been unable to complete the food ration due to lack of access.

02 Jul 2015 description


  • IOM urges all parties to respect the integrity of civilian and humanitarian facilities in accordance with International Humanitarian Law, after airstrikes and mortars damaged its office in Haradh and Migrant Response Center in Basateen on 1 July.

  • The capacity of IOM’s Migrant Response Center in Obock (Djibouti) was reinforced, doubling accommodation capacity to 350 individuals. There are currently 194 Ethiopian migrants accommodated at the center.

10 Jun 2015 description
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  • 21 million people need humanitarian assistance. A 33 per cent increase since December 2014 according to the updated Humanitarian Needs Overview.

  • Casualties are increasing rapidly. Over 2,500 people have been killed and 11,000 injured in the conflict.

  • Increased humanitarian needs are being driven by conflict, impediments to humanitarian access, and severe restrictions on commercial imports.

10 Apr 2015 description

This is a summary of what was said by the UNHCR spokesperson at today’s Palais des Nations press briefing in Geneva. Further information can be found on the UNHCR websites, www.unhcr.org and www.unhcr.fr, which should also be checked for regular media updates on non-briefing days.

04 Sep 2013 description


· Heavy rains and floods have affected 23,566 people, killed nearly 40 and damaged shelters and livelihoods
· Fears that an escalation of tensions in Dammaj could lead to civilian displacements
· 13 humanitarian workers were kidnapped between January 2012 and May 2013, placing Yemen among the five countries with most kidnappings of aid workers
· 31.5 per cent of school age children are not in class
· The 2013 polio immunization campaign averaged 97 per cent coverage nationwide

01 Dec 2011 description

This report is produced with inputs from the Humanitarian Country Team and humanitarian partners. It was issued by OCHA Yemen country office and covers the period from 11 November 2011 to 30 November 2011. The next report will be issued on or around 10 December 2011.


  • Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh signed a power transfer deal that would see him stepping down from office within months. The deal was widely welcomed.