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06 Sep 2018 description

The following trends analysis is put together on the basis of available secondary data at the time of publication. It is representative of the available information and therefore indicative of mixed migratory trends in East Africa & Yemen.

14 Aug 2018 description

Kharaz camp was opened in 2001 and remains the only refugee camp in Yemen. The vast majority of the population are Somali refugees.
The camp is located in Lahj Governorate, where average temperatures in summer exceed 40° Celsius. UNHCR maintains a Field Office in Kharaz.
Since August 2017, UNHCR has been supporting Yemeni authorities to conduct a verification exercise of refugees living in Kharaz camp.

07 Aug 2018 description

Yemen – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, continues to help migrants, including refugees, stranded in Yemen return home, with its latest voluntary humanitarian return support taking place this week (04-05/08). One movement left from Hudaydah with 132 Ethiopian migrants and the second from Aden with 116 Somali refugees.

07 Aug 2018 description

IOM: USD 45 Million Needed for 2018-2020 Migrant Response in Horn of Africa, Yemen

Nairobi – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, and its partners launched, on 6 August, a Regional Migrant Response Plan (RMRP) for the Horn of Africa and Yemen through which they are appealing to the international community for USD 45 million. The plan details support to migrants on the move in the Horn of Africa and Yemen from 2018 to 2020.

20 Jul 2018 description


• Displaced households from Al Hudaydah Governorate continue to be assisted through the rapid response mechanism.

• IOM organizes the voluntary return of 53 Ethiopian migrants from Yemen.

• UNHAS operated 177 flights and transported 4,837 passengers since January 2018.



17 Jun 2018 description
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This report is produced by OCHA in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It is issued by the OCHA Yemen office. The next report will be issued when additional information on the emergency becomes available.


• Armed clashes reached Al Hudaydah airport on the southern outskirts of the city.

• IDPs arriving to Al Hudaydah City from the frontlines.

• The Yemen Red Crescent evacuated injured civilians from Al Mandhar to hospitals in Al Hudaydah City.

14 Jun 2018 description

Sana’a – The military offensive on Yemen’s busy port city of Hodeidah, which began yesterday (13/08), is putting the lives of 600,000 people at risk. IOM, the UN Migration Agency, warns of the drastic impacts that the military operation is having on migrants and humanitarian access to all affected communities. With its UN and other partners, IOM urges restraint and calls for respect of International Humanitarian Law, especially the protection of civilians, including migrants.

13 Jun 2018 description


• Humanitarian agencies are increasingly worried by the likely impact of a possible military assault on Al Hudaydah City which will impact hundreds of thousands of civilians.

• Prepositioning of aid supplies continues throughout the Governorate as aid organisations plan to stay and deliver • Forty-six migrants drown off the coast of Yemen


06 Jun 2018 description

Tragedy struck migrants trying to cross from the Horn of Africa to find employment in Yemen and the Gulf, when their vessel capsized in high waves as it approached its destination in the early hours of 6 June.

UN Migration Agency staff were on the scene providing assistance to the traumatized survivors. IOM staff reported that 46 migrants had drowned, 37 men and 9 women. A further 16 remain missing, presumed dead.

29 May 2018 description
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• The humanitarian community is responding to needs following an escalation in fighting on the west coast.

• Humanitarian responses to the impact of Cyclone ‘Mekunu’ have been scaled up on Socotra Island.

• Deconfliction notifications submitted by OCHA on behalf of UN agencies to the Evacuation and Humanitarian Operations Committee (EHOC) have reached 10,000 since 2015.

• The first containerized cargo vessel to be granted access to Al Hudaydah port since November 2017 arrived on 26 May.

21 May 2018 description
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• Despite ongoing conflict, humanitarian access to parts of Al-Wazi’iyah and Mawza districts in Taizz Governorate has improved, including from Aden and Al-Turbah City.

• Hundreds of families have fled military operations in Altuhayat District, Al Hudaydah Governorate, with an estimated 705 arriving in Zabid and Al-Garrahi districts.

• Heavy rains affected several governorates in the southern coastal areas as Cyclone Sagar passed the Gulf of Aden, but minimal damage was reported.

04 May 2018 description

22.2 million People are in need of humanitarian assistance

2 million People are internally displaced

2.2 million People are aimed to be supported by IOM

Key Highlights

  • 47 IOM-supported healthcare facilities are currently operational in Yemen, providing much needed care for Yemenis and migrants. A total of 8,146 IDPs and other conflict affected Yemenis and 630 migrants were provided healthcare assistance during the reporting week.

30 Apr 2018 description

22.2 million People are in need of humanitarian assistance

2 million People are internally displaced

2.2 million People are aimed to be supported by IOM

Key Highlights

  • 339,000 liters of water are provided to different water points, hospitals, and locations in Lahj, Al-Dhale’e,
    Abyen, Taizz, and Shabwah Governorates, benefitting over 22,000 individuals on a daily basis.

25 Apr 2018 description

Despite increasing hostilities and access challenges, UNHCR provided life-saving assistance to refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced persons during the first quarter of 2018.

An estimated 100,000 individuals have been newly displaced in the past four months, with an increase in protection and shelter needs of IDP families fleeing frontline hostilities.

UNHCR-assisted return for Somali refugees in Yemen to Somalia continued in 2018 bringing the total number of Somalis voluntarily returning to 1,630.


26 Feb 2018 description

Food security remains a major humanitarian concern in 2018 in multiple contexts. In this report, ACAPS highlights five of the worst affected countries, where large populations are food insecure, and where households and areas are either already in Catastrophe or Famine levels of food insecurity (IPC Phase 5), or are at risk of deteriorating into this situation.

21 Jan 2018 description


  • 22.2 million people in need

  • 2,014,026 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)

  • 89 per cent of IDPs displaced for more than a year

  • 956,076 IDP returnees

  • 1,015,375 recipients of CRIs since March 2015

  • 280,539 refugees and asylum seekers


  • USD 198.7 M requested in 2018

Operational Update