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07 Aug 2018 description

Yemen – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, continues to help migrants, including refugees, stranded in Yemen return home, with its latest voluntary humanitarian return support taking place this week (04-05/08). One movement left from Hudaydah with 132 Ethiopian migrants and the second from Aden with 116 Somali refugees.

13 Jul 2018 description

Sana’a – After a careful assessment of the current situation in Hudaydah by IOM, the UN Migration Agency, and through high-level coordination with stakeholders, a voluntary humanitarian return of 53 Ethiopian migrants was organized from Yemen.

On Thursday (12/07), utilizing IOM expertise in such complicated situations, a safe corridor was charted to move the migrants from Hudaydah Seaport; a ship with proper clearances transported the 53 migrants (48 men, 5 boys) out of war-torn Yemen to Djibouti, where IOM staff will receive them and coordinate their onward journeys.

08 Jul 2018 description


In early 2017, UNHCR launched the Dangerous Crossings campaign to spread awareness among the tens of thousands of refugees and migrants who risk their lives crossing the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea from the Horn of Africa to war-stricken Yemen.

With the help of prominent musicians from Ethiopia, Somalia, and Egypt, UNHCR produced the Dangerous Crossings song to help raise awareness and break the business model of people trafficking and smuggling.

14 Jun 2018 description

Sana’a – The military offensive on Yemen’s busy port city of Hodeidah, which began yesterday (13/08), is putting the lives of 600,000 people at risk. IOM, the UN Migration Agency, warns of the drastic impacts that the military operation is having on migrants and humanitarian access to all affected communities. With its UN and other partners, IOM urges restraint and calls for respect of International Humanitarian Law, especially the protection of civilians, including migrants.

06 Jun 2018 description

Tragedy struck migrants trying to cross from the Horn of Africa to find employment in Yemen and the Gulf, when their vessel capsized in high waves as it approached its destination in the early hours of 6 June.

UN Migration Agency staff were on the scene providing assistance to the traumatized survivors. IOM staff reported that 46 migrants had drowned, 37 men and 9 women. A further 16 remain missing, presumed dead.

30 May 2018 description

Hudaydah – Yesterday (29/05), IOM, the UN Migration Agency, helped some 101 Ethiopian migrants leave Yemen through Hudaydah Port as clashes grew closer to the area. The migrants are currently travelling via the Gulf of Aden to Djibouti, which they will transit through on their way home to Ethiopia. IOM is providing transport assistance at all stages of the journey in cooperation with its Government partners.

08 May 2018 description

Sana'a – Following a visit to Yemen this week (02-06/05) Mohammed Abdiker, Director of Operations and Emergencies at IOM, the UN Migration Agency, said that he is "extremely concerned about the appalling and inhumane situation migrants are facing in Yemen" and called for "greater support and protection both from the international community and authorities in-country."

17 Apr 2018 description

On arrival in war-torn country, refugees and migrants are routinely subjected to detention and abuse as UNHCR calls for unhindered access to detainees.

By Shabia Mantoo | 17 April 2018

ADEN, Yemen – In excruciating pain from weeks of beatings and now suffering from gangrene and facing a leg amputation, 30-year-old Ethiopian refugee Jon* never imagined his quest for safety would result in such a horrific ordeal.

28 Mar 2018 description

- The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is active in a number of Migrants’ Assistance projects and Human Mobility data collection activities in the Horn of Africa and in the Arab Peninsula and this report aims at providing an overview of the trends observed in the second half of 2017 on the Western route across Yemen, Djibouti, Somalia and Ethiopia.

15 Mar 2018 description

Yemen – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, continues to help stranded migrants in Yemen return home, with the latest of its humanitarian return movements taking place this week (12/03) – one from Al Hudaydah for 41 Ethiopian migrants and a Croatian migrant and the other from Aden for 144 Somali refugees.

11 Feb 2018 description
report Voice of America

Lisa Schlein

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND — The United Nations migration agency reports that thousands of Ethiopian migrants continue to make the perilous journey to war-torn Yemen in search of better economic opportunities despite the dangerous security conditions.

Despite the ongoing war and general insecurity in Yemen, the country remains a major transit point for thousands of migrants from the Horn of Africa.

26 Jan 2018 description

Geneva - IOM, the UN Migration Agency, and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, are outraged and saddened at the drownings of at least 30 refugees and migrants off the coast of Aden, Yemen earlier this week.

05 Jan 2018 description

Aden – During the final days of 2017, IOM, the UN Migration Agency succeeded in completing two movements of stranded Somalis and Ethiopians out of Yemen, despite immense security challenges and difficult sea conditions. Two boats were deployed, one headed to Aden to evacuate Somali refugees, while the other went to Hudaydah to evacuate Ethiopians, who were considered especially vulnerable due to the dangers of rising violence near that port city.

22 Dec 2017 description

Sana’a—The two-and-a-half-year-old conflict in Yemen has left a catastrophe. The crisis has continued to deteriorate following last month’s escalation of fighting in the north, as well as explosions in the south.

Essential services have collapsed and approximately 75 per cent of Yemenis need humanitarian assistance. A cholera outbreak has affected 21 of the 22 Governorates, while only 50 per cent of health facilities remain functioning in the country.

22 Dec 2017 description

Press release 226/2017
19 December 2017

Finland will assist areas suffering from conflicts and drought in Yemen, Northeast Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia.

“The focus in our aid decisions towards the end of the year is on crises where the need is currently particularly great and aid is needed urgently”, says Kai Mykkänen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development.

19 Oct 2017 description

By International Organization for Migration

Migrants in Yemen Cross into Saudi Arabia, Hoping to be Deported

SANA'A, Yemen, Oct 19 2017 (IOM) - In early October, three Ethiopian boys in Yemen told IOM, the UN Migration Agency, “we miss our family and can no longer stay here.”

28 Sep 2017 description

UNHCR or the UN will never ask people not to migrate. The right to freedom of movement is a fundamental human right and applies to everyone. What we are saying is that you must make an informed decision and be fully aware of the dangers you will meet on the road.

Crossing to and through Yemen – the risks

15 Aug 2017 description

Aden – Over the past three days, staff from IOM, the UN Migration Agency, have found more survivors, as well as the remains of more victims, from last week’s tragic incidents. On 9 and 10 August, a total of 280 migrants headed towards the Gulf countries were forced from two boats off the coast of Yemen’s Shabwa Governorate.